Moonmoon_OW is a popular Twitch streamer who made his career from playing various games such as Overwatch, GTA5, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and many others. His gaming skills attracted an impressive number of viewers who are eagerly waiting for his live streams daily. Let’s find out more about Moonmoon_OW: his real name, age, net worth and more.

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Early life, family

Moonmoon_OW, whose real name is said to be Jesse, was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces on 20 March 1990 in the USA, so holding American nationality, and is of white ethnicity. Nothing is known about his family – he’s never said a word about his parents, siblings or other relatives, except that he comes from a family of Jewish descendants.


Nothing is known about Moonmoon_OW’s education except that he matriculated from his high school in 2008 – he’s never mentioned if he graduated from any college or university. Some of his viewers heard him saying he used to be a teacher back in the day, however, he gave up everything he did to concentrate on his streaming career in 2016.



Moonmoon_OW started streaming in April 2016. There were a lot of good and popular streamers already, so Moonmoon_OW had to be very consistent with his content so that he could attract an audience. He streamed for hours, making his Twitch career his main goal and priority, and in such hours so that he could be watched by both European and North American audiences. After months of slowly gaining popularity, Moonmoon_OW got to the top of most viewed streamers, getting more and more subscribers to his Twitch profile. His YouTube channel was also created in April 2016, and his first video posted there called “Hooking “through” Genji deflect” got around 41,000 views. As for the moment, his YouTube channel mainly consists of the videos which are streaming highlights, meaning he doesn’t produce any specific content for this channel – he used to post some anime content, though he doesn’t do it now.

One of the most popular videos on his channel is called “1 like = 1 cry”, which has attracted more than 1.2 million views, and tells the story of one very dramatic and interesting episode which happened while Moonmoon_OW played Overwatch. His hero was about to kill his opponent, but it appeared to be a female character called Mercy (a gamer named Kaileena played for her), and he decided not to kill her, but stood in front of her and chatted, saying: ‘I don’t want to kill you. I can’t. I’ve always loved you’. The video ends up with the dramatic death of Moonmoon_OW’s character who was killed by Mercy’s teammates after he killed Kaileena’s character with a headshot, and the audience watches him fall from the edge of the rock.

As for his Twitch channel, when he goes live around 35,000 viewers watch his stream at any one time. Moonmoon_OW streams multiple games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, GTA 5, I wanna be the Boshy, Dark Souls, etc.

Colleagues and collaborations

Moonmoon_OW became popular not without the help of his friends and other popular streamers. He often collaborates with his Twitch colleagues to increase his audience, and to swap viewers with other streamers. Thus, he’s collaborated with such Twitch and YouTube personalities as Seagull, UberHaxorNova, TimtheTatMan and many others. Moonmoon_OW also works with a professional artist named Cheeky Ferret who lives in Germany, and who helps him with arts for his Twitch and YouTube channels.

Personal life

Moonmoon_OW keeps his private life low-key. He’s never mentioned a girlfriend (current or former), so no one knows for sure if he is single or not, nor has he mentioned having kids. All his fans are waiting patiently for more details about his personal life to come, yet Moonmoon_OW keeps silent.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Moonmoon_OW is a cat-lover, and has a white cat which has different eye color: one eye is green and the other one blue. Moonmoon_OW likes to watch various American reality TV shows, and comment on them on his Twitch channel. He prefers to comment and joke on reality shows about prisons, since he doesn’t believe that the stories which are told are actually real.

Social media presence

Moonmoon_OW is very active on several social media platforms, his main source of popularity being his Twitch channel on which he has more than 750,000 followers, and is said to have around 26,000 subscribers who  pay amonthly subscription. He has accumulated more than 145,000 followers on his YouTube channel, and his Twitter account is read by more than 92,000 people. He doesn’t have an Instagram account, though a profile with his name exists created by some of his fans, and posted in the description: ‘Made this Page to make Moon Moon mad just in case he chooses to get a Instagram’. However, Moonmoon_OW never claimed he wanted to create an Instagram account, since he gets enough business from other social media platforms.


Moonmoon_OW has thin short dark brown hair and brown eyes, also wearing glasses. His approximate height is 6ft 2ins (1.8m), while his precise weight is unknown. As for his clothing style, he prefers casual looks, and always wears jeans and T-shirts.


Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Moonmoon_OW has accumulated an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. As for the moment, he has around 26,000 subscribers on Twitch who earn him at least $65,000 per month, while his YouTube channel can’t be counted as his major source of income since his income from it is just $9,000, and it hasn’t been updated during the last two months. However, Moonmoon_OW is very consistent with his streaming on Twitch, so his net worth is only going to grow in the future, since he is always near the top of the list of GTA5 and Overwatch streamers.

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