• Taylor Nicole Dean is a famous YouTuber and animal enthusiast
• She suffered from various illnesses since childhood
• She started a YouTube channel in 2015 to educate people on how to take care of exotic pets
• She was addicted to heroin and opioids for over a year before beginning a rehab course
• She has an estimated net worth of $2 million from her YouTube channel and Instagram account


Taylor Nicole Dean is a famous YouTuber, who became popular for her videos on the care of exotic pets. She is an animal enthusiast who shares her experience and knowledge with her followers so they can take care of their pets properly, and identify the first signs of disease. Recently Taylor faced serious troubles with her own health – she started fighting with her heroin addiction, and has now begun a new life without drugs. Let’s find out more about her personal life, net worth, rehab details, etc.

Early life and family

Taylor Nicole Dean was born 25 March 1997, in San Antonio, Texas USA, so under the sign of Aries and holding American nationality. She spent her childhood and youth with her family, her father Matt Dean, and her mother Jennifer Dean. Their occupations are not known except that Jennifer is a vlogger just as her daughter (but not so popular). Taylor has two siblings; one of her brother’s names is Justin Dean, the other brother prefers to keep his name low-key. Taylor’s mother supports her in every endeavor and trouble – they have a very close relationship. Taylor has had some issues with her health since she was a little girl. At the age of three Taylor’s appendix burst, and she was lucky to be at the surgery at that moment as if it would explode it could have killed her. She also had problems with her eyes, as they were bothered by fluorescent light, and had terrible migraines, stomach aches, etc.

Educational background

Taylor attended O’Connor High School, but later switched to Texas Connections Academy online, from which she matriculated in 2015. She had to switch to an online version of school education from the fifth grade as she suffered from various illnesses and couldn’t attend classes. However, she remembers her teachers didn’t believe that she was really sick, as physically she looked healthy, so Taylor suffered a lot because of that. Nothing else is known about her education, as she probably decided to pursue her YouTube career and dedicate all her time to her exotic pets.

Taylor Nicole Dean


She created her Twitter account in September 2012, then later decided to share her pet care experience on YouTube channel which she started on 24 April 2015. The first video she uploaded was entitled “Life From a Hedgehog’s Eyes”, and it has almost a million views for now. Later she shared that she had a lot of pets, most of them pretty exotic, such as geckos, hedgehogs and seahorses. She also had snakes, and in a couple of years they became her true passion. Taylor admitted the idea of creating her YouTube channel appeared in her head when she was inspired by Steve Irwin, an Australian animal expert. She decided to follow his steps, and to educate people on the proper way of taking care of exotic animals they have at home. One of her most popular videos is entitled “ALL OF MY PETS IN ONE VIDEO (I know, I have a lot)”, and it’s attracted almost 15 million views; it was posted two years ago, and lasts over 17 minutes as it shows all of Taylor’s pets.

She also has another channel entitled “Taylor Dean Vlogs”, though it has only 95,000 subscribers, and Taylor hasn’t been very consistent with uploading new videos there. However, her main channel has almost 1.7 million subscribers, and as Taylor is getting back to her YouTube channel in the near future, this number is going to grow. She had to take a pause from her online career as she faced serious troubles with her health, due to her heroin and opioids addiction – she was addicted for more than a year before she understood that she needed help with it.

Personal life, new boyfriend Jake, ex-boyfriend Jonny Craig

In 2017 Taylor started dating a singer and songwriter named Jonny Craig; they dated for almost two years, and many of Taylor’s fans consider him to be the reason and the source of her drug addiction. Taylor shared a lot of photos with Jonny, and they looked happy together, however, when Taylor understood her drug addiction was taking over her life, she decided to break up with him. As for now, she is dating a new guy named Jake, who is helping her to adapt after her rehab course. Nothing is known about him, and Taylor has shared their mutual picture only once. Also she has deleted almost all her photos with Jonny from her Instagram account, or at least changed or removed the captions to those pictures as they were positive, and she didn’t feel that way about Jonny anymore.

Who is Jonny Craig?

Jonathan “Jonny” Monroe Craig was born on 26 March 1986 in Canada. Jonny has a child from his previous relationship, however, he left his girlfriend to date Taylor. A lot of rumors said he had been in troubles many times.; he was arrested for disorderly conduct and damaging property (more than once). As to his singer career, he was a member of the “Slaves” music band. There was controversy around his drug addiction, which appeared when his ex-girlfriend posted a video of his taking drugs. Jonny deleted the video as soon as he knew about it, however, the rumors were already up, and he had to explain himself in front of his fans. He denied that he was addicted at the moment, and swore he was clean and hadn’t taken anything for a long time. Nevertheless, he was later accused of drug addiction problems, and sexual misconduct allegations many times again, so the manager of the “Slaves” made him quit the band.

Drug Addiction and Rehab

For more than a year Taylor was taking heroin and opioids with her now-ex-boyfriend Jonny Craig. Her addiction made her hide her arms, and wear long sleeved T-shirts to hide her bruises from injections. She decided to take a rehab course to get back to sobriety, and on 6 June 2019 she finished the course and got back home. On her Twitter account there’s a pinned post which shows the difference between her pictures after a year of heroin addiction and after the rehab course. She noticed herself that even her eyes changed, not to speak about her general state of health. She also admitted that she thought she would never get out of her addiction, but now she encourages other people to get back to sobriety. Her current boyfriend Jake helps her to adapt to her normal life, and Taylor is sure she is going to return to vlogging, and posting new videos on YouTube again.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Taylor’s main interest is taking care of exotic animals, and giving advice to all the people who need help with their snakes, hedgehogs, rats, etc. She is obsessed with tattoos, and she has also had several fresh ones to hide her bruises from injections. Taylor likes to spend her time with family; she also likes swimming, travelling and eating healthily. Due to her Celiac disease, she must stick to a gluten-free diet, just as her mother Jennifer. She shared it in her video entitled “I’VE BEEN SICK ALL MY LIFE? (Why I Post Inconsistently)”.

Social media presence

Taylor is very active on all popular social media platforms – she has a Twitter account which is read by over 165,000 people, her Instagram account has more than 285,000 subscribers, and she posts photos there on daily basis. Her YouTube channel will soon hit the 1.7 million subscribers milestone.

Appearance, clothing style

Taylor like to experiment with her hair, dying it various shades of blonde and even red and blue; as of 2019, she has middle length light brown hair, and blue eyes. Taylor is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs around 136lbs (62kgs) – her vital statistics are not available at the moment. She has many tattoos, one of them depicts a dagger and text which says: ‘stared in a mirror and punched it to shalters collected the pieces and picked out a dagger’; this is a quote from a song called “Nightmare”, performed by Halsey. As of 2019, Taylor had two more tattoos on the crooks of the elbows, depicting a crocodile and an ornament; they are supposed to hide her bruises. As for her clothing style, Taylor prefers casual yet feminine looks, and often wears dresses, shorts, headbands and T-shirts (which she can now choose not only by the length of the sleeve as she used to).

Net worth and salary

According to authoritative sources, Taylor’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, accumulated by consistently uploading pets’ care videos on her YouTube channel. However, due to her drug addiction problems and a rehab course, she hasn’t posted anything for over a year, and her income decreased accordingly. Her YouTube channel keeps on bringing her money; she earns up to $4,500 per month from the traffic her old videos still attract.  As to her Instagram account, she also gets up to $1,400 per post. We hope she will soon get well and keep on posting new videos about her exotic pets.

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