• LifeSimmer is a popular video gamer and YouTube personality who has achieved prominence through playing the video game Sims and posting gameplay videos on YouTube.
• She started her YouTube channel when she was 13 years old and has since accumulated over 750,000 subscribers and 210 million views.
• She has battled depression and has had suicidal thoughts, but is hopeful for a return.
• She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
• She is in a relationship with a man named Mark, and is an avid dog lover.

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Net Worth$65 million
Date Of BirthDecember 19, 1980
MarkSmooth voice
FactWas among the guests at Jessica Simpson's 25th birthday party.
PaymentsEarned $3,000,000 from Jarhead (2005)

Who is LifeSimmer?

The gaming community is ever-expanding, and new games are becoming popular almost on a daily basis; however, there are a few classics that never lose their attraction, including Sims. LifeSimmer is a video gamer who has achieved prominence through playing the video game Sims, and posting gameplay videos on YouTube.

So, do you want to find out more about LifeSimmer, from her real name and age to most recent career endeavors and personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for a while, as we introduce you to this prominent YouTube personality and video gamer.

LifeSImmer Wiki: Real Name, Age, Childhood, and Education

Born as Cristina Sarakas on the 15th March 1998 in Lowell, Massachusetts USA, she spent much of her childhood in Palm Bay, Florida, where she went to school. Now known as LifeSimmer, she is the youngest in the family with four older brothers. She started playing the popular video game Sims when she was only four years old, and as time passed honed her skills. When she turned 13 years old, she started her YouTube channel, LifeSimmer.

Career Beginnings

It wasn’t until July 2012 that she posted her first YouTube video; entitled “Pretty Little Liars: Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Aria, Ali (5-1)”, the video has now had more than 235,000 views. Once the first views and comments came in, and in words of support, she decided to continue with the practice and started the “Let’s Play” category, beginning to upload videos rather frequently. Videos such as “Lets Play: Sims Life Stories S1- (Part 1) – Welcome To Four Corners”, then “Lets Play: Sims Life Stories S1 – (Part 2) – First Date” soon followed, and she quickly gained popularity, and she became fully focused on her newfound career on YouTube.

She moved out from home at  16 years of age, since when LifeSimmer has been on her own, without any help from her family.


Rise to Stardom

Her popularity improved with great speed, and with every new video LifeSimmer attracted new subscribers. In no time she had over 100,000, which only encouraged her to make new videos. She implemented new ideas. and in addition to the “Lets Play” series she started new ones including “Cats and Dogs”, and others which brought her further popularity. She now has more than 750,000 subscribers and her videos have had over 210 million views. Some of her most popular videos include “Let’s Play: The Sims 4 – (Part 1) – May The Fourth Be With You”, which has over 3.4 million views, then “Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Generations – (Part 1) – Create A Sim”, which has just over 3.1 million views, “Let’s Play: The Sims 3 University Life – (Part 1) – Create A Sim”, with over 2.3 million views, and “Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Seasons – (Part 1) – Create A Sim”, which has been viewed around two million times, among many other videos that have helped increase both her popularity and wealth.

She now has another YouTube channel, Stina, which is more of a vlog channel, on which she has posted videos that showcase her personal life. She has around 90,000 followers on this channel.

What Happened to Lifesimmer, Hiatus

At the peak of her popularity, Lifesimmer just disappeared from YouTube; without any explanation or update, Lifesimmer stopped uploading Sims videos on her channel. However, after a break, she made a video in which she explained that she has been battling depression, and that she has had suicidal thoughts, but is hoping for a return.

LifeSimmer Net Worth

Since launching her career, LifeSimmer has become quite popular and her success has only increased her wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich LifeSimmer is, as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that LifeSimmer’s net worth is as high as $1 million, which is rather decent, don’t you think? Undoubtedly, her wealth will become even higher in the upcoming years, assuming that she successfully resumes her career.


LifeSimmer Personal Life, Is She Single, Dating, Boyfriend?

What do you know about the personal life of this young YouTube star? Well, there are some facts available about LifeSimmer online, so let’s share them. She is in a relationship with a man named Mark, but no further details have been made available about their relationship. LifeSimmer is an avid dog lover and has often shared pictures of herself with her dog on social media.

LifeSimmer Internet Popularity

YouTube has made her famous, and she has since expanded her popularity to social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram. Her official Twitter account has over 240,000 followers, with whom she has shared details from her life, but also her newest gameplay videos, such as “The Sims 4: Seasons Part 1- Meet The Family”, published on the 20th June 2018, among numerous other posts. You can find her on Instagram as well, on which she has around 79,000 fans, who have enjoyed her pictures, such as this one, among numerous others. She has also shared a few pictures of her dog.

General Info

Full NameJake Gyllenhaal
Net Worth$65 million
Salary$65 million
Date Of BirthDecember 19, 1980
Height1.8 m
ProfessionFilm producer, Actor
EducationHarvard-Westlake School, Columbia University


ParentsStephen Gyllenhaal, Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal
SiblingsMaggie Gyllenhaal


AwardsMTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, MTV Movie Award for Best Performance, Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature, National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor, Young Hollywood Award for Breakthrough Performance - Male, Chlotrudis Award...
NominationsAcademy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture – Drama, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Act...
MoviesSouthpaw, Nightcrawler, Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Demolition, Prisoners, Nocturnal Animals, End of Watch, Jarhead, Source Code, Love & Other Drugs, Enemy, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, The Day After Tomorrow, Zodiac, Everest, The Good Girl, October Sky, Bubble Boy, Rendition, City Sli...

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#Marks / Signs
1Athletic body
2Brown hair and piercing blue eyes
3Smooth voice
4Weight changes according to the characters life style he's interpreting
5His smile
6Often plays characters in thrillers


The Man Who Made It Snow$3,000,000 plus backend
Jarhead (2005)$3,000,000


1[on what he is personally fearful of] Many things. I think we're living in a particularly scary time. But I'm Jewish so I have a tendency towards anxiety. With my work, no matter how much time and preparation I've had, I'm always scared. But I know what a privilege it is to do the job that I do. I know how amazing it is to be able to choose the work that I do.
2[Advice for acting students] The way you behave with everybody is more important than the work you do. Generosity, kindness, and patience will get you so far: that's the biggest lesson I've learned.
3[Working with sister on Donnie Darko (2001)] It was really hard for me and my sister, I was nineteen years old and she was twenty three I would always say "what are you doing? That's acting to you?" and she would say "oh you suck" so then I would say you're such a faker" it was very "sibling-esque" but my sister is probably the reason why I do this, she's somebody I admire more than anybody in the world and drives me fucking nuts sometimes
4One of the greatest performances I've ever seen is Max Pomeranc as the young boy in Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993). Something about watching a child and his ability to be honest, and his desperation for honesty, even in the midst of all the adults surrounding them, which is essentially what that movie is about, and the performance itself is so present and exists on its own even today.
5[on Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler (2014)] My grandfather (whose parents were immigrants from Russia) he really wanted me at one point to read this story about Billy the Kid, because Billy the Kid was an immigrant, essentially, and he was someone that came here to reinvent himself, and that America is made up, obviously, out of the idea of reinvention, and that Billy the Kid is this quintessential American character, and was an immigrant. He reinvented his identity to become the quintessential American. And I think that Lou is a product of the times; he's been created...
6[on playing Donnie Darko] For me, personally, when approaching the role, it was sort of hard to figure out, because there's so many things that he gets hit with. I think that Donnie is what he comes in contact with.
7[on his failed audition for the role of Frodo Baggins] I remember auditioning for The Lord of the Rings and going in and not being told that I needed a British accent. I really do remember Peter Jackson saying to me, "You know that you have to do this in a British accent?" We heard back it was literally one of the worst auditions.
8The biggest mistake that I've made is not really admitting to myself that filmmaking is a director's medium. We all get into situations where we're working with people, and we try to control that. But I realized once I'm gone it's going to be the director's vision from here on out.
9It's only appropriate as an indulgent actor to think about quitting 'cause it's such an intense job.
10My dad descends from the Swedish Gyllenhaal family, a noble lineage that my ancestor Nils Gunnarsson Haal established in the 17th century and which has been very influential in Sweden for a long time. My great-grandfather emigrated to the USA. But I see myself as a Jew since my mother is a Russian-Jewish New Yorker.
11[My parents] were relatively progressive in their spiritual beliefs: my father is Christian and my mother is Jewish. On my 13th birthday, they thought it was important for me to experience a rite of passage, an entrance into manhood, and the consensus was that we would do something for the good of the community, some charitable work - a barmitzvah-like act, without the typical trappings. So we went to a homeless shelter and we did some work there and then I had the party - the celebration - there.
12[on training for the police movie, End of Watch (2012)] We were all Tased. The whole cast. We decided that we thought it would be a sort of semi-bonding experience. When we had a choice between between pepper spray and being Tased, we were told by the professionals that Tasing was probably the preference because pepper spray lasts for a long time after. And a Tase is done in moments. Se we decided to go for quick and painful.
13Annie (Anne Hathaway) and I already had sex on film in Brokeback Mountain (2005), so I wasn't too nervous. There's something about the way Annie and I both work which is inherently very musical. It's all about rhythm. There's a rhythm to writing, there's a rhythm to sports and there's a rhythm to sex. (On Love & Other Drugs (2010))
14When you grow up there is some compromising to do. But compromising creative instinct is never good.
15I think my strength is to do a take all the way through. I am definitely not someone who can do a sprint. Maybe I am not that smart, but it takes me a while to find the moment, and I like to be pushed toward it.
16[on why he dislikes films with obvious political messages]: It's very important for me to be in movies that don't have a message. Messages tend to be a little preachy, and I don't think that's what movies are about. It's important for me to be in movies that have a human level, have a heart in them. That's the reason why I did this (Rendition (2007)) and it just so happens to be really topical. This political issue is a very important one right now which, as Americans, we need to look at. So it seems like it's (the film) is very political, it seems like there's a message in it, but ultimately there's a real story about human beings dealing with actual human things.
17We live in a sad time where actors are politicians & politicians are actors.
18"I fooled around with Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams got pregnant." Interview about filming Brokeback Mountain (2005), 2006.
19"You know, it's flattering when there's a rumor that says I'm bisexual. It means I can play more kinds of roles. I'm open to whatever people want to call me. I've never really been attracted to men sexually, but I don't think I would be afraid of it if it happened." (Details, December 2005)
20Some movies you fall a step behind and some you stay in the same place, make the same choices. And then sometimes there are people who know more than you but show you, and that's the maximum you can hope for - doing that with someone who says, "I like you for what you are, and I want you to be in my picture." I didn't have to fake it or put on a mask - all the resources I had inside me were more than adequate. I don't want to pretend to be something ... I'm not pretending any more to fit somebody's mold. That's a long-winded statement but - why not do what you really think, even if it's a mistake?
21First, it's "Who is Jake Gyllenhaal?," then it's "Get me Jake Gyllenhaal," then "Get me someone who looks like Jake Gyllenhaal," and then "Who is Jake Gyllenhaal?"...Right now, I'm between "Who is Jake Gyllenhaal? and "Get me Jake Gyllenhaal."" [Gyllenhaal on the stages of fame in Hollywood]
22Coming from a family where my mom is a writer, I just respond to how people speak.
23The truth is most of the films that make a lot of money no one remembers, and I'm not interested in making films that no one remembers.
24In a perfect world, I would love to do one play for every three movies.
25I admire actors and artists who devote just as much time to their life as they do to their work.
26On the one role that got away: "I'd have to say Ewan McGregor's part in Moulin Rouge! (2001). It was soooo close. I sang and everything. I went through months of auditions. It was between me, Heath Ledger and Ewan. I think it came down to age and where people were in their careers. I was the youngest and the least known. I would hope it didn't have anything to do with talent. Maybe it did".
27"Being a star doesn't last. That's not what life should be about. It's a complete illusion that really has nothing to do with you. For me, finding out about life is the most important thing." (1999, Raygun)


1Member of the 'Official Competition' jury at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in 2012.
2Jake's mentor is Chris Cooper, with whom he has co-starred in three films: October Sky (1999), Jarhead (2005), and Demolition (2015).
3Is a fan of Marion Cotillard and presented her the Best Actress award (for The Immigrant (2013) and Deux jours, une nuit (2014)) at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards on January 5, 2015, calling himself a fan of her work and saying of her career, "I can't think of a better word to use than spectacular".
4Gyllenhaal, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tilda Swinton, Marion Cotillard, Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks and Daniel Brühl are the only actors to receive a Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA and Critics' Choice Award nominations for the same performance and then fail to be Oscar-nominated for it: for their performances in Nightcrawler (2014), The Departed (2006), We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011), Rust and Bone (2012), Saving Mr. Banks (2013), Captain Phillips (2013) and Rush (2013), respectively.
5Introduced his friend Michelle Williams's film My Week with Marilyn (2011) at the 69th Golden Globe Awards [January 15, 2012].
6Auditioned for the role of Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but lost out to Elijah Wood.
7His parents forbade him to be in The Mighty Ducks (1992), as the film would have taken him out of town for two months (it was shot in Minnesota).
8Became good friends with Austin Nichols while filming The Day After Tomorrow (2004).
9Received his first driving lesson from his godfather, Paul Newman.
10Was, along with Matt Damon, the studio's first choice for the role of Jake Sully in Avatar (2009), but director James Cameron chose to cast the (back then) more unknown Sam Worthington in the lead role instead.
11Appeared on the cover of GQ magazine three times: June '04, February '07 and May '10.
12Had a childhood crush on Martha Plimpton. He met her when she appeared in Running on Empty (1988), which was written by Jake's mother Naomi Foner.
13Parents Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner divorced in 2009.
14He and sister Maggie Gyllenhaal are the first siblings to be Oscar-nominated for acting in the 21st century.
15Brother-in-law of Peter Sarsgaard.
16Very good friends with actress Jennifer Aniston.
17Was ranked #8 on Entertainment Weekly's '30 Under 30' the actors list. (2008).
18Was personally approved by Joe Namath to play the football legend in a proposed biopic about the latter's life.
19He appeared on the 1994 Homicide: Life on the Street (1993) episode, Homicide: Life on the Street: Bop Gun (1994), which was directed by his father, Stephen Gyllenhaal.
20Had his Bar Mitzvah party at a homeless shelter, something his parents encouraged to help him recognize how privileged his own childhood had been (a Bar Mitzvah is the coming-of-age service that Jewish boys celebrate at age 13).
21Voted #10 in Elle (France) Magazine's "15 Sexiest Men" poll (June 2007).
22As of 2014, has starred in three movies where he played not only a real person, but the person who wrote the book upon which the film was based: Homer H. Hickam Jr. (October Sky (1999)), Anthony Swofford (Jarhead (2005)) and Robert Graysmith (Zodiac (2007)).
23Campaigned for the Democrats in the 2004 US election.
24Like all Gyllenhaals on the male line, he is a Swedish nobleman by birth right and is listed in the Swedish Almanac of Nobility ("Sveriges ridderskaps- och adelskalender" in Swedish).
25Is good friends with Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey.
26His uncle, Anders Gyllenhaal, is senior vice president and executive editor of The Miami Herald in Miami, Florida.
27Uncle of Ramona Sarsgaard, born October 3, 2006. She is the daughter of his older sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard.
28Along with sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, he attended Camp Walt Whitman, an outdoors summer camp in Western New Hampshire.
29Studied acting with Ivana Chubbuck.
30Invited to join AMPAS in 2006.
31His first four big roles were in movies with alliterated titles: Bubble Boy (2001), Donnie Darko (2001), Moonlight Mile (2002), The Good Girl (2002).
32Ranked #48 on Premiere's 2006 "Power 50" list. It is his first appearance on the list.
33He gave Kirsten Dunst a gray and white kitten for her birthday. She named the cat Sophie.
34Was among the guests at Jessica Simpson's 25th birthday party.
35Godfather of Matilda Ledger, born October 28, 2005 (daughter of actor Heath Ledger and actress Michelle Williams.
36Spent two years at Columbia University, where one of his professors was Robert Thurman, Uma Thurman's father.
37When asked who his idols are he said Anthony Quinn, Paul Newman, Sean Penn, Bruce Springsteen and Bono.
38Gained five pounds of muscle for his role in Jarhead (2005).
39Although they broke up in July 2004, he and Kirsten Dunst had an on and off relationship up until 2006.
40Before success as an actor, he worked as a lifeguard. He never had any life-saving incidents, but did perform one lesser rescue. A swimmer had been stung on the leg by a jellyfish, and Gyllenhaal helped relieve the pain of the stings by urinating on the swimmer's leg.
41Auditioned for and was one of the top contenders for the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins (2005).
42His favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, and he has two dogs, Atticus and Boo named after characters in the novel.
43On Phantom Planet's album "The Guest", lead singer Alex Greenwald lists him in his thank yous. Alex appeared with Jake in Donnie Darko (2001).
44Went to elementary school with band members of Maroon 5.
45Is close friends with Natalie Portman and Bryce Dallas Howard.
46Was named one of People Magazine's 50 Hottest Bachelors [2004].
47Attended high school with Freaks and Geeks (1999) star Jason Segel and Ayda Field.
48Was set to play Spider-Man in Spider-Man 2 (2004) due to Tobey Maguire having injured his back while filming Seabiscuit. While Gyllenhaal was preparing for the role, Tobey recovered to reprise his role as Spider-Man.
49He was awarded the 2002 London Evening Standard Theate Award for Outstanding Newcomer for his performance in This is Our Youth at the Garrick Theatre in London, England.
50His fans refer to themselves as "Gyllenhaalics".
51Jake's father has English, Swedish, Swiss-German, German, and distant Welsh and French, ancestry. Jake's mother's family is Jewish (from Poland and Latvia).
52Graduated from Harvard-Westlake School in June 1998.
53Son of director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner. Younger brother of Maggie Gyllenhaal. His godmother is Jamie Lee Curtis and godfather is cinematographer, Robert Elswit.




Bubble Boy2001Jimmy Livingston
Donnie Darko2001Donnie Darko
October Sky1999Homer Hickam
Homegrown1998Jake / Blue Kahan
Homicide: Life on the Street1994TV SeriesMatt Ellison
Josh and S.A.M.1993Leon Coleman
A Dangerous Woman1993Edward (as Jacob Gyllenhaal)
City Slickers1991Danny Robbins
The Division2018announced
Life2017post-productionJohn McKay
Stronger2017/Ipost-productionJeff Bauman
Wildlife2017filmingJerry Brinson
The Man Who Made It SnowannouncedMax Mermelstein
Nocturnal Animals2016Tony Hastings Edward Sheffield
Inside Amy Schumer2016TV SeriesJake Gyllenhaal
Everest2015Scott Fischer
Southpaw2015Billy Hope
Accidental Love2015Howard Birdwell
Nightcrawler2014Louis Bloom
Enemy2013Adam + Anthony
Prisoners2013Detective Loki
End of Watch2012Brian Taylor
The Shoes: Time to Dance2012Video short
Source Code2011Colter Stevens
Love & Other Drugs2010Jamie Randall
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time2010Dastan
Brothers2009/ITommy Cahill
Rendition2007Douglas Freeman
Zodiac2007Robert Graysmith
Jarhead2005Anthony Swofford
Proof2005Harold Dobbs - Hal
Brokeback Mountain2005Jack Twist
Between the Towers2005ShortNarrator (voice)
The Day After Tomorrow2004Sam Hall
Moonlight Mile2002Joe Nast
The Good Girl2002Holden Worther
Lovely & Amazing2001Jordan


The Division2018producer announced
Stronger2017/Iproducer post-production
Wildlife2017producer filming
The Man Who Made It Snowproducer announced
End of Watch2012executive producer

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The Making of 'The Day After Tomorrow'2004Video documentary shortHimself
Abby Singer2003Himself
2003 MTV Movie Awards2003TV SpecialHimself
The 2003 IFP Independent Spirit Awards2003TV Movie documentaryHimself
Cartaz Cultural2003TV SeriesHimself (2008)
Rank2002TV Series documentaryHimself
Last Call with Carson Daly2002TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Liquid News2002TV SeriesHimself
Moonlight Mile: A Journey to Screen2002TV Short documentaryHimself / Joe Nast
Anatomy of a Scene2001TV Series documentaryHimself
Spotlight on Location: October Sky1999Video documentary shortHimself / Homer Hickam

Archive Footage

Extra2014-2016TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Nightcrawler
Entertainment Tonight2015-2016TV SeriesHimself
Welcome to the Basement2015TV SeriesLouis Bloom
IMDb Enemy: Behind the Scenes2014ShortHimself
Movie Guide2013TV SeriesDetective Loki
The Graham Norton Show2013TV SeriesHimself
Too Young to Die2012TV Series documentaryJack Twist
Death and Taxes2011ShortDonnie Darko
Richard Roeper & the Movies2010TV SeriesDastan
Live from Studio Five2010TV SeriesHimself
Jake Gyllenhaal Challenges the Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize2010ShortDonnie Darko
Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers2009TV SpecialHimself
American Masters2009TV Series documentary
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Amy Poehler2009TV SpecialFrank O'Connor
Oscar, que empiece el espectáculo2008TV Movie documentaryHimself
Biography2008TV Series documentaryHimself
Schau mir in die Augen, Kleiner2007DocumentaryJack Twist (uncredited)
Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema2006DocumentaryHimself / Jack Twist
Gomorron2006TV SeriesHimself
Corazón de...2005-2006TV SeriesHimself
101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies2005TV MovieHimself - Place #55
Venecia 2005: Crónica de Carlos Boyero2005TV MovieJack Twist
Celebrities Uncensored2004TV SeriesHimself


Won Awards

2015AFI AwardAFI Awards, USAMovie of the YearNightcrawler (2014)
2015COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationActor of the YearEnemy (2013)
2015Cinema Bloggers AwardCinema Bloggers Awards, PortugalBest Actor - International CompetitionNightcrawler (2014)
2015International Star of the Year AwardDubai International Film Festival
2015GFCA AwardGeorgia Film Critics Association (GFCA)Best ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015HFCS AwardHouston Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest First FeatureNightcrawler (2014)
2015Seattle Film Critics AwardSeattle Film Critics AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015Critics AwardSESC Film Festival, BrazilBest Foreign Actor (Melhor Ator Estrangeiro)Nightcrawler (2014)
2015VFCC AwardVancouver Film Critics CircleBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014Austin Film Critics AwardAustin Film Critics AssociationBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014DFCCDublin Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014NFCS AwardNevada Film Critics SocietyBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014NTFCA AwardNorth Texas Film Critics Association, USBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014SDFCS AwardSan Diego Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014SLFCA AwardSt. Louis Film Critics Association, USBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014VVFP AwardVillage Voice Film PollBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2013Hollywood Film AwardHollywood Film AwardsSupporting Actor of the YearPrisoners (2013)
2013NBR AwardNational Board of Review, USABest EnsemblePrisoners (2013)
2006BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Performance by an Actor in a Supporting RoleBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsSupporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006ICS AwardInternational Cinephile Society AwardsBest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest PerformanceBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest KissBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006Desert Palm Achievement AwardPalm Springs International Film Festival
2005ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actor in a Supporting RoleBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005Hollywood Breakthrough AwardHollywood Film AwardsBreakthrough ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005NBR AwardNational Board of Review, USABest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest Performance by an Actor in a Supporting RoleBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005Special AwardSan Diego Film Critics Society AwardsBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005WIN AwardWomen's Image Network AwardsActor in FilmProof (2005)
2003Chlotrudis AwardChlotrudis AwardsBest ActorDonnie Darko (2001)
2002Young Hollywood AwardYoung Hollywood AwardsBreakthrough Performance - Male

Nominated Awards

2016Jupiter AwardJupiter AwardBest International ActorSouthpaw (2015)
2015Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - DramaNightcrawler (2014)
2015BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Leading ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015EDA AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015AACTA International AwardAustralian Film InstituteBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015CinEuphoriaCinEuphoria AwardsBest Actor - International CompetitionEnemy (2013)
2015CCOPCríticos de Cinema Online Portugueses AwardsBest Actor (Melhor Actor)Nightcrawler (2014)
2015Dorian AwardGay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA)Film Performance of the Year - ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsLead ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsMotion PictureNightcrawler (2014)
2015Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest Male LeadNightcrawler (2014)
2015ICS AwardInternational Cinephile Society AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015IFTA AwardIrish Film and Television AwardsBest International ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015IOMAItalian Online Movie Awards (IOMA)Best Actor (Miglior attore protagonista)Nightcrawler (2014)
2015ALFS AwardLondon Critics Circle Film AwardsActor of the YearNightcrawler (2014)
2015OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest PictureNightcrawler (2014)
2015ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading RoleNightcrawler (2014)
2015VFCC AwardVancouver Film Critics CircleBest Actor in a Canadian FilmEnemy (2013)
2014ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Motion PictureNightcrawler (2014)
2014ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actor in a Leading RoleNightcrawler (2014)
2014Canadian Screen AwardCanadian Screen Awards, CAPerformance by an Actor in a Leading RoleEnemy (2013)
2014CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014DFCS AwardDenver Film Critics SocietyBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014DFCS AwardDetroit Film Critic Society, USBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014Audience AwardGotham AwardsNightcrawler (2014)
2014IOMAItalian Online Movie Awards (IOMA)Best Supporting Actor (Miglior attore non protagonista)Prisoners (2013)
2014OFCS AwardOnline Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014PCC AwardPhoenix Critics CircleBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014SFFCC AwardSan Francisco Film Critics CircleBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actor in a Motion PictureNightcrawler (2014)
2014Seattle Film Critics AwardSeattle Film Critics AwardsBest Supporting ActorPrisoners (2013)
2013ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Actor in a Supporting RolePrisoners (2013)
2013Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest Actor in an Action MovieEnd of Watch (2012)
2013People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Dramatic Movie Actor
2013Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actor in a Supporting RolePrisoners (2013)
2011Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or MusicalLove & Other Drugs (2010)
2011People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Action Star
2011Scream AwardScream AwardsBest Science Fiction ActorSource Code (2011)
2010Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsSupporting Actor of the DecadeBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2010Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or MusicalLove & Other Drugs (2010)
2010Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: DramaBrothers (2009)
2010Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: FantasyPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)
2009WFCC AwardWomen Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActorBrothers (2009)
2008Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: DramaRendition (2007)
2007Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: Horror/ThrillerZodiac (2007)
2006OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Performance by an Actor in a Supporting RoleBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsEnsemble CastBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006NRJ Ciné AwardNRJ Ciné AwardsBest Kiss (Meilleur baiser)Brokeback Mountain (2005)
2006OFCS AwardOnline Film Critics Society AwardsBest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting RoleBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion PictureBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsBest Supporting Actor of the YearBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005Gotham Independent Film AwardGotham AwardsBest Ensemble PerformanceBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsOutstanding Actor in a Motion Picture, DramaJarhead (2005)
2005Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsOutstanding Actor in a Supporting Role, DramaBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005SLFCA AwardSt. Louis Film Critics Association, USBest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2004Audience AwardIrish Film and Television AwardsBest International ActorThe Day After Tomorrow (2004)
2003Golden Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actor in a Supporting Role, Comedy or MusicalThe Good Girl (2002)
2003Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie LiplockThe Good Girl (2002)
2003Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Breakout Star - MaleThe Good Girl (2002)
2002Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest Male LeadDonnie Darko (2001)
2001Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst On-Screen HairstyleBubble Boy (2001)
2000Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Performance in a Feature Film - Leading Young ActorOctober Sky (1999)
1999Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsFilm - Breakout PerformanceOctober Sky (1999)
1999YoungStar AwardYoungStar AwardsBest Performance by a Young Actor in a Drama FilmOctober Sky (1999)

2nd Place Awards

2015COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2015Chainsaw AwardFangoria Chainsaw AwardsBest ActorEnemy (2013)
2015TFCA AwardToronto Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014FFCC AwardFlorida Film Critics Circle AwardsBest ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014Golden SchmoesGolden Schmoes AwardsBest Actor of the YearNightcrawler (2014)
2014ICP AwardIndiewire Critics' PollBest Lead ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2006Austin Film Critics AwardAustin Film Critics AssociationBest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2006COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest EnsembleBrokeback Mountain (2005)
2005ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Cast EnsembleBrokeback Mountain (2005)

3rd Place Awards

2015INOCAInternational Online Cinema Awards (INOCA)Best ActorNightcrawler (2014)
2014Halfway AwardInternational Online Cinema Awards (INOCA)Best ActorEnemy (2013)
2005DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActorBrokeback Mountain (2005)

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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