• Dominique Capraro is a former Mr. Switzerland runner-up, a model, and the partner of YouTube personality Michelle Phan
• He has a net worth of over $1 million
• Dominique is of mixed Italian and Swiss/Austrian descent
• He studied Art History at the Universite de Lausanne
• He is active on social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook


Who is Dominique Capraro?

Dominique Capraro was born on 16 May 1988, in Visp, Switzerland, and is a model, best known to work with Jaffa Models based in Chicago, Illinois. He is a former Mr. Switzerland runner-up, and is the partner of YouTube personality Michelle Phan, who also works as a voice actress, make-up artist, and entrepreneur.

The Wealth of Dominique Capraro

How rich is Dominique Capraro? As of early-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $1 million, mostly earned through success in modelling, plus his other endeavors. Michelle may have also had a hand in his success, as her fame has also increased his exposure. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career

Dominque is of mixed heritage, as his father is of Italian descent while his mother is of Swiss/Austrian origins. He grew up in Switzerland, and would attend the Universite de Lausanne where he studied Art History. He later furthered his studies by attending College de Abbaye de St Maurice, and while studying, he also started to foray into dancing and modelling.

He did not initially intend to pursue a career in modelling, but things later changed when he joined the Mr. Switzerland pageant competition, in which he finished runner-up. He would later get more exposure in the fashion and modelling industry, when she met YouTube personality Michelle Phan, and started a relationship with her. She would help him to become known abroad, and soon he would be noticed by big names, and subsequently began a professional modelling career, signing with the company Jaffa Models based in Chicago, Illinois, relocating to the US to pursue his career.

Height, Weight, and Romantic Relationships

According to various sources, Capraro has a height listed at six feet and two inches (186cm) while his weight is listed at 170 lbs (77 kgs). He has brown hair and eyes, with an athletic build as listed in his model profile.

According to reports, Dominique met Michelle Phan on Valentine’s Day in 2011 in New York while the two happened to be at a Parisian Café. They got along well and quickly became friends. Eventually, the two met again in Paris while working on the same advertising project, and started dating shortly afterwards. Rumors started spreading online about their relationship but it wasn’t until 2012 that it was confirmed online. A video was also made on Michelle’s YouTube channel, which has attracted a lot of popularity, millions of views.

Since the start of their relationship, Dominique has been featured in many of Michelle’s videos, including one entitled “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup”. The two reside together in Los Angeles, and continue their relationship while working on their careers.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is of Vietnamese descent, though she was born in America. She wasn’t born in a well-off family, but her interests was already in beauty and fashion at a young age. In 2005, she started a blog which would increase her popularity online. She later went on to post videos on YouTube, and her makeup tutorials would become viral.  Her online popularity has since propelled her to other opportunities, including working as a make-up artist and collaborating with various companies. She also continues to post on her YouTube channel, and further increase her exposure through various social media accounts.

Dominique Capraro on Social Media

Dominique is very active on social media, particularly on both Instagram and Facebook. He often holds the profile picture of a character in the anime “Bleach” named Aizen, to which he holds similar looks. He has numerous followers on Instagram, however his profile is private and can only be seen by those he has accepted as followers. He also has a Facebook page which is personal, detailing some of his education and work. He posts some of his daily pictures there as well as some of his photo shoots. He also promotes a lot of his girlfriend’s work, including her new make-up brand.

Modelling Profile

Capraro has admitted in various profiles with modelling companies that he is still pretty new to the business, and is working on his looks and so his projection in pictures. He mentions that he enjoys modelling a lot, and in a way it is becoming art – it is either being a moving sculpture or an expressive painting – and is the reason he pursued it as studies. He mentioned that he was initially focused on dancing, but he was eventually convinced by a photographer friend to do photo shoots. After that project, he started seeking more opportunities in the field. He mentions that his biggest challenge as a model is being flexible, and satisfying relevant qualifications.

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