• Bobbi Raffel is an entrepreneur who married successful TV celebrity, businessman, and politician Marcus Lemonis in 2016.
• She is likely around 20 years older than Marcus and it is assumed her birthday is on 21 September.
• She has several adult children and is also a grandmother.
• She and Marcus first met at a business event and their relationship progressed from there.
• She helps Marcus with his businesses and they are often seen together attending events, concerts, etc.


Who is Bobbi Raffel?

A woman with a lot of experience but who has found her true love at an age when others give up searching for it, Bobbi is an entrepreneur with businesses in the clothing design industry, who married the successful TV celebrity, businessman, and politician Marcus Lemonis in 2016.

Bobbi’s biographical background

Just like it usually happens with this type of fame obtained through association with a public person, Roberta’s early years are still a mystery for the curious fans. However, thanks to the only social media account which she is keeping updated, her Instagram page, we can find out some more details about her life before her marriage. While her current husband was born on 16 November 1973, we have no information about her year of birth. However, it is generally assumed that she might be around 20 years older than Marcus, and her birthday is on 21 September.

The lack of information about her parents and siblings is compensated for with pieces regarding her children. Judging by the photos shared on Instagram she has several children who, being already in their adulthood, have taken their lives in their own hands; one of them is already 40 years old, so Roberta is apparently particularly enjoying being a grandmother.

Bobbi Raffel and Marcus Lemonis

Business can unite people?

Although her academic background is unknown, previous to marrying Marcus, Bobbi had had her own fashion industry-related business. Reportedly, she has also worked as a sales manager, responsible for logistics operations in the same fashion industry. Actually, the very first meeting between the two lovebirds happened at a business event. Representing their companies, both were at the COTERIE trade show in 2016. After successfully making a deal through which Marcus bought her business, they kept in touch and soon afterwards started a romantic relationship. After all, money related interests have their good potential, too.

These days, she still follows her old passion by helping her husband with his business. Besides his big television projects, such as “The Big Profit” on the CNBC Channel, Marcus Lemonis is also known due to his company Marcus Lemonis LLC., which works as a conglomerate, inside which a lot of businesses function. The domains are diverse, and Roberta seems to be particularly engaged in clothing lines design, and launching events. She shares every new achievement of their business in Instagram posts: ‘Proud of our new store @shopmarcus in #jacksonville’, mentions she at a photo from the opening of a store on 4 July 2018.

Married life

Breaking all the stereotypes, Roberta started dating a 20 years younger man in 2016, and things escalated quickly. Marcus surprised her with the proposal on Christmas Day in 2017, hiding the ring in a gift, making it a memorable moment. Even more memorable was her answer – a firm ‘Yes’ started their engagement and a period of a lot of cuddle and love.

They soon tied the knot, in February 2018, during a simple but beautiful ceremony held at Hotel Bel-Air. At first, they planned to make the wedding in Montecito, California but the mudslides and fires in this area caused them to change the location. However, the party was private, with the presence of only relatives and close friends, despite everyone expecting a huge fancy one.

At present, Bobbi’s feed on Instagram is nothing more than cute selfies with her “hubby”, as she constantly calls Marcus. Their married life is far from being isolated and home-based; they travel a lot, attend various sport, fashion and cultural events, and go to concerts. Whatever the location and the purpose, they are most of the times seen together, and appear to really enjoy each other’s company.

Bobbi’s body measurements

You would be surprised by the way Bobby has preserved her healthy and good-looking body at her age. It is a fact that her fair blonde hair, tall height, and slim figure have an important role in her total appearance. What is of utmost effect, however, is her large and discreet smile, which she shows in almost every photo.

Because Marcus is around 6ft (182 cm) tall, Roberta’s height of 5ft 6ins (167cm) makes them look particularly attractive together.

Who is Marcus Lemonis?

Bobbi’s husband is definitely the one who made her so famous at her age. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon into a Greek family, but was raised in the US – so much intercultural experience so far. Moreover, he has been constantly working on himself, and fulfilled his dreams by becoming a worldwide known television personality, businessman and philanthropist. Authoritative sources estimate his net worth to be around $1 billion, as his company Gander Mountain is thriving, releasing more successful projects and giving jobs to almost 6,000 people. Bobbi’s net worth is estimated at over $2 million, but who’s counting!?

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