• Ryan Curry is a three-year-old internet sensation and meme.
• She is the daughter of Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry.
• She appeared on the show "Playhouse Masters" and won over the hearts of the nation.
• Her siblings are Riley Curry and Canon Wardell Jack Curry.
• No information is available regarding her body measurements.

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Who is Ryan Curry?

Born on 10 July 2015, in Oakland, California, under the ever-turbulent and mystical sign of Cancer, Ryan Curry is a three-year-old internet sensation and somewhat of a meme. She is very probably best known as the second-born child of Stephen “Steph”  Curry, a 31-year-old basketball player currently playing for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). After appearing on multiple sports websites and networks, Ryan, alongside older sister Riley, has won over the hearts of the entire nation.

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Childhood and Social Media Fame

Ryan was born into a family of athletes, with her father, uncle, aunt and grandfather all being either current or former NBA players. Her mom, Ayesha, gave birth to her at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland. Ryan’s father, Steph Curry, is known to be a private person who, unlike most NBA players, doesn’t get involved in scandals, nor there are any rumors surrounding his name. Thus, he didn’t want to thrust newborn Ryan into the public eye, so he and his wife Ayesha decided a simple Instagram announcement would do. On 14 July 2015, just three days after Ryan’s birth, Steph uploaded an adorable photo of Ayesha, Riley and her newborn sister to his official Instagram account, with the description ‘I’m wayyyyy up I feel Blessed! God is Great. Thanks to the doctors and staff at Alta Bates for taking care of my girls, especially Dr. Poddatori. Healthy baby and @ayeshacurry is all I prayed for. #prouddaddy’. On 4 August, 2015, Ryan made her second appearance on social media through a lovely photo that shows her older sister, Riley gently kissing her on the cheek while she’s sleeping. Given the fact that Steph Curry has over 25 million followers on Instagram, Ryan quickly went viral.

TV Appearances

Even though she is only three years-old, Ryan is already an actress. As her father has a net worth of over $90 million, Ryan received the playhouse of her dreams. Almost as big as a one room apartment, the playhouse went viral and channel TLC asked Steph and his family to include the playhouse and his daughters in an episode of their brand new show “Playhouse Masters”. Ryan was the centerpiece of the first episode of the show, entitled “The Curry Family’s Pony Playhouse”, and mesmerized viewers around the country with her infectious smile. People liked her so much that TLC actually did a second episode, which showed the entire playhouse. Ryan and her sister Riley shared laughs with the filming crew, and were charming as always. More often than not, you can catch her with her mother, grandmother and sister watching a Golden State Warriors Game, and cheering on her daddy of course.

Ryan Curry

Ryan Curry’s Family

Father: Stephen Curry

Ryan’s dad, Steph is one of the most decorated basketball players of all-time. While he may not be better known than stars like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, he is certainly as influential as them. He has won two Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards and has been selected to play in the NBA All-Star Game every year from 2014 to 2019. The month of June in 2015 was probably his happiest ever, as he won his first NBA Championship and saw Ryan being born – all in the span of just one week. Curry is a loving father and is regularly seen taking his daughters on trips around the country and the world.

Mother: Ayesha Curry

Ayesha has been a devout Christian all her life, which lead her to meeting her now-husband Steph at a youth church group event in Charlotte. For a long time, there wasn’t anything going on between them, until Steph was nominated for an ESPY Award and sent her a message while he was in Los Angeles, knowing that she lived there. Funnily, she turned him down when he asked her out the first time, but he was persistent and kept sending her messages on Facebook. Finally she said ‘ye’,s and they got together in 2011, with marriage ensuing just a few months later. Ayesha is a celebrity in her own light, with her own cooking show and several books published to her name.

Sister: Riley Curry

Riley Elizabeth Curry is Ryan’s older sister and first child to Ayesha and Steph, born on 19 July 2012. Older than Ryan, she is also more popular – her five minutes of fame came when she crashed a post-game press conference where her dad was being asked questions by reporters. She sang the hit song “Blessings” by Big Sean into the microphone and told her dad to “keep quiet”. Everyone in the room laughed, and Riley became a viral sensation; she even got several acting offers after her debut in front of the cameras.

Brother: Canon Curry

Canon Wardell Jack Curry is the youngest child of the Curry family and Ryan’s younger brother. He was born on 2 July 2018, much to the joy of his father, stating that ‘it was about time’ he had a son and that he was ‘tired of all the ladies in the house’. Riley and Ryan immediately started caring for their younger sibling, resulting in a lot of cute photos that went viral.


Body Measurements: How Tall is Ryan Curry?

There is no credible information regarding Ryan Curry’s height. Even if there was information about her body measurements, it would have become outdated pretty soon, mostly because she is three years-old and constantly growing.


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