• Clara Swan is a YouTuber who is known for her channel ClaraBabyLegs
• She launched her career in 2014 and grew to have nearly 250,000 followers and over 3.2 million views on all her 14 videos combined
• She is still active on Instagram and Twitter, but her YouTube channel has been inactive for over three years
• Her ex-boyfriend is Brandon Dylan Ashur, also a YouTuber
• Clara's estimated net worth is over $100,000


ClaraBabyLegs Wiki Bio

Clara Swan was born in Los Angeles, California USA, on 31 August 1996, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holds American nationality – Clara is famous for her YouTube channel ClaraBabyLegs, on which she uploaded a couple of funny videos as well as some make-up tutorials.

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What happened to ClaraBabyLegs?

The public does not know the reason why ClaraBabyLegs has disappeared from her YouTube channel. Her last video on YouTube entitled “What What in the… Vlog? Idk” was uploaded over three years ago, and after that, Clara dropped out of sight.

Her early and education

Clara has not shared anything about her parents or any siblings with the public. She is said to have had quite a normal childhood, and after she matriculated from a local high school in L.A., she decided to pursue her career of a YouTuber rather than to chase a college degree – however, she hasn’t been seen on YouTube for the last three years.


Clara’s career of a YouTuber

Clara’s career was launched on 3 August 2014, when she created her “ItsBabyLegs” YouTube channel, which she later renamed to “ClaraBabyLegs” – the channel so far counts nearly 250,000 followers and over 3.2 million views on all her 14 videos combined. It is not known why Clara decided to quit her life of a YouTuber, as she appeared to be very perspective – she hasn’t uploaded a single video for over three years now.

Her most popular video was seen over 1.7 million times, and is entitled “READING HATE COMMENTS | ClaraBabyLegs sucks c**k?!” She is also said to have been the official vlogger for the Tokyo Treat during her YouTube days.

Clara’s presence on other social media platforms

Even though she is no longer active on YouTube, Clara can still be found uploading the provocative pictures of herself on her Instagram account which so far counts nearly 140,000 followers and over 320 pictures. She also launched her Twitter account in January 2012, and to date has nearly 150,000 followers, having tweeted nearly 16,000 times – she has a Facebook profile as well, but seems to be using it only for her friends and family.

Controversies and rumors

Many naked pictures of Clara can be found on the Internet, especially on Reddit as people upload her naked pictures from Snapchat on a weekly basis. Some say that this could be the reason behind her leaving YouTube, while others say it is (or also) the reason why she broke-up with Bashur, her ex-boyfriend. Judging by her Twitter account, you can watch her “ClaraKitty Shows” every night on the Internet at nine p.m. and see some +18 content (you didn’t hear about this from us).

Personal life and relationships

Clara is not a very open person when it comes to her past and present affairs, but she’s said to have been dating Bashur, another YouTube personality – the two lived together at the very beginning of her career, but as Clara has disappeared from YouTube, it is not known if the two are still together. Judging by her Instagram account, she is currently single, has not married and doesn’t have any kids.

Who is Bashur, Clara’s ex-boyfriend?

Brandon Dylan Ashur was born in the US on 9 September 1985, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding American nationality – he was popular for his now deleted YouTube channel entitled “Bashurverse” on which he uploaded videos about the “Minecraft” video game.

Bashur had two YouTube accounts, the main “Bashurverse” was made mostly for Minecraft, and his other entitled “BashDoesThings” where he uploaded videos of himself… doing things. The second channel was a representation of his life as he uploaded every day, talking about the issues he was facing in his life. On 4 March 2015, he uploaded a video with his confession about a significant event in his life – the video was later deleted and nobody is talking about it any longer. This event was something which an unknown person was using to blackmail him threatening how he or she would throw it on the Internet. Therefore, Bashur made a video explaining what the event was about, but he later deleted it.

Bashur had a rather tough childhood as he doesn’t know who his father is, and hasn’t been talking with his mother for a long time now. After his mother ended up in jail, his relatives took him in and helped raise him – his mother married after getting out of jail. Bashur was bullied at his high school, with other kids stealing his pocket money, and on one occasion even broke his lap top – things got worse when he broke up with his first girlfriend at the age of 17 because she was cheating on him, and descended even further when he was arrested for provocative chat history with a minor – a 15 year-old girl who was a sister of his best friend reported him. Bashur found comfort in video games after that, and it turned out that he was quite good at them. He launched his YouTube channel, began uploading his Minecraft videos, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Bashur is no longer active anywhere on the Internet – he doesn’t use his YouTube channels nor his old Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Clara’s appearance and net worth

Clara is currently 22 years old. She is a natural blonde who colors her hair pink, and has blue eyes; her height and weight are not known, but her vital statistics are 36-26-36.

According to authoritative sources, Clara’s current net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, but may not be rising as Clara is no longer active on her YouTube channel, and apparently isn’t doing any highly paid jobs.

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