• Daniela Botero was born in Cali, Colombia in 1986 and is popular for her modelling career and Instagram account.
• She built up her following on Instagram and was noticed by a modelling scout.
• She has been featured on numerous cover pages of popular magazines and has appeared in a few movies and TV series.
• Her interests include shopping, exercising, fast cars, beach visits, meditating, and yoga.
• She is 32 years old with long brown hair, green eyes, 5ft 7ins (1.71m) tall, and her net worth is estimated to be ~$200,000.


Daniela Botero Wiki Biography

Daniela Botero was born in Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, on 12 September 1986, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding Colombian nationality – she is popular for her modelling career, as well as for her Instagram account.

Early life and education

Regardless of her secrecy, she is apparently in very good relations with her parents, and they are said to be supportive of her modelling career.

Daniela was somewhat popular during her high school years thanks to her attractive looks and her alleged positive energy – she had a couple of close female friends, while there were many boys who wanted to go out with her, however, Daniela seemed to be more focused on her studies than on love.

Career of a model

Daniela was working casual jobs to support herself before she finally made it into the modelling industry. It all started for her after she launched her Instagram account in 2015, and began uploading her sexy pictures onto it. She steadily built-up her fanbase which led to her being noticed by a modelling scout, who thought Daniela to be perfect for the campaign he was working on – he invited her for a photoshoot which Daniela accepted and which went better than expected.

After doing her first photoshoot, Daniela was invited for several more by the scouts, who competed for her services – after this, it didn’t take long for Daniela to become a sought-after model and to make modelling a full-time job. She has so far been featured on numerous cover pages of popular magazines, such as “Maxim Mexico” in June 2017, and “Esquire Los Angeles” in December 2016. She also attended the Guynel Fashion Show in Paris – her picture with Marisa Berenson, a popular ex-model, can be found on the internet.

Although Daniela is not really an actress, she has managed to appear in a couple of movies and TV series, including “Muneca” movie shot in Chile in 2008, “Corazon Valiente” action crime drama TV series in 2012, and “Voltea Pa’Que Te Enamores” comedy drama romance TV series in 2014.

Love life and relationships

Daniela BoteroAlthough she doesn’t speak about it, Daniela is said to have dated a man from Vietnam a couple of years back, but they broke up after a couple of months; apparently the two started living together but realized they were not meant to be, however they split on good terms. Besides that, she is also rumored to be a lesbian, as she was often seen partying with girls but never with boys – however, none of these rumors have been confirmed by Daniela, as she chooses not to talk about her love life.

She currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids so far.

Interests and hobbies

Daniela’s number one passion is shopping – she loves to go shopping in her favorite stores and can be considered as a fashionista. She is very passionate about exercising as well as you can find many pictures from the gym on her Instagram account. She is a big fan of fast cars but would rather choose to sit on a beach under the sun rather than to go for a ride in a fancy car – beach is the one place she feels as home and she enjoys spending most of her free time there being close to the ocean. She loves meditating and doing yoga which is something she recommends to everyone who want to have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

Although she doesn’t talk about her family, Daniela loves sharing pictures of her with her family when she was still a little girl – the pictures were so long ago that most of them are black and white. She does not enjoy posing completely nude for the camera – she has many topless pictures on her Instagram account but her breasts are covered in all of them in one way or the other.

Appearance and net worth

  • Daniela is 32 years old
  • Long brown hair
  • Green eyes
  • 5ft 7ins (1.71m) tall
  • Weighs ~128lbs (58kgs)
  • Vital statistics of 34-24-34
  • Wears shoes size 8
  • Dress size 2
  • Net worth ~$200,000

Real or fake?

There’s been some debate on the internet regarding whether or not Daniela is real, and if she has undergone any plastic surgery. Judging by her own statements, Daniela is not interested in plastic surgery, and not only that but she is also somewhat against putting plastic in anyone’s body, as this is against Mother Nature. She doesn’t like make-up either, and prefers to do her photoshoots with as little make-up as possible – her beauty allows her to often not use any make-up, for which she stands out from most other female models.

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