Known as Simply Liv, Olivia Richardson used to be an Internet personality until the fame made a bad joke of her. After a hot scandal, Olivia made the decision to delete all her profiles on social media and to clean all the news feeds of her accounts. Let’s find out more about what happened with Olivia in 2016, how she lives now and try to make it clear whether she is going to come back to her YouTube or Instagram account or not.

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Early life, family

Olivia Jane “Simply Liv” Richardson was born on 26 April 2004, in Ohio USA. Her father’s name is Tim Richardson, and her mother is Jen Richardson. Olivia has two siblings, both of them brothers whose names are Brody and Wyatt, and who appeared several times in her YouTube videos. Olivia started her gymnastics classes when she was only two years old -her mother shared in one of Olivia’s videos that her daughter became very passionate about sports very young, and after a couple of lessons didn’t want to leave the gym, asking her mother to give her more time to train. When Olivia was six years old, she started participating in various gymnastics contests for young sportsmen and women.


As per her age, Olivia is now studying the program of a middle school, though it is known that she is taught at home by her parents and several teachers who reach her via online lessons. Olivia’s current sports schedule doesn’t give her a chance to study in an normal school situation, since Olivia takes her budding gymnastics career very seriously.


Olivia joined the Coral Girls, a home-schooled competitive gymnastics group located in Annapolis, Maryland, and coached by Mary Thompson. Several months later Olivia opened accounts on multiple social media platforms, and started posting. She became famous for her gymnastics tutorials she uploaded onto her YouTube channel. She also announced and participated in various challenges, at the same time being busy vlogging, filming talking videos, and more. Olivia also created an account on the application (currently called TikTok), attracting more and more viewers and followers on her YouTube and Instagram accounts too, being also associated with the famous Bratayley family. Along with that, Olivia was quite successful in her gymnastics competitions. In 2016 Disney Maker Studios signed a contract with Olivia, though no details were ever revealed about the subject of that contract.

After leaving the Coral Girls, Olivia proceeded with her gymnastics career at Hills Gymnastics.


Olivia would still be active on all those social media platforms on which she created her channels and profiles, but her childish attitude to some serious things played a bad joke with her. In one of her videos she shared her emotions, feelings and thoughts about the death of Caleb LeBlanc, who was the brother of Annie LeBlanc, Olivia’s team mate in the Coral Girls. The guy died when he was only 13 years old in 2015 – when the family found out that Caleb was ill, went to sleep and didn’t wake up later, they called for emergency. Even though Caleb was taken to the hospital as soon as it was possible, the doctors couldn’t help him, and it was announced he died from natural causes.

As a family friend, Olivia was invited to the funeral, and after the ceremony she uploaded a video in which she confessed Annie made her look into the open coffin, and when she did she became very scared and ran away. She mentioned that she normally doesn’t cry at funerals because she’s cried beforehand. The Bratayley family reaction to her words was furious, Annie’s father, Billy LeBlanc, wrote that he would be grateful if Olivia’s parents took full responsibility and control on everything she did and said online. Olivia started getting messages full of hatred and threats, so she had to close her accounts and profiles on all social media platforms in July 2016.

Olivia posted several photos on her new Instagram account in 2017 and 2018, but hasn’t been very consistent with uploading new content, with huge time gaps between posts. Lots of people keep commenting negative opinions on her former sins, but Olivia never answers any of those notes.

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Personal life

Nothing is known about Olivia current relationship status, since she’s never announced any updates on a boyfriend, nor posted any photos with a guy. Probably she is more focused on her sports career at the moment, leaving her personal life in the background of her priorities.

Hobbies and interests

Olivia is well-known for her sincere love for all kinds of animals, but her special feelings go to elephants, horses, kittens and dogs. Olivia likes dancing and spends her spare time attending dancing classes. Olivia’s favorite color is purple. As most of kids of her age, Olivia is a big fan of cartoons – it is known that her favorite is “Lilo and Stitch”, and her favorite character is Stitch. As for her eating habits, Olivia sticks to a strict diet, though she sometimes treats herself with her favorite chocolate Twizzlers – she once mentioned that she hated all kinds of jelly beans. Olivia’s favorite hobby is hitch-hiking, and she often goes to wood camps when she has an opportunity.

Social media presence

Ever since Olivia deleted all her social media accounts, she didn’t make a comeback, though many of her fans ask her to start posting again. However, she has a new Instagram account with more than 77,000 followers and a VSCO profile with some fresh photos of Olivia herself and her friends and teammates. She used to have a Twitter account which is now deleted. She also had a YouTube channel with a lot of videos and more than 280,000 subscribers, while her old Instagram account was followed by almost 500,000 people. Nevertheless, Olivia was merciless to all her efforts and dedicated activity on social media platforms, and at the critical moment of her social media career she didn’t hesitate to delete everything she had ever uploaded to save herself from numerous attacks of her haters.


Olivia has long naturally very curly dark-brown hair and brown eyes. She is 4ft 7ins (1.39m) tall and weighs around 103lbs (47kgs). Her vital statistics are unavailable at the moment. As for her clothing style, Olivia prefers casual teenagers style.

Net worth

According to some authoritative sources, Olivia’s net worth is still very impressive since she managed to accumulate a big amount of money and still didn’t waste it, earning more and more from her wins on commercial gymnastics contest. Olivia is said to have more than $1 million, and her net worth is going to only grow since she is very young and have all the opportunities of the world to earn both from her sports career and from her social media activity if she ever decides to come back to posting.

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