• Natalia Taylor is a model, vlogger, and semi-finalist of “Miss Coed” in 2016
• She attended the University of Cincinnati and is a member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority
• She gained a lot of fame and subscribers on YouTube after launching her channel in 2015
• Her most viewed video is called “How I Faked My Own Death”
• She is openly bisexual and is dating fellow YouTuber Anna Campbell

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Who is Natalia Taylor?

Natalia Taylor was born on the 26th June 1996, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and is a model and a vlogger, who is probably best recognized for her YouTube channel on which she shares stories about her personal life with the audience. In addition, she is known for being a very successful model, who has featured in a great number of significant campaigns and advertisements. She was also a semi-finalist of “Miss Coed” in 2016.

Early Life and Education

Natalia was known to be a very careful, patient and eager student from a very early age. She was raised to be responsible and to pay a lot of attention to education, and so she spent most of her childhood learning and trying to have good grades., which is why she matriculated from both her primary and high schools with straight As. However, there was another thing she was particularly passionate about from the moment she was introduced to it, and that was modeling.

She was considered to be naturally beautiful, and she became aware of it when she was only a child, when her grandmother wanted to help her to start doing what she loved, and enrolled her in her first beauty contest when she was only 12 years old. Thanks to Natalia’s talent and beauty, she was a runner-up which most certainly helped determine her future modeling career.

Natalia Taylor

However, Taylor was didn’t leave her other passion behind – she was still interested in education, so following matriculation from her local high school, she attended the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Nuclear Medicine. She is still a student there, hoping that she’ll be able to work with cancer patients after she graduates. In addition, she is an active member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority.

Raise to Prominence

When she started going to college, her first job was as a bartender at a restaurant in Cincinnati called Jimmy Jones. However, as a successful beauty contestant from primary and secondary school, she wanted to get back into a modeling career, as well. Therefore, she started sending resumes and going to all sorts of advertising auditions, to most of which she was accepted. So she left her job as a bartender, and began to appear in numerous advertisements, and to collaborate with fashion companies.

She then came to the idea of sharing her experiences with people through the most influential vlog platform – YouTube. As Natalia was always excellent in public appearances, this seemed as a perfect choice in taking a new direction in her career. She created her YouTube channel on the 6th December 2015, when she was only 19. She first made an introductory video in which she explained who she is, what she does for a living, and included tips on how to succeed in a modeling career. This video gained great success immediately, as she had already become an established and noted model. It was followed by a Q&A vlog, in which she gave a chance to her audience to ask her about her personal life.


In just a few months from the launch of her channel entitled “Story Time”, she gained almost 750,000 subscribers, and started considering vlogging as her primary source of income. In the following years, her videos became even more popular, as she created several stories which were found to be especially interesting. For instance, one called “How to Become a Model” featured tips and tricks on how you can start your career in the field, as well as Natalia’s experiences while she was trying to pursue a career in it.

Afterwards, on 25th September 2016, she posted a video entitled “How I Faked My Own Death”, which remains one of her most viewed videos. Following this enormous success, she posted a story called “Catfishing My Catfish” which gained more than 1.5 million views in the first few days of its launch. Considering the fact that her channel has more than 750,000 subscribers and almost 10 million views, it is known to be one of the most popular and fastest rising YouTube channels in the US.

Kidnapping Story

One of the most famous and controversial stories on her channel is the one in which she revealed that she was kidnapped by her father when she was only seven years old. Following her parents’ divorce after her father was abusive to her mother, her father went to her aunt’s house where she was staying at a time, grabbed her and took her to his van even though her aunt and uncle were screaming and trying to take her back. Her father, Rod – diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia – told her that he is taking them to meet Jesus.

Her aunt immediately notified the police, and they were located after 17 hours, but Rod wouldn’t stop the car until the police surrounded them. They found guns in the car and arrested Rod on spot. After the release of the video, Natalia was accused of lying, but she then posted another video with evidence to support her story, and answered the audience’s questions about the incident.

Personal Life

Natalia is known to be a bisexual who openly talks about her sexuality, the problems of being bi and all other supposedly taboo topics about her life. She believes that these kinds of stories should be shared, because there are a lot of other people who are suffering due to not being accepted by the community. She dated Anna Campbell, who is her colleague and a fellow YouTuber. Natalia likes travelling, shopping and painting in her free time.

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