Born under the sign of Pisces, on 1 March 2008, in Beverly Hills, California USA, Portia Umansky is a 15-year-old Caucasian child of Russian, Greek, Jewish, English, Welsh and Irish descent, and of the Jewish faith. All of her fame comes from the fact that she’s the daughter of one of the most famous couples in the Beverly Hills area – Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky. Both her parents are massively successful in their own right, each having built an empire in their particular industry. Also, as long as Kyle Richards remains involved with “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (“RHOBH”), Portia’s name will stay on many lips.

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Early life: A great deal of history

Portia was born the youngest of Kyle’s four children, having been preceded by Sophia Kylie (18 January 2000), Alexia Simone (18 June 1996), and Farrah Brittany (31 October 1988), the last of whom was fathered by Kyle’s first husband Guraish Aldjufrie. The other three are Umansky’s flesh and blood, of whom Sophia and Portia were somewhat raised together, though the significant age difference began to stand out to a much higher degree at the onset of Sophia’s puberty.

Portia’s mother Kyle was born to Kathleen Mary Richards (née Dugan) and Kenneth Edwin Richards, emerging as the middle child among her siblings. Kathy Hilton, born in 1959, stands as her older half-sister from her mother’s initial marriage to Lawrence Avanzino. Meanwhile, Kim Richards, born in 1964, shares the same parents as Kyle. She additionally has three paternal half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage, all of whom were adults when Kyle entered the world.

The family’s ties extend beyond siblings, as Nicky and Paris Hilton, world-renowned personalities in their own right, are Kyle Richards’ nieces. Their family ties are also deeply complicated by separations and remarriages, with Kyle’s mother Kathleen marrying twice more after her initial separation from Kenneth in 1972.

Kyle was no different in this respect, having experienced the ebb and flow of marriage several times. She married an Indonesian named Guraish Aldjufrie in 1988, at the age of 19, while carrying their daughter Farrah Brittany. The union faced challenges, however, leading to a separation in 1990, and eventual formal divorce two years later.

The turning point in Kyle’s love life came when she encountered Mauricio Umansky in 1994. This Los Angeles real estate agent has roots in Russia and Greece, and is the son of Estella Sneider, who raised him in Mexico. Their union was formalized on 20 January 1996, at which point Kyle was four months pregnant.

The family’s cultural leanings also underwent a transformation when Kyle embraced Modern Orthodox Judaism upon her marriage to Mauricio Umansky, as practicing Jewish men are not allowed to marry women of other faiths. She has since been known to attend events at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, further cementing her engagement with Jewish traditions.

The Umansky half

Things also become complicated on Portia’s paternal side, as Mauricio’s mother Estella is a legendary celebrity all her own, the youngest child of Simon Sneider and Esther Bessudo Perez, from Mexico City, Mexico. Her family landscape is further expanded through four older brothers: Ruben, Luis, Jorge and Guillermo.

Educationally, Estella traversed various institutions, attending the Secondary and Preparatory School of Mexico for junior high school, before moving to Colegio Hebreo Tarbut for high school. The latter was part of the Tarbut movement, adding cultural and educational overtones to her formative years. Life took a turn, however, when Estella wound up pregnant at the age of 18 in 1968, entering matrimony with Eduardo Umansky.

The union bore fruit in the form of two children: Mauricio Simon and Sharon. The family went to the US in 1976 due to Estella’s choice to pursue higher education, allowing her to study at the University of Southern California, from which she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1980. She continued her educational pursuits undeterred by the challenges of parenthood, securing a Master’s degree in 1984 and a PsyD, Doctor of Psychology in 1986 from the California Graduate Institute.

Estella’s commitment to knowledge didn’t stop there, as she sought further expertise in sexology and sexual therapy at the University of California, Los Angeles, investing an additional year in refining her skills in this uniquely specialized field. As the matriarch of the Umansky family, Estella’s choices were of great significance to Mauricio Umansky’s eventual ascent as a Los Angeles real estate agent.

Are her parents divorcing?

It was reported by People magazine on 3 July 2023 that Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage may be completely falling apart after 27 years, regardless of the fact that they still have an underage child between them. According to an insider familiar with the situation, Kyle and Mauricio have been living apart for some time now, although still sharing the same abode. Despite their decision to go their own ways, they maintain a friendly and amicable atmosphere as they navigate the uncertainties of what lies ahead for both themselves and their family.

The intricate tale of Kyle and Mauricio’s union began in 1994, when they first crossed paths at a nightclub. At that time Kyle was emerging from her first marriage with Guraish Aldjufrie, and Umansky apparently had all the right tools in the kit to help her easily get over a heartbreak. Their chemistry was instantaneous and it was clear to everyone that some people simply need to end up together, though, with hindsight, was that really the case? Either way, following their engagement later that same year, the couple took the plunge into matrimony in January 1996.

The public introduction of their family occurred in 2010 when “RHOBH” debuted on Bravo. Throughout the show’s 12 seasons Kyle and Mauricio consistently assured fans that what they witnessed on-screen was an authentic reflection of their real-life relationship. In March 2013 Mauricio further bragged about their transparency, stating that they were the same individuals, whether cameras were rolling or not, asserting that honesty and openness were their foundation, devoid of hidden secrets or skeletons in the closet.

Mauricio remained a steadfast supporter of Kyle even amidst the ups and downs showcased in the reality series, especially during the family drama that unfolded, notably during season 12. Addressing the rumors circulating about their marriage, Mauricio debunked speculation about divorce during a podcast episode with Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Tamra Judge. He dismissed the notion, clarifying that it was an unfounded story blown out of proportion, fueled by a single photograph in which Kyle was without her wedding ring. Mauricio categorically stated that they were not heading for divorce and that the upcoming season of “RHOBH” would shed light on the matter directly from them.

Fans remain hopeful, for Portia most of all, that Kyle and Mauricio will be able to iron out their differences for the sake of an innocent family member, who has the least fault for anything negative that might’ve happened under their household. It’s not doubted that a change of these proportions would have a massive impact on Portia’s still-developing psyche, and make life substantially more difficult for someone who has never previously known hardship.

Will they get back together?

There is still no accurate speculation whether any kind of compromise can be achieved between the two, although it’s been mostly confirmed by everyone who spoke on the matter that neither spouse is actively seeking a divorce. They’re instead trying various methods to get their marriage to succeed again, attending counseling alone, and living separate from one another so as to avoid conflict.

The outlet Page Six had peculiar news on the matter, claiming that the estranged pair is actively pursuing individual paths, even when it comes to seeking therapeutic support. The idea is to allow both parties to explore their personal journeys independently, and evaluate the situation with unperturbed clarity. While the “RHOBH” star and the real estate mogul aren’t discussing divorce openly, insiders emphasize that it’s not entirely off the table, despite Kyle accidentally mentioning the word during BravoCon 2023.

Sources indicate that the couple is in a state of uncertainty, not rushing into a decision about the future of their marriage. The potential of reconciliation remains, but as of now, no definitive choices have been made. That’s just about all there is to go on, as their representative hasn’t responded to Page Six’s request for a statement.

The narrative surrounding their relationship has fluctuated since the split was formally announced, with the official confirmation of their separation coming towards the end of September. Kyle emotionally shared her perspective on the situation during a BravoCon panel, expressing that the ongoing situation wasn’t her envisioned fairy tale, and that she genuinely just wanted to make it work regardless, showing obvious concern for Portia’s mental and emotional well-being in all the chaos.

Kyle made it clear that she still considers their marriage a success, applauding the way they’re handling the situation, in light of the circumstances. Umansky echoed a similar sentiment in October, emphasizing that they were not giving up, but navigating through challenges openly. Their marital struggles have been playing out through the current season of “RHOBH,” with the couple discussing the need for space, and engaging in heated arguments within the family dynamic.

A permanent sitting duck for rumors

According to the Daily Mail, Kyle vehemently rejects the notion that she’s conjuring up her marital troubles with Mauricio Umansky for attention and show ratings. The 54-year-old actress dismissed the speculation during an appearance in Bravo’s Hot Mic podcast, denouncing it as one of the most absurd things she’s ever heard in her 13 years in the show. Addressing the accusations of using her separation as a ploy for relevance, Kyle emotionally questioned the logic of manufacturing such a narrative merely for television ratings. She stated firmly that putting her family through such turmoil for the sake of a TV show would be, in her words, ‘the dumbest thing’ imaginable.

Dispelling rumors surrounding her marriage, Kyle also refuted claims of an open marriage or financial motivations for staying with Mauricio. She vehemently clarified that their monetary situation was different when they married, and dismissed the notion that she endures the relationship for financial gain. In an emotional moment, Kyle, while addressing the crowd, emphasized the love she and Mauricio share, and their commitment to family. She acknowledged the difficulties and changes, but expressed gratitude for their surprisingly amicable cohabitation under the same roof.

How rich are Portia Umansky’s parents?

If there’s one silver lining in the situation, it’s the impressive wealth of both of Portia’s parents, of whom each sits on a comfortable $100 million minimum. Kyle made her fortune through various engagements in the entertainment industry, from acting, to brand endorsement, to being the superstar of “RHOBH,” and even making fashion statements that distort the market from time to time. Mauricio, on the other hand, is an astonishingly successful real estate agent, having been in business covering some of the priciest neighborhoods on the planet for over 30 years.

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