• Moo Snuckel is a noted YouTube gamer known for comedic commentaries with over 3 million subscribers.
• Born in 1987 in Utah, he is part of the Millennial generation who grew up with the internet and social media.
• Married with one child, Moo keeps his personal life private.
• His net worth is estimated to be close to $4 million, earned mostly from his YouTube career.
• Fun facts about Moo include his love for Harry Potter, his daughter born in 2017, and his username “MooSnuckel” stands for a male camel-toe!


Who is Moo Snuckel?

Moo Snuckel is a noted YouTube gamer who is well-known for making comedic commentaries on various games including Garry’s Mod and Grand Theft Auto. He is a sensation who has amassed more than three million subscribers to his channel.

Moo Snuckel Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

Moo was born Brock Robert Barrus under the Gemini Zodiac sign on 17 June 1987, in Salt Lake City Utah, which makes him 32 years old, American by nationality, and he’s of white ethnicity. He has not shared the names of his parents, their professions, and whether they are still alive, and has also kept details regarding whether he has siblings or not away from the public.

When it comes to his education background, it is not known which school he attended, what course he studied or even his level of education. Moo seems to like keeping personal information hidden from the public’s prying eyes.

Born in the 1980s, Moo belongs to the generation of huge phones, big hair, Cabbage Patch Kids, pastel suits, Yuppies, Pac Man, Rubik’s cubes, Air Jordans, and shoulder pads. During the ‘80s, Reaganomics and conservative politics had great power as the Berlin wall collapsed. There was an emergence of new computer technologies, and pop culture was reshaped by MTV and blockbuster movies.

Moo is also part of the Millennial generation, which grew up with the internet, computers, and social media networks, all of which could have contributed to Moo’s interest in pursuing a career as a social media personality and gamer. The Millennials were raised under the ‘follow your dreams’ mantra, told that they were a special lot which makes most of them tolerant of difference, and confident.

Moo Snuckel Professional Career and Rise to Stardom

Moo joined YouTube in May 2011 under the name BnBENTERISES and in a span of eight years has managed to garner more than three million subscribers. He is a gaming comedic commentator who has uploaded almost 1,000 YouTube videos onto his channel – he owns 10 individual channels besides his original channel “Moo”.

Moo Snuckel

When he started his career on YouTube, he posted his first video called “10 Kills in 30 Seconds” two weeks later, which featured some footage from “Black Ops Call of Duty”. Due to his growing prominence, Moo expanded his reach to Instagram and Twitter, where he has attracted over 900,000 and a million followers respectively.

The comedic is popular for his hearty exotic laugh and pun jukes. He is a respected social media personality for his ever-bubbly personality, and the fact that he rarely uses profanity. His gaming content is normally focused on mainstream games such as Garry’s Mod, Call of Duty, Uno, and Grand Theft Auto V, playing these games with his close friends. Moo is the Vanoss Crew fourth member. In Grand Theft Auto V, Moo assumes an alter ego that is ironically named Early Bird. Moo is also known for his rare but explosive temper while in action.

Moo Snuckel Personal Life, Children. Is He Married or Dating Anyone?

When it comes to Snuckel’s dating life, he is a married man and the couple have been blessed with one child, a daughter. He has been married to Lauren Snuckel since 2016. However, Moo prefers to keep his married life private, and does not like sharing information about it, so it’s not known when he started dating Lauren.

Moo is very active on social media and he once shared a cake baked by his wife, on 6 August 2016 and meant to be a surprise for his achievement of reaching two million YouTube subscribers on his channel. Moo was very thankful to his wife for her support of his career.

The American YouTuber is very active on his Twitter and Instagram pages, on which he posts his comedic commentary. However, he rarely updates anything relating to his personal life.

Interesting Facts about Moo Snuckel

Here are some fun facts about Moo:

  • His favorite animal is a dog.
  • He is a huge fan of Harry Potter, and he has decided that he is in Hufflepuff.
  • Before starting his YouTube career, Moo played rugby.
  • Moo hates spiders and refers to them as godless killing machines.
  • His popular username “MooSnuckel” stands for a male camel-toe. He used to find it hilarious until he became popular. Later, he regretted using it as it sounded unprofessional, and in 2017 he changed it to just Moo.
  • Moo is not normally known to rage in his videos. However, he occasionally rages when playing Mario Kart and Golf it, as he gets annoyed by Terroriser or DaithiDeNogla.
  • Moo rarely swears. He laughs off the pranks that his friends play on him as he normally finds them hilarious.
  • His daughter with Lauren was born in September 2017
  • Moo was the first person Vanoss met out of his all friends group.
  • He finds it hard to spell Charlie Chaplain
  • At one time while playing Golf it, he got extremely mad at Terroriser and later texted him ‘I HATE YOU’

What is Moo Snuckel Net Worth?

A YouTuber is normally paid based on more than 1000 views. If 150 views come from ads, then the pay rate becomes $0.18 for each view, ie $18 per 1000 views. With his over three million subscribers and more than 600 million views, Moo is estimated to earn around $600,000 annually.

As an internet sensation, Moo’s social media influence has expanded past YouTube. He has managed to accumulate over 900 followers on Instagram and more than a million on Twitter. Moo further gets between $2,689.5 and $4,482.5 for each endorsement he posts on his Instagram page. Moo gets most of his income from his career as a YouTuber. Reputable sources estimate Moo’s net worth to be close to $4 million.

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