• Born in England on 22 November 1994
• Works as a conceptual artist and has his work shown in museums
• Launched his own lipstick tube design
• Gained recognition online after launching his YouTube channel (4 March 2011)
• Rumored to be dating Miss Czech Republic


John Kuckian Wiki Biography

John Kuckian was born in England on 22 November 1994, so under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and holding American nationality – he is popular for being an artist who produces colorful portraits, with some of his works having been shown in museums such as the famous Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

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What happened to John Kuckian?

John disappeared for a while from the internet, and there have been some rumors about what might have happened to him, with people wondering if he was okay. John appears to be doing well, and is currently working on cosmetics as he has launched his own lipstick tube design – he still often uploads pictures onto his Instagram account.

Early life and education

Not much is known about John’s early life as he prefers to keep his personal matters to himself. It is known that he was raised by his mother, while it is not known what happened to his father or who he is/was – he also seems to be an only child as he has never mentioned having any siblings.

Being an artist, it was very hard for John to fit in today’s society, and he wasn’t very sociable during the years he spent at high school, because he didn’t find people he would enjoy spending time with. He matriculated from high school in 2017, and left home to move to London to pursue his dreams of becoming a worldwide-known conceptual artist. He later enrolled at a college to study biomedical sciences, and is said to still be attending it.

John Kuckian

Career of an artist (and a YouTuber)

John was somewhat popular in the world of artists even before he launched his YouTube channel, but he gained recognition online after he started using the platform on 4 March 2011 – there are currently more than 350,000 people subscribed to his channel, which also counts more than 72 million views of all his videos combined. Part of his caption reads ‘My channel is Investigations all through the week. Some more serious, some more fun. I provide exclusive investigations, statements, interviews and much more. I will be your friend and we can hang out.’

John uploads a variety of content, but most of his videos are focused on cosmetics. Besides that, he also does funny videos, science videos, and can be seen playing video games.

Love life and relationships

John is very secretive when it comes to his love life, and he hasn’t shared any details of his past or present relationships with the public. Even though he doesn’t talk about it, there are still rumors circulating the internet regarding his love life.

The popular YouTuber is rumored to be gay, mostly because he never talks about girls, and because of the fact that he is into cosmetics and has launched his own lipstick tube – this is making most of his fans rather suspicious. However, John has not yet commented on his sexuality, and therefore nothing can be said with certainty.

Conversely, he is also rumored to be dating Miss Czech Republic after he uploaded a picture with her onto his Instagram account – the two are seen to be hugging, and seem to be very happy together. John hasn’t commented on these rumors, and the two might be only good friends.

Judging by his social media accounts, John currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and other interests

John loves attending parties and drinking alcohol – his favorite drink is Champagne, although we do not know exactly which one. He is a traveler, and has visited Paris which is one of his most favorite travel destinations – he also loves the Czech Republic, and was recently there to visit his friend (or girlfriend) who is the Miss Czech Republic. He prefers to use trains, but if he is going across the sea, he usually travels on the Ryanair low-cost airline. He is also into science and architecture, and can often be seen talking about these things in his videos on his YouTube channel. He’s also a sporting guy who visits the gym a couple of times per week, as he wants to stay in shape.

John is huge lover of tea, which is said to be a normal thing for people living in England, therefore his YouTube channel’s name “Kucki Tea”.

Appearance and net worth

John is currently 24 years old. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, an earring on his right ear, but his height and weight are unknown.

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $400,000, and is steadily rising thanks to his YouTube channel, and the lipsticks and other merchandise he markets.

Social media presence

John is quite active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for his career. He launched his Twitter account in November 2016, and has gathered more than 330 followers, but only tweeted six times, with his last tweet being published on 3 August 2017. His Instagram account is followed by more than 46,000 people, while he has uploaded over 130 pictures onto it – he is also running a Facebook page which is currently followed by nearly 5,000 fans.

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