• Phil Mattingly is a notable journalist and congressional correspondent for CNN (Cable News Network), born in Toledo, Ohio in 198•
• He attended Ohio State University, graduating in 2006 with a BA in English, and later earned a master's degree in journalism in 2008 from Boston University.
• Phil is a family man and an avid sportsman, and is known for his good looks and professional image.
• His career in journalism began in 2007, and he has achieved several awards, including a Society of American Business Editors and Writers Award for breaking news.
• He currently works for CNN (Cable News Network), and his estimated net worth is over $1 million USD.


Have you heard of Phil Mattingly?

Born in Toledo, Ohio, USA on 16th December 1984, Phil is a well-known, award winning journalist and congressional correspondent for CNN (Cable News Network) for the Washington DC bureau. He has been in the public eye recently for the vital role he played in coverage on the Capitol Hill budget spending and averted shutdown, the attempts to replace Obamacare, and his minute-by-minute account of the proposed reconstruction of the US tax system.

Phil Mattingly’s education

Phil attended Ohio State University where he was a scholar athlete, and graduated in 2006 with a BA in English.

Thereafter, he furthered his studies at Boston University, and achieved his master’s degree in journalism in 2008.

Is Phil Mattingly’s a family man ?

Although Phil does not divulge much personal information regarding his private life; judging by the photos he posts on his social media pages of his wife and sons, he is proud to be a family man. He married Chelsea (nee Carter) on 10th December 2011 in Washington DC, after they had been dating for quite a long time. This put to rest the prior rumors that had been circulating about him being gay.

Phil and Chelsea’s first son, Cardar, was born on 6th July 2015 and their second son (name undisclosed) on 5th July 2017.

Oh, and not to forge that they have a large great dane that often features on Phil’s social media pages, and is an important member of their family.

Although Phil is pretty secretive about his family – from time to time he does post messages that demonstrate his love and affection for them. On 11th December 2018 – Phil and Chelsea’s 7th wedding anniversary – Phil posted a message to his wife on Twitter: ‘Hit the jackpot 7 years ago today. Never ceases to amaze me how lucky I got to team up with you on this crazy journey.’

Phil, with his brown hair and blue eyes, has reportedly good looks and his image portrays an all American, clean-cut, well-dressed and groomed professionally, in all his career appearances.

But he is also an avid sportsman, having played mainly baseball at university, and often lets his hair down. On his social media pages, one can see several photos taken over the years with his father (and at times with his elder son) at various sporting events, from the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Final to the Major League Baseball All Star games.

Phil Mattingly’s career from 2007 to 2013 leading to his award

Phil’s first step into the world of journalism was taken when he became a reporter for the Cape Cod Times in September 2007.

In December 2007, he moved on to the position of staff writer for the Congressional Quarterly, a publication that mainly concentrates on matters relating to the US congress, which ultimately became Phil’s field of expertise.

In 2010 Phil went on to join Bloomberg News in Washington as a Finance and Economics Reporter, and then in July 2012 he became their Justice Department Reporter. His articles featured the affairs of the Justice Department and Congress, particularly policies regarding economics, finance and the financial crisis, the lobbying that followed, and legal battles that ensued in Washington.

Phil Mattingly

In acknowledgment of his outstanding literary skills, Phil achieved a Society of American Business Editors and Writers Award for breaking news.

Phil’s career from 2013 onwards

Phil progressed to Bloomberg Television in October 2013, where he continued as a national political correspondent highlighting the US election campaigns, and featuring presidential candidates. He also reported extensively on the Obama administration’s domestic and foreign policies.

While at Bloomberg News, Phil also wrote articles for Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine. His work was also published in The New York Times, The New York Post, The Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune, and his articles still appear in these publications and others to this day.

One of his greatest scoops at the time was to secure the first interview with Attorney General Eric Holder following the Edward Snowden debacle. Ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden became a whistle-blower, and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013. This led to concerned discussions about national security and individual privacy in general. In 2016 Snowden became the president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Thereafter, Snowden fled the US, and his US passport was cancelled. Russia granted him asylum, and he has been living in Moscow since 2017.

Phil continued to secure many exclusive interviews with top high-ranking officials and senators from congress, cabinet and the administration. Phil was often at the forefront of breaking news stories in respect of the Obama administration, and became a finalist for the Scripps Howard Distinguished Service to the First Amendment award, for his research and coverage of the clamping-down on whistle-blowers. This award honors dedicated service in respect of the public’s ‘right to know’ as per the First Amendment.

When did Phil Mattingly join CNN?

In December 2015, Phil was appointed as the New York-based correspondent for CNN (Cable News Network).

CNN was the first TV channel in the US to provide 24-hour news-only coverage, and is currently viewed in 100 million US homes, with CNN International viewed in over 212 countries. That’s a huge following!

2016 saw Phil following the election campaign, whereby he reported on the Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Chris Christie and John Kasich. Phil highlighted the investigations into Trump, the elected president’s business, tax and financial affairs.

Currently based in the Washington DC bureau, Phil has consistently contributed as a lead and foremost reporter on major newsworthy political events, such as the attempts by the Republican contingency to abolish Obamacare.

He extensively covered congressional spending, budget disputes and shutdown at the end of 2018, and upon resolution of the breakdown. An article written by him which summarizes the shutdown was published on the radio station 790KABC’s website on 14th February 2019 wherein he stated: ‘Nearly nine weeks after the government shut down, Congress has finally reached agreement — and cleared the path forward to pass — on a package that will clear the decks on spending battles, and most importantly, spending deadlines, until the end of September.’

Phil also published a minute-by-minute account of the restructuring of the US tax system, and on the day the new GOP tax bill was announced, he interviewed House of Representatives speaker Paul Ryan.

Did you know that GOP stands for Grand Old Party, and the acronym’s roots date back to the 1800s, and do you know why Republicans are called elephants and Democrats donkeys?

Phil Mattingly and social media

Phil is active on social media, with accounts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, which are important for his work.

What is Phil Mattingly worth?

As a high profile journalist who has certainly done some heavyweight investigative reporting, it is estimated that Phil’s income averages around $100,000 per annum and according to credible sources, his net worth is now over $1 million, as of late-2019.

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