• Robby Ayala is a 27 year old American Viner and YouTuber from West Palm Beach, Florida
• His estimated net worth is $1 million
• He is Caucasian with dark hair and blue eyes
• He is married to fellow Viner and YouTuber Sara Ayala
• Together, they have a collaborative YouTube channel with 13 videos

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What happened to Robby Ayala? Wiki Bio and Age

Robby Ayala was born on 20 May 1991, in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA which means that his zodiac sign is Taurus, he is 27 years old, and nationality is American. Robby is best known as a Viner and YouTuber, and in that field he has produced videos such as “BECOMING A ROYAL FAMILY | DATE DAY 2” and “Accidental Prank War”.

Net Worth

$1 million.

Ethnicity and Background

Robby is Caucasian and has dark hair and blue eyes.

Robby Ayala

Social Media

His Twitter account is locked and only people who follow him, still 170,000 of them, are able to see his posts.


Robby is followed by over 300,000 people on Instagram, and uses the mentioned network to let his fans take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scene. He has recently posted a photo of him and his wife Sara with the caption reading “Someone sent us an actual crate of pineapples. We also have around 6 pineapple cookie jars and 7-10 sets of pineapple salt and pepper shakers. Let me know if anyone wants some pineapple stuff, Sara is going out of town tomorrow”. Besides that, he posted a photo of his dog, which his fans seem to have loved, and added “This is what accomplishing a life goal looks like ! Finally got Lilly to sleep on me”. His followers went on to send numerous sweet messages and comments, calling the photo adorable.

Relationship Status

Sara and Robby have reportedly known each other since their early days on Vine. Even though he prefers keeping some information regarding his private life behind closed doors, Robby spoke about his wedding. As a matter of fact, he and his wife uploaded their wedding video to their collaborative YouTube channel. The couple has recently announced that Sara is pregnant.

Wife Sara Ayala

Robby’s wife is best known as an ex-Viner, turned YouTuber. Sara Hopkins Ayala was born on 16 March 1991 in Columbus, Georgia, USA which means that her zodiac sign is Pisces, is 28 years old and her nationality is American. She is best known as a YouTuber and ex-Viner, and in that field she has worked on videos such as “Finding My Perfect Match”, “Get ready with me * Makeup in REAL TIME” and “Dear Sayhop | Should I give back my promise ring?”. When it comes to her ethnicity, Sara is Caucasian, with blue eyes and brown hair, which she sometimes dyes lighter, and that also suits her complexion perfectly. She attended Auburn University where she studied Radio, Television, and Film, and graduated with a BA degree.


Instagram account is followed by 240,000 people and she has recently shared a photo of her husband and her dogs with the caption reading “When you realize this is your last Easter as a family of 4”. Her followers went on to congratulate her on her pregnancy, adding that they can’t wait for baby Ayala.


Sara and Robby uploaded their first video “Bedroom Chats” in 2018 and followed by making “Husband Guesses What My Makeup Does”, “REACTING TO OUR OLD VINES!”, “*ULTIMATE YouTube Challenge CHALLENGE” and “REACTING TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL PICS! *CRINGE*”. As of their most recent videos, these include “OUR WEDDING VIDEO | Sara and Robby” and “What dog are we? Are we having kids?”. Overall, the couple have made 13 videos, which helped them rise to fame and gain more fans among the audience.



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