• Mia Sand is a Danish model and Instagram star, born October 11, 1987
• She began her career in modelling after her son turned 4
• She is an advocate for supporting and encouraging women, especially young mothers
• Mia's workout routine focuses on heavy weight exercises and short break periods
• She has a current net worth of over $100,000


Mia Sand Wiki Biography

Mia Sand was born in Denmark on 11 October 1987, so under the zodiac sign of Libra and holding Danish nationality – better known as Miss Mia Fit, she is popular for her Instagram account, and for her career of a model.

Early life and education

Mia is one of the most secretive people in the modelling industry, as she hasn’t shared anything about her childhood years with the public. She is said to have grown up in a middle-class family, and was teased and bullied a bit in school because she was overweight. Mia rarely talks about her parents and her siblings as she prefers to keep that part of her life private–as she has never mentioned having a brother or a sister, she is considered to be an only child.

Mia fought her way through high school as it was not easy for her because of other children who were not very nice to her – she matriculated and decided not to pursue a college degree, but to start working so she could earn enough money for herself. Two years later, Mia became pregnant and everything changed for her.

Modelling career and Instagram account

Mia rose to fame thanks to her muscular and curvy figure, which she loves to show on her Instagram account. She launched her career a few years back when her son was four years old – she decided to focus on herself, and began exercising on a daily basis, as she wasn’t satisfied with her looks, but learned to love what she saw in the mirror, and decided to make her body look even better by going to the gym almost every day – when she started, she was already past 25, and was raising her son all on her own. Thanks to being very active and determined, she managed to make a name for herself, and now has some very popular brands as her sponsors, including the Workout Empire.

Mia Sand

Even though Mia doesn’t really use her personal YouTube channel, she was featured in a couple of other people’s channels, including the “Fitness Girls” channel as she appeared in their video “Mia Sand: – Fitness model – Bigger Butt Exercises – Building Massive Butt @ Denmark’. Some of the other channels which have featured Mia are “Fitness Superstar”, “Big Boot TV”, and “Its Booty Thing”. Thanks to being active and recognized on the Internet, she was spotted by numerous sport magazines’ scouts, and invited to attend photoshoots for several magazines.

Mia launched her YouTube channel on 15 November 2011. and has so far gathered over 8,000 subscribers and nearly 170,000 views on a single video she has uploaded – the one and only video on her channel is entitled “Day in the life on me”.

What differs Mia from other models?

Mia is popular for supporting all the girls and women around the world no matter how they look, and if their body is curved or not – she has given all of them the advice to ‘not be afraid to be different’ and said that ‘people can only take from you what you allow’.

She is currently said to be one of the strongest spokespersons for supporting and encouraging women, while she is specifically oriented towards young mothers, because she is a mother as well.

Her workout routine

If you want to work out, Mia states how you have to have a figure for it, and you have to be mentally prepared for the hard workouts you are going to have.

Mia usually has a week filled with lots of heavy weights exercises, while she leaves the isolation movement exercises for the following week. She is not a big fan of cardio exercises, and prefers to keep the break between her sets short, so that her heart would keep on pumping through her entire workout.

Mia’s personal favorite exercises are dips, bench press, and squats, while she stated that squats are her all-time favorite. as they work perfectly for her booty.

Personal life and relationships

Mia is more or less secretive when it comes to her love life, as she has shared some details of her current boyfriend, but just enough to intrigue her fans. She is currently dating a man whom she met on a Danish dating site, and stated that they have been seeing each other for a couple of months now. She is now pregnant with the Danish man and is expecting her second child. Besides that, Mia has a son Sean who she gave birth to when she was around 21 years old but she has not shared the identity of the boy’s father.

Likes and other interests

Mia’s first passion is exercising, she enjoys spending her free time at the gym which is where she feels as she’s home. She loves going for a walk or running in a park and is a big animal lover but doesn’t have a pet as she doesn’t seem to have time to take care of him. She currently spends most of her free time with rhe Danish man or at the gym – she still finds time to watch a good romantic movie, as that is her favorite genre. Mia also enjoys tasting different cuisines, but is very careful about her diet because she doesn’t want to gain any more weight.

Appearance and net worth

Mia is currently 31 years old. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 7in (1.7m) tall and weighs around 180lb (82kg). According to authoritative sources, Mia’s current net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, and is steadily rising thanks to her modelling career as well as her Instagram account.

Social media presence

Mia is quite active on several social media platforms, which is very important for her modelling career – she launched her Twitter account in January 2017 and has so far gathered more than 10,500 followers and tweeted more than 120 times. Her Instagram account is followed by more than a million people, while she has uploaded nearly 950 pictures onto it – she is also running a Facebook page which is followed by nearly 75,000 fans.

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