• Paola Skye is a popular Spanish fitness model and Instagram star
• She launched her Instagram account in July 2018 and her modelling career shortly after
• She has a YouTube channel with nearly 500 subscribers and has recently become a certified fitness trainer
• She follows a strict workout routine and diet and enjoys outdoor activities, shopping and partying
• Her social media accounts are currently suspended and she has a net worth of ~$200,000


Paola Skye Wiki Bio

Paola Skye was born in Spain on 30 November 1998, so under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and holding Spanish nationality – she is popular for her Instagram account, as well as for her modeling career.

What happened to Paola Skye?

People are wondering about whether or not something has happened to Paola, as most of her social media accounts are suspended and cannot be accessed. However, she is still occasionally uploading videos onto her YouTube channel, uploading the latest in June 2019 – it means that the popular fitness model is doing well, however, nothing else seems to be known about what’s currently going on in her life.

Childhood and education

She was very sociable and was spending her time with other popular girls at school – she had the attention of many boys there too, but it’s not known whether or not she was dating anyone during her high school years.

She hasn’t shared any details regarding parents or siblings either; it’s considered she’s only child.

Paola matriculated from a high school in Spain.

Career of a model

Paola’s online career was launched recently in July 2018, when she uploaded the first pictures onto her Instagram account. She started going to the gym long before that, so she was ready to share the pictures of her curvaceous body once she finally launched her Instagram account. She’s already spent so much time in the gym that she recently decided to become a fitness trainer – she finished her tests, and received the certification, enabling her to train people privately.

Her modelling career was launched thanks to her Instagram account, which amassed more than one million followers in less than a year – this led to Paola being noticed by modelling scouts who invited her for her first photoshoots. After only a couple of these shoots, Paola’s modelling career was officially launched, and she is now one of the sought-after fitness models.

Paola Skye

Paola has also tried to become a YouTuber, as she launched her channel on 11 October 2013 with a caption reading ‘Subscribe to my channel! 1000 subscribers for new videos’ – there are currently nearly 500 people subscribed to her channel which also counts more than 50,000 views of all her 16 videos combined. The last video uploaded onto her channel entitled ‘WORKOUT DE GLUTEOS Y PIERNAS CON PAOLA SKYE FITNESS’ has been seen nearly 250 times in these two weeks since its upload.

Paola’s workout routine and diet

Paola has much experience when it comes to working out, and has shared her workout routine with the public – she is mostly focused on keeping her exercises short and intense, and primarily works on her glutes. Her training looks like this:

  • She does bodyweight squats just to warm up, 1×20, and 2×30;
  • Barbell squats, 3×11;
  • Smith machine hip thrusts, 3×11;
  • Leg press machine 3×11;
  • Standing abductor machine 3×11;
  • Lunges 3×10;
  • Cable glute kickbacks, 3×18;
  • And frog jumps, 4×18.


Besides her glutes workout, she also often does cardio exercises, usually choosing to ride a stationary bike for 15 minutes or go for a walk – if she really feels like doing cardio, she will choose to do high intensity interval training – better known as HIIT – which includes sprints, kettlebell swings as well as uphill running.

When it comes to her diet she is very strict, and follows the ‘rules’ of eating when a person is exercising and wants to have a healthy lifestyle. She does not eat sugar, which is the main enemy of a healthy body, and doesn’t eat fast food, junk food, and avoids alcohol. Her intake of lean proteins and healthy fats is very high, while she also eats complex carbs – she always uses her one cheat day per week during which she can eat whatever she wants (in limits).

Personal life and relationships

She doesn’t have a problem going full nude for her fans on Snapchat, she doesn’t enjoy talking about her personal matters.

She’s currently dating a man who she met in the gym after he took the first step – rumors say that he was first helping her with advice and tips about exercising, and then asked her out They have allegedly been dating for two months, now but this hasn’t been confirmed by Paola.

Hobbies and other interests

There are many other things Paola enjoys doing rather than just being a model and exercising. She spends her free time outdoors, and is not a big fan of staying inside the house – she loves going for a picnic or a bike ride through the city. She is a fan of beaches and could spend an entire day lying there under the sun – she is also said to be a lover of animals, but it isn’t known if she has a pet. Paola is also in love with shopping, although she doesn’t enjoy wearing that many clothes – she would prefer to go around nude if it wasn’t illegal. She is also a party girl, but doesn’t attend parties that often because she is careful about not drinking too much.

Appearance and net worth

Paola is currently 20 years old. She has long blonde hair and blue, while her height and weight are not known.

Net worth is ~$200,000.

Rumors and controversies

Paola very often goes nude on her Snapchat account, and the internet is filled with her leaked pictures and videos – people who are following her on Snapchat have screenshotted her pictures and recorded her videos, which can now be found in numerous places on the internet including Pornhub.

Social media presence

Paola was very active on the popular social media platforms, but it appears that something has happened to most of her accounts. Her Facebook account is still there, counting more than 10,000 followers, however, her main Instagram account which counts nearly two million people seems to be suspended for unknown reasons, while it is rumored to be because of the sexy and inappropriate content she uploads onto it. She was also using Twitter, but her account seems to be suspended as well, probably for the same reasons as her Instagram account – she currently only seems to be using Snapchat.

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