• Nicola Griffin is a British model, born in 1960 in Nottingham, England.
• She became a model in her 50s after being encouraged by her twin daughters.
• She is the oldest person to ever appear in the "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue" magazine.
• She is active on social media, and has a net worth estimated to be around $500,000.
• She is not to be mistaken with Nicola Griffith who is an award-winning writer and a teacher.

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Who is Nicola Griffin?

Nicola was born in Nottingham, England in 1960 but the exact date of her birth is not known to public – she holds British nationality, and is known for being the oldest person to ever appear in the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” magazine.

Early life and education

There is nothing known about Nicole’s early life or her background story, as she prefers to keep these matters to herself – apparently she didn’t enrold at college after she matriculated from one of the local high schools in Nottingham.

Modelling career

Nicola’s modelling career was not her own idea, and she never really considered it before it happened – she was in need of motivation, and her twin daughters Tabitha and Elly were there to help. They left their mother alone at home as both of them moved out, and managed to convince her to try modelling – somewhat reluctantly Nicola gave it a try anyway, and landed her first modelling job in advertising a manufacturing company’s shampoo for white hair.

She was standing in the queue at a bank when it happened – a lady behind her tapped her shoulder and asked her if she would work for her White Hot Hair company as a model for their shampoo. Her daughters encouraged her to do it, and after she finished the shoot, people from a couple of agencies in London began calling her and offering her more work. She started working for the Milk Model Management agency, and has done skin campaign shoots, lingerie shoots, and also posed for retirement home leaflets. She eventually appeared in the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” magazine, the oldest person to ever appear in it – she is still the record holder. The job of a model helped Nicole become more confident about her looks and her hair, and she recently commented on her appearance – ‘I have a big tummy, but I gave birth to two 7lb babies at the same time. It is not a flat stomach, it is rounded. This is me. It has not been photoshopped and I have not gone on a diet. This is how a beautiful woman should, can and does look.’

Before she began modelling, Nicola worked for her own student travel agency in organizing student exchange trips – she was also working in one of the French high schools in Nottingham.

Nicola Griffin

Milk Model Management

Milk Model was founded in 2011 by the former model Anna Shillinglaw, and is a full service agency working with women, men, influencers, and artists. Some of the agency’s most popular models include Niko Riam, Robyn Lawley, Mahad Musse, Molly Constable, Sonny Turner and Tess McMillan.

The agency has agents who come from a variety of backgrounds, and this helps them find a model who suits a certain industry – in 2013 they launched the Artists board focused on finding models for the needs of musicians and other celebrities. They started searching for models on the Internet influencing field in 2016, mostly on YouTube and Instagram. The agency states that no two models in their agency are alike, which gives you a wide range of faces and body shapes to choose for your commercials and marketing ads.

Personal life and marriage

Nicola is very secretive when it comes to her personal life and ex-husband – even though the media and the public wanted to know more, Nicola said ‘no’. She was married once to the father of her two daughters but they split more than 10 years ago – Nicola has been raising her twin daughters on her own ever since. She appears to be single at the moment, and is not interested in ‘finding a soulmate’ – she hasn’t remarried after the divorce.

How has Nicola influenced other women?

Nicola has been praised for her courage and for embracing her body as it is, leaving a big mark in the modelling industry, and has touched the hearts of all those older but also younger women who don’t feel comfortable about their bodies. She has made such an impact that when she went to America, people recognized her from the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” magazine, as it is a very popular magazine there, and they all wanted her autograph. She was all over the news and billboards which she found to be hilarious – people even paid for her meals in restaurants.

On the Internet, a lot of women commented about her helping them become more self-confident, and how she motivated them to begin exercising and take better care of their bodies. Nicola is very active, she walks her dog every day as both of them need it, she enjoys cleaning her house which she considers to be a good exercise as well, and she swims and dances Zumba because her daughters and nieces are also into Zumba – she doesn’t go to the gym because she doesn’t consider it to be for her, but she does many other things which keep her busy.

Appearance and net worth

Nicola is currently around 59 years old. She has long gray hair, light blue eyes, is 5ft 10in (1.78m) tall, weighs around 156lb (71kg), and her vital statistics are 34E-32.5-34.

According to authoritative sources, Nicola’s current net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, and is slowly rising as Nicola is still actively working as a model.

Social media presence

Nicola is quite active on several social media platforms although she hadn’t used social media until she started modelling – she launched her Twitter account in January 2015 and has so far gathered around 1,000 followers but tweeted less than 200 times. She is a lot more popular on her Instagram account, on which she is followed by over 13,500 people while she’s posted nearly 700 pictures – she has a Facebook page as well which is ‘liked’ by around 1,700 people.


Nicola Griffin is not to be mistaken with Nicola Griffith who was born in Yorkshire, England, and is an award-winning writer and a teacher.

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