• RogersBase is a famous YouTuber who uploads various anime reviews
• He was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Homewood-Flossmoor High School
• His YouTube career started in 2009 and he has gained over 200,000 subscribers
• He is an international cosplayer, voice actor, product demonstrator and Brand Ambassador for Nintendo in America
• He has a net worth of approximately $500,000


RogerBase is a famous YouTuber who uploads various plots and characters reviews on multiple anime series. He became very famous for his news announcements, being a source of fresh information on many anime series, anime games and contests. Let’s find out more about his current relationship status, his girlfriend’s name, net worth, real name, etc.

Early life and family

Roger “RogersBase” DiLuigi was born on 9 March 1990, in Chicago, Illinois USA, so under the sign of Pisces and holding American nationality. He was raised in the southern suburbs of Chicago and enjoyed his childhood, but nothing is known about his parents, as he’s never mentioned their names or occupations, nor names of any siblings, so we don’t know if he has any.

From when he was a small kid, Roger loved playing videos games and liked consoles more than PC. He played such games as Fire Emblem on GBA when he was in middle school, and has loved it ever since. His parents didn’t disturb him from his favorite hobby, which actually helped Roger to pursue his dream of becoming a professional YouTuber.


Roger attended Homewood-Flossmoor High School in Chicago, and matriculated in 2008. Later he entered an (unnamed) college, and graduated with BA in Theatre and English.

YouTube career

The start of the game journalism career

Roger started his career as a games reviewer in 2009. When he was a freshman in college, he started writing for a small local gaming website – GamingVice – mainly focusing on the FGC and Pokemon. He wrote under the nickname “You Already Know”, highlighting such games as Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Street Fighter 4 and many others. He also wrote articles on various topics such as “Are Hardcore Gamers Lazy?”, “Why The Wii Crowd Won’t Purchase A PS3” and “The End of Mainstream Game Journalism”.


Success on YouTube

A year later Roger started his YouTube channel, on 2 June 2010; he started posting his videos on various anime series, but later removed his first uploads. The oldest video on his channel now is entitled “Let It Go (from ‘FROZEN’) – Roger DiLuigi feat. Danny Lopatka”; it’s a music video in which Roger sings the song of the main character of the Frozen cartoon, Elsa, called “Let It Go”, and his mate Danny Lopatka plays the guitar. The background of the video is a Christmas tree and Christmas lights around the room the guys are sitting in. Later Roger uploaded more music videos, among them was a rap song on the game called the Legend of Zelda and a cover on Ed Sheeran’s song called “I See Fire” which was performed by Roger, and the video for it was a compilation of screenshots from the anime series entitled “One Piece”. Such videos often gained around 100,000 views.

A couple of months later Roger started uploading his “My Reaction To…” videos in which he filmed his reaction to various plot twists in anime series he liked, some new games coming out, etc. His subscribers enjoyed the videos, and their numbers increased rapidly – by July 2019 Roger’s YouTube channel attracted over 200,000 subscribers. His most popular video on his YouTube channel is entitled “LIVE REACTION TO SMASH BROS ULTIMATE! EVERYONE IS BACK! RIDLEY & ECHO FIGHTERS | RogersBase E3 2018” was posted only a year ago, and has amassed over 430,000 views. His “Theory Discussion” videos also gain over 300,000 views per video. Roger has successfully collaborated with such YouTube personalities as Cobanermani456, EWNetwork, Giancarloparimango11 and many others.

Besides YouTube

Roger is well known for working as a voice actor for Nintendo, and is also a product demonstrator and Brand Ambassador for Nintendo in America. Roger released his EP of popular song covers on iTunes on 31 March 2015. On his Twitter account, he reviews new anime series episodes, and popular manga chapters called “One Piece” on a weekly basis. He also reviews new episodes of such shows as My Hero Academia, Attack On Titan, One Punch Man, etc. Roger has appeared in several TV series too, such as “Drunk Disney” (2016), “Orbyt Play” (2016) and “Bad Box Art” (2016-2017).


As Roger work for Nintendo, he often promised to share some hot news on various games coming out for Nintendo Switch, but his promises often turned out to be fake ones. His fans blamed him for hyping over new Nintendo products and giving improper information, so each time Roger is going to share some exclusive news, his fans don’t hurry to believe him.

Personal life, current girlfriend Reagan Kathryn

Roger has been dating popular cosplayer Reagan Kathryn for many years. They enjoy attending anime contests and events, do cosplays together, and then post the photos of themselves on their Instagram accounts.

Who is Reagan Kathryn?

Reagan Kathryn was born on 15 July 1995 in California USA. She is an international cosplay model, who made cosplays the Final Fantasy video game characters, some from Overwatch and even Scooby-Doo. Her Instagram account attracted almost 110,000 followers; she also has a page on Patreon on which she encourages other users to become her patrons and support her cosplays – as of July 2019, she has 56 patrons. As for her income from her Instagram account, every post gains her up to $550. Reagan also has a Twitch channel on which she streams sponsored games, such as Destiny Child and many others, having almost 2,000 followers. Her Twitter profile is read by over 24,000 people, while her Facebook page is followed by almost 30,000 users.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Roger and his girlfriend Reagan share their love for animals. They have a cat and a dog at their house in Santa Ana, California and often take their dog for anime contests with them. Roger likes to cook a lot too. In May 2018 Roger got his own “Amiibo” custom figurine. He shared the news on his Instagram and his fans congratulated him on this amazing present. Roger is also a big fan of the “Game of Thrones” TV series.

Social media presence

Roger is very active on various social media platforms, staying in touch with his fans and community. Thus, his Instagram account is followed by over 20,000 subscribers; his Twitter profile is read by over 83,000 followers; his YouTube channel has gained more than 200,000 fans. He is also very active on Reddit – he once even created a separate thread for his fans and community and answered all the questions written in several hours. His fans were very happy and satisfied with the way he answered their questions as Roger was very polite, friendly and kind while chatting with them. The thread hit 350 comments in no time. Roger also has a Twitch streaming channel which has amassed over 24,000 followers. Since Roger is a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo America, the company usually provides him with the latest Nintendo Switch games he plays on stream.

Appearance, clothing style

Roger has naturally curly dark brown hair and brown eyes; he wears glasses. He is 5ft 7ins (1.75m) tall and weighs around 158lbs (72kgs) – his vital statistics are not available at the moment. As for his clothing style, he prefers casual looks and often wears jeans, casual short sleeved shirts, T-shirts with anime prints on them, etc. He also loves to wear a light-colored round brimmed hat which suits him much.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Roger’s YouTube channel gains him around $116,000 of income, while he earns about $2,200 per month from his channel. His other sources of income are his Twitch channel and his ambassadorship for Nintendo America. His overall net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, which is only going to grow in future as Roger is a very determined and hard-working person.

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