• Vanessa Ramirez is a host of the morning weekday news show on 12 Today since 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
• She graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2003 with a BA in Communications and Broadcasting
• She is a model, host, and actress represented by BBA in Los Angeles and Leighton Agency Inc. in Phoenix
• She is single, never married, and has no children
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $100,000

Known for movies

Vanessa Ramirez can be seen every morning from 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. at 12 Today since she is a host of the morning weekday news show. She starts her day at 2:30 a.m. and calls herself “an Energizer bunny” as she has several works and lots of things to be done daily. Let’s find out how Vanessa became such a desired personality, what is her age, salary and relationship status.

Early life, family

Vanessa Ramirez was born on 10 May 1981, in Phoenix, Arizona USA, where she spent her childhood. Her father was Frank Ramirez, who died from non-smokers lung cancer in 2012, leaving his loving daughter with a broken heart. She regularly posts pictures with her father, sharing her pain of the loss. Their family went 18 months of the fight with the cancer, supporting each other. She wrote many times she missed him and talked to him almost every day. Her mother’s name is Belinda Ramirez, but there’s no other information about her nor, if Vanessa has any siblings.


Vanessa attended Maryvale High School from which she matriculated in 2000. Some sources claim that her parents were trying to make her study medicine, but she followed her own way, and against her parents’ will she entered Grand Canyon University and graduated from there in 2003 obtaining BA in Communications and Broadcasting. When a sophomore, Vanessa enjoyed public speaking classes, using the opportunity to train her speaking skills, and once admitting that it helped her to start her career on the airwaves.

Vanessa Ramirez


After her graduation she managed to get internships at ABC15 and KISS FM (104.7), but quit the job to participate in “Vanquish Now,” a film that was shot in Sedona. While still filming, she heard that the Arizona Diamondbacks were searching for a model to advertise their new uniforms, and she rushed back to Phoenix. Her boss Rob Weinheimer, senior director of game operations for DBTV Productions and the Diamondbacks, is still very happy with their choice. ‘She really is a great representative of the Diamondbacks’ brand and what we care about, which is fan-friendly and family-oriented entertainment. We never would have guessed she’d be with us this long’, he said in one of his interviews on GCU Today. One can watch her live at every home game of the Diamondbacks.

As a model, host and actress, Vanessa is represented by BBA in Los Angeles and Leighton Agency Inc. in Phoenix Being a model, she placed fifth among the winners in her first Miss Arizona USA 2006 show. She also participated in the famous TV modelling show America’s Top Next Model, hosted by the legendary Tyra Banks, and reached the third round before being eliminated. As a commercial model, she’s appeared on SmartScrubs, PetSmart and Dillard’s print ads, in multiple commercials and fashion shows.

As a host, she also works as a traffic reporter in “12 Today” on KPNX Channel 12, having earlier retired from the position of a spokesperson at CW6.

Personal life

Little is known about Vanessa’s personal life, but is said to be single. She gets romantic around St. Valentine’s Day, tweeting now and then that she would be grateful to have a boyfriend by her side to help her with groceries. Some kind people come to support her in the comments, saying there is a guy for her out there and that she deserves a good one. Nevertheless, Vanessa has never been married  and doesn’t have any kids; nothing is known about any current or former boyfriends. She’s never been rumored as being lesbian, so probably she just keeps her private life low-key and is still seeking for ‘the’ one.

Hobbies and interests

She likes visiting various events and fairs, such as Arizona State Fair, Scottsdale Tennis Week and Hispanic Heritage Day event. Vanessa also shared good memories of her trip to Munich, Germany, where she attended the celebrations of Oktoberfest, enjoying wearing a special german dress –  adirndl – and even bought one. Speaking about her passion for dressing-up – she is definitely a pro in wearing costumes, and once wore the costume of Princess Leia from the movie “Star Wars” when she hosted one of the games of the  Diamondbacks.

Movies and TV shows

In 2008 Vanessa appeared in the movie “Jake’s Corner”, playing Stacey in the dramatic comedy and fictional story of Johnny Dunn, who was a former football star, whose life was changed by a family tragedy. Vanessa debuted on NBC’s TV show called “Love in the Wild”, a very popular TV reality series for dating and married couples. The winning couple gets a chance to travel around the world together.

Vanessa has her own TV show called “Su Vida”, launched in 2006 and still on air. It  introduces the audience to interesting people, and takes the watchers to various places, exploring Hispanic culture, community, food, etc.


Ever since she lost her father in an unequal fight against cancer, Vanessa promised herself and her family not to give up. Vanessa believes that she can help other people who suffer from non-smokers cancer. She organized the “Frank Ramirez Breathe to Believe” fund (headed by Cancer Support Community in Arizona), and worked hard to find more partners and sponsors for the fund. In February 2019 Vanessa organized and hosted the 8th Annual “Frank Ramirez Breathe to Believe” fundraiser held on 20 January, Frank Ramirez’s birthday which, as she and her planning committee expected, was supposed to raise $20,000. With Vanessa’s active work and dedicated participation of various services such as vendors, entertainment services, food trucks and news channels (12News among them) they managed to rise more than $30,000. Among “Breathe to Believe” partners are such companies as Lump Busters, ICON Mechanical, BallsFest and Anthony’s Plumbing. The fund’s commercials were created with the help of Kid Corona, a TV host, and Jose Martinez, a media producer. It’s organized in a form of a family fun day with bouncing castles, food trucks, local celebrities and music and entertainment bands.

In 2016 Vanessa began her partnership with the American Cancer Society. Its campaign “Rising Star of the Year” was launched to spread the awareness for cancer and to raise money. The Phoenix Chapter named Vanessa “Rising Star Woman of the Year.”

Social media presence

Vanessa is active on her Instagram account, on which she has almost 20,000 followers, and a Twitter account which is read by more than 7,000 people. Vanessa has a fan page on Facebook  with more than 10,00 fanrs. She also has her personal official site which she uses to promote herself as a professional commercial model. One can find a photo and a video gallery of Vanessa there.


Vanessa has long dark-brown hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. Her height, weight and vital statistics are unavailable for the moment, though one can see that she has an hourglass figure. She prefers classy and casual clothing styles, and always wears a white rubber bracelet which means that she advocates non-smokers lung cancer, given to her by the Cancer Support Community back in 2011 when her father found out about his disease. Vanessa claims she wears this bracelet 24/7 and never takes it off.

Net worth

Authoritative sources estimate that Vanessa Zas accumulated a net worth of over $100,000’ we can only guess how much money she earns having a bunch of jobs, being a host, an actress and a model at the same time.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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