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Who is Timmy Thick?

Timmy Thick was born on 21 August 2002, in New York City, USA, and is a social media personality, best known from earning popularity on the social media website Instagram, on which he started posting controversial photos, which led many to question his gender and sexual orientation.


The Wealth of Timmy Thick

How rich is Timmy Thick? As of early-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is just over $30,000, earned through success in his various endeavors. His online popularity has led to numerous opportunities and a divided followership. As he continues these endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Social Media Beginnings

There is very little information available about Timmy’s childhood, his family, and his education. Even his real name is not known as many believe that Timmy Thick is just an online moniker to hide his true identity. One of his most noticeable traits is his short stature – he’s stated in his posts that he is only five feet tall; this height has also given way to a stockier build.

According to him, he grew up with a lot of experiences of bullying, and was often physically harassed in school; he was also verbally harassed though has not given specific details about it. Even when he started posting his photos online, he also became a victim of cyber bullying, primarily because of his online content. He started posting selfies of himself wearing female clothing in effeminate pose,s which led to a lot of speculation about his gender, but he has repearedly said that he is male – his actions have led to a lot of questions. All of this notoriety began in 2016, when he created his account on Instagram and started posting his selfies.

Timmy Thick

Online Fame

Since starting his Instagram account, Thick’s followers have grown at a steady pace. Instagram is a photo and video sharing service owned by Facebook, that allows users to easily post content with user friendly filter editing software. These posts can then be sorted through tags which other users can search. It is one of the most popular social media related services toda,y with over 800 million registered users as of 2019. He gained over 300,000 followers before his account was disabled due to numerous reports stemming from thecontention that his content would/could prove a bad influence to children.

It did not stop him however, as he continued to open accounts and post content. He also started posting videos of himself twerking, and delivering adult oriented jokes. He even put a lot of profanity in his posts leading many to question his age. His popularity led to divisiveness, as many supported his content while others wanted to take him down. He began to brag that he was friends with other popular personalities such as the rapper Ugly God and another hip hop personality Danielle Bregoli, who initially earned fame as a meme.


A Sudden End and a New Timmy Thick

As his fame grew, many started to research and find out who Timmy really was, but could find no personal information about him. It was starting to become a common belief that Timmy Thick is just a persona to create controversy online. He surprised many of his followers when his Twitter account suddenly posted that he was actually just a sociological experiment conducted by Harvard University for the last two years. The way the post was structured was very unusual, and even with this statement, many still questioned whether it was real or not.

A professor from the sociology department of Harvard denied the school had anything to do with Timmy Thick. There was silence for a while, but in 2018 the Timmy Thick Twitter account started to post unusual tweets, referencing coordinates to Area 51 and other random numbers. A Timmy Thick Instagram account was then created, but it was set to private. Followers who have managed to be accepted into the Timmy Thick account revealed that it was a totally different person in there. The person who now managed the account seemed more of a woman, but still sported a look similar to that of the original Timmy Thick.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, nothing is known in terms of any romantic relationships. Even through all of his posts, he never mentioned about this aspect of his life, only mentioning that he likes to think of himself as a boy. Even the new person handling the account has not mentioned anything about romantic endeavors.

His Twitter account continues to stay active with over 2,000 followers though it has yet to rival the peak of his popularity. The account has confirmed that someone else is now managing the account through a cryptic tweet stating that someone else will rise when someone falls. His Instagram account is set to private, though it has now managed to gain over 60,000 followers. Even in the past two years, speculation continues to abound with this new Timmy Thick, though it remains a question as to whether or not this new person will be able to match the same impact the old Timmy Thick had. As for now, a lot of information about him or her remains a mystery and they (or s/he) look to keep it that way.

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