• Sharon Shenocca (formerly Radigan) is a receptionist from New York Giants
• She was born in 1966 in the US, and has a sister named Kerry
• She had an affair with Bill Belichick, head coach of New England Patriots, while married to her husband, Vincent Shenocca
• Vincent initiated a court case accusing Sharon and Bill of adultery, and Sharon is said to have divorced Vincent and reverted to her maiden name
• Sharon has a net worth of over $300,000, the residue from her affair and income from her business


Sharon Shenocca, born Sharon Radigan, attracted everybody’s attention when she started dating Bill Belichick, a famed American Football coach, while she was still married to her husband, Vincent Shenocca. The love affair that took place between a coach and a receptionist from New York Giants led the participants of this love triangle to the court, and the whole situation turned out to be a huge scandal. Let’s find out what is known about Sharon Shenocca’s biography, age, personal life, dating and more.

Early life, family

Actually little is known about Sharon’s family and childhood, except that she was born in 1966 in the USA. There’s no information about her parents’ names, ages or occupations, but she apparently has a sister named Kerry though it’s not known whether Kerry is a younger or an older than Sharon. It’s hard to say where and how Sharon spent her childhood, but probably in the USA.


Nothing is known for sure about Sharon’s school or college education either – she probably matriculated in the USA where she was born, though the information about her degree or college or university graduations is unavailable. As she worked as a receptionist at the New York Giants and her responsibilities probably included office tasks or administrative support, she could have only matriculated from a high school, since one can become a receptionist without any special education or a college graduation.


Little is known about Sharon’s career which she built before she became a receptionist at New York Giants, when she attracted the attention of Bill Belichick. When they started dating, Bill helped Sharon to start her own business – a jersey store. Nothing is known about the destiny of that store, but some sources say Sharon kept it to herself and continued managing the store even after her break-up from Bill. There’s no actual information about Sharon’s current working place.

Who is Bill Belichick?

William Stephen “Bill” Belichick is a head coach of the New England Patriots in NFL (National Football League). He was born on 16 April 1952 in Nashville, Tennessee USA. Bill was destined to become a sportsman since his godfather, Bill Edwards (after whom Bill was named) was a coach of College Football Hall of Fame. His father, Steve Belichick,  also worked in the world of sports as an assistant to a football coach at the United States Naval Academy.

Raised in  Annapolis, Maryland, in 1970 Bill matriculated from Annapolis High School, then he graduated from Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut) where he was also a member of the football team.

His career started with the New York Giants in 1979, when he became a special teams coach and a defensive assistant. He worked there until 1990, and it was there that he met Sharon and started dating her, though she was still married and had two kids. Bill seemed serious about his feelings and reportedly supported Sharon with an impressive amount of money. Bill’s net worth allowed him to buy a mansion which apparently cost $2.2 million where he wanted to live with Sharon and raise her children, who he was ready to adopt.

Unfortunately, Bill’s dream didn’t come true; he broke-up with Sharon and soon found another passion, Linda Holliday, a clothing store owner and a correspondent for WCVB-TV.

As for now, Bill Belichick works as the New England Patriots head coach since 2000, enjoying the highest success of any NFL coach, with six Super Bowl wins.


Sharon met Bill when she worked as a receptionist at the New York Giants, as we’ve already mentioned. For that moment, she was still married to Vincent Shenocca, and they had two kids, aged 20 and 18. Vincent was a construction worker, though there’s no information about his current occupation. In 2005 Vincent noticed envelopes with cash which his wife Sharon received from Bil, each containing $3000, so unsurprisingly suspected his wife of having an affair, subsequently claiming that she committed adultery with Bill Belichick. He supposed Sharon greceived around $150,000 since 2005.

Bill was serious about his intention to live with Sharon, marry her and adopt her kids. He bought a townhouse with four bedrooms in Park Slope for $2.2 million where he planned to live with Sharon and kids, and paid for Sharon’s vacations in Florida, Puerto Rico and Jamaica, plus gave her $50,000 to open the Jersey Store in 2006. Nevertheless, Sharon and Bill broke up after a court case which was initiated by Sharon’s husband, Vincent. He accused the couple of having an affair while Sharon was still married to him.

Bill later sold the townhouse he bought for him and Sharon for $2.75 million. Sharon is said to have divorced Vincent, and reverted to her maiden name of Sharon Radigan.

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Sharon now has long blonde hair which is bleached since she has naturally dark brown hair and sometimes wore bangs but as for now it’s hard to say which hairstyle Sharon prefers since she dropped out of the social media radars. She has gray-blue eyes, and loves bright and scarlet shades of lipstick. Even though she is in her middle age, she still keeps fit and has a very slim figure for her age. There’s no information about her height, weight or any data about her vital statistics.

Net worth

It was announced that during her affair with Bill Belichick, Sharon started getting cash and money transfers to her credit cards. She is estimated by sources to still have a net worth of over $300,000, the residue from her affair and income from her business, although there’s no confirmation about Sharon’s current work place.

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