• Paige Wyatt is a model, TV personality and firearms enthusiast.
• She became famous through the reality show "American Guns".
• Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million.
• Paige has been in a relationship with Pete Hargis since 2016.
• She left the media spotlight and is no longer active on social media.

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Who is Paige Wyatt?

Before we reveal to you what happened to Paige and where she is now, let’s first introduce her to those fans who aren’t quite familiar with this young beauty. Paige is a model, television personality and firearms enthusiast, who achieved stardom by appearing in the reality TV series “American Guns”, as a part of the big Wyatt family, with its patriarch Rich Wyatt, famed firearms instructor and the owner of Gunsmoke Guns.

What Happened to Paige Wyatt?

The “American Guns” show was canceled in 2012. The owner of Gunsmoke Guns, Rich Wyatt, and Paige’s step-father has recently been sentenced to 78 months in prison on charges dating back a number of years involving contempt of court. Following the end of “American Guns”, Paige has been away from the media spotlight, and became more focused on her personal endeavors, rather than professional. According to reports, Paige has been in a relationship with Pete Hargis since March 2016. Pete proposed to Paige on Valentines Day 2019 and it will be no surprise if they announce their wedding in the near future.

Paige Wyatt Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Paige Grewcock Wyatt on the 30th October 1994, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado USA, she is the daughter of Renee, but there is no information about her biological father. Instead, she was raised by Renee and her husband Kurt, who is Paige’s step-father, in a big family, with her older brother Kurt and two younger half-sisters Ginger and Brooke. Paige hasn’t been very open when it comes to sharing details from her early life, and as a result, her educational background remains unknown for now. Hopefully, Paige becomes more open and begins sharing such information and another with her fans.

Paige Wyatt

Career and Rise to Stardom

Rich Wyatt, firearms enthusiast, owned and operated Gunsmoke Guns, and has made it a family business, which steadily improved over the years. Young Paige took an interest in guns herself, and started learning all she could about the fire weapons as she grew-up, and she joined the store as a sales associate. Gradually her role in the family business expanded, and when the store was picked up by the Discovery Channel and the daily operations at the store were made into the show “American Guns” Paige became a part of it.

The show premiered on the 10th October 2011 to an audience of a million per episode. Paige was slowly turning into a star alongside the rest of the family involved. The second season was even more popular, but unfortunately the show was canceled after it was discovered that Rich had lost his license to sell firearms, and registered the store under someone else. This wasn’t the end of family’s problems, as Rich was sentenced to 78 months in jail and the store closed. Since then, Paige has retreated from the media and has pursued other endeavors.

Other Interests

In addition to her career on television, Paige has also pursued modeling career; she had a deal with Hughwear, through which she launched her own clothing line and had her own website, through which she sold her creations. This has also contributed to her wealth.

Paige Wyatt Net Worth

Since launching her career, Paige became quite popular on television and launched a modeling and business career, all of which have contributed her wealth. However, she has been away from the media spotlight for quite a while, which affected her wealth in a negative way. So, let’s see just how rich Paige Wyatt is, as of mid- 2019. Well, According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Paige’s net worth is as high as $1 million, which is quite decent, don’t you agree? Her wealth might increase in the upcoming years, should she revive her career.

Paige Wyatt Internet Fame

During her time on television, Paige had built a decent fan base on the internet, especially on Instagram on which she had over 15,000 followers, but has since left the social media platforms and has enjoyed life far away from the prying eyes of the media.

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