• Vixella (Sasha Staggs) was born on 5 July 1994 in Houston, Texas USA
• She began playing The Sims at age 6 and created her YouTube channel in 2013
• She is active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch and has over 1 million subscribers
• She has participated in YouTube reality shows, including YouTuber Big Brother and Survivor: All-Stars
• She has an estimated net worth of $450,000 and earns $6,600 monthly from her YouTube channel

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Short Info

FactGraduated from Simon Fraser University in 2012 with a degree in Digital Communications.

Vixella is a popular YouTuber who became famous for uploading a large number of “Let’s play” videos on such games as The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, Minecraft and Roblox. Recently the number of her subscribers on her YouTube channel increased to one million. Let’s find out more about Vixella’s age, net worth, boyfriend, etc.
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Early life, family

Origin, parents

Sasha “Vixella” Staggs (aka “FancySimmer”) was born on 5 July 1994 in Houston, Texas USA, so Her birth sign is Cancer, she belongs to white ethnicity and holds American nationality. Her mother was born in Croatia, and all her relative came from this country, but her father and his family called themselves “pure Americans”. She lives with her mother, in a very close and warm relationship. Vixella was once asked if she wanted to move to another state, and she admitted that she would love to leave from Texas since she found it too hot though she’s got used to living in such a climate, but she can’t leave her mother, and if she moved she would have to drag her mother with her. She has a brother but his name is unknown. As for her father, he died four years ago, and Vixella shared in one of her Instagram posts she missed him very much since they were also very close. Her mother now has another life-partner, and he is Vixella’s step-father.

First gaming experience

She started playing the first version of the game called The Sims when she was around six years old; she found out about that game in a TV commercial and asked her parents to buy her a copy, and has since played it almost every day. She admits that she enjoyed the game because it was a life simulator, and is unique as to this day no competitors to this game of the same quality level exist. Being a young girl, she enjoyed the feeling of being an adult in the game where she could “go to work”, “bring up kids” and “build a house”, so she spent hours playing The Sims.



Vixella hasn’t shared any specific information about her education. Most likely she matriculated from her high school in 2012, but there’s no record of her studying for a degree.


YouTube channel success

Vixella created her channel on 23 December 2013, and admitted she was blown away with the news that a lot of simmers (people who play The Sims call themselves “simmers”) already had their own channels on which they share their “Let’s Play” videos on The Sims; she was really upset she didn’t start earlier, but she decided to give it a try, and uploaded her first video the same day, called “The Sims 3: Create A Sim | Christmas Inspired”, and since then has posted related videos to this day. In her videos, she shows various plots she makes and develops while she’s playing. She also makes videos on various challenges, such as “The Sims 4: 3 Minute Create A Sim Challenge” and “Let’s Play The Sims 3: 100 Baby Challenge” in which she limits herself in time to create a character, or build a house for her character, or makes some special rules for a long game which she needs to support in special conditions – these videos have attract hundreds of thousands views. In 2016 she rented an office, and moved from her bedroom to a special space where she could film her videos with proper light and sound quality. On 21 January 2019 her channel hit the one million subscribers milestone, and Vixella streamed the moment when the counter showed the number. Her fans congratulated her on this success, and YouTube sent her a special golden frame which is sent to all YouTubers who attract a million subscribers.

YouTuber Big Brother Reality series

Vixella participated in the reality series called “YouTuber Big Brother” – the creators of the series built a special Big Brother house and created the Sims characters for the participators. Then noted YouTubers had to play for those Sims and finish the plots about their in-game families. Vixella was the runner-up in the first season, losing first place to PewDiePie. Then she participated in the “Big Brother Heroes Vs Villains” season, and appeared in “Survivor: All-Stars” season of the reality show.

Personal life

In one of her Q&A videos of 2014, she shared she had a boyfriend who knew she was streaming. That year she didn’t upload any videos with her face shown on them, so not all her friends knew she was making YouTube videos, and she didn’t hurry to share this information with everybody. So her boyfriend was one of those people who knew that Sasha was actually Vixella. She said he loved her videos and found them cool. As for the moment, there is no actual information about her current relationship status. She doesn’t post any photos with a boyfriend so it is hard to say whether they are still together, or has another. What is known for sure is that she doesn’t have any kids yet.

Hobbies and interesting facts

When she was a kid, her favorite cartoon series was Pokemon, and was also a big fan of the Final Fantasy X. Her favorite expansion for The Sims 3 is “Night Life” – she bought it as soon as it was launched, and enjoyed it more than any other expansion, since she liked the idea of the nightlife of The Sims.

Her favorite food is pasta; she also loves chocolate chip muffins and hash browns. She is a fan of avocado and guacamole, and hotdogs and pizza are her weakness. Her favorite types of pizza are pepperoni and four cheeses. Vixella is also a coffee-addicted person. Her favorite color is purple, and she once shared her room is colored purple and she feels very comfortable in it. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. Vixella’s favorite YouTuber (who is not a gamer) is Jenna Marbles. Her favorite singer is Ariana Grande, Vixella has been her fan for more than five years and she visits all her shows and concerts. Vixella is a big dog-lover, she has a Siberian Husky named Yuna.

Social media presence

Vixella is very active on various social media platforms, supporting her popularity and increasing her audience. Her YouTube channel has more than one million subscribers and has more than 1,100 videos uploaded. Her Instagram account is followed by more than 170,000 people, and she is very active on it, posting almost on daily basis. Her Twitter is read by more than 78,000 followers and her Twitch channel is followed by around 13,000 people.


Vixella has middle length naturally dark brown hair which she dyes in various colors – she recently dyed the ends pink, and before that she had her hair blue, blonde and grey. She has brown eyes. Her height, weight and vital statistics are unavailable for the moment. Her favorite clothing brand is Forever21, and she mostly shops there. In her own words, she doesn’t like to shop for herself except food, so she enjoys online shopping at Forever21 since it has low prices and the style of the clothes is very appropriate for such a girl as Vixella is.

Net worth

According to several authoritative sources Vixella accumulated the net worth of more than $450,000; her YouTube channel provides her with $6,600 monthly income; she is now well past the one million, and she is still consistent with her uploads of the videos, so her net worth is only going to grow in future. She also has a website on which she sells her merchandise.


1Graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2012 with a degree in Digital Communications.
2Has body doubled for Angelina Jolie, Tricia Helfer and Jaime King.




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