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The content creator and online personality Funny Marco – real name Marco Summers – was born on 19th June 1993, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, although some biographies erroneously state his birthplace as New York State.

The funnyman rose to fame thanks to his YouTube prank videos, which he began uploading in 2018; stand-out examples include “MAIL Man Pulls A Weapon Out !!!” and “Moaning In People’s Ear Prank”. Nobody was off-limits to Marco, as even his friends and family fell victim to his practical jokes, which helped him gain a large following.

Marco toned his content down somewhat after becoming an industry figure, but he’s still prone to making tongue-in-cheek comments, like the time he asked musician Da Baby why he raps the same over every beat. These days, the comedian prefers to describe himself as an entertainer, and doesn’t rule out becoming an actor in the future.


Marco moved to Atlanta in 2019, after a friend got in touch with him and offered him a job as a would-be rapper’s manager. Once in Atlanta, the YouTube personality met music executive and recording studio owner Saad, who is affiliated to rappers such as Future, Roddy Ricch, and Meek Mill. Although music obviously isn’t Marco’s thing, his acquaintanceship with Saad helped him get a foot in the world of showbiz.

The video that helped Marco gain traction in urban blogs was one in Walmart, in which he started fighting the air while pretending to be blind. According to the comedian, he uploaded the prank on YouTube, fell asleep, and woke up to see that it had gone viral, being reposted on The Shade Room and other media outlets.

However, Marco didn’t rest on his laurels after going viral for the first time. Instead, he was inspired to push the envelope even further. ‘It’s like a gift and a curse, because I never enjoy the moment,’ he once explained. When asked to describe his style as a comedian, the Missouri native cited Dave Chappelle as one of his influences, adding that ‘if Kanye West were a comedian, he’d be like me’.

Although most of Marco’ content is 100% unscripted, there have been times when he let people in on the joke to see if they could play along and make the prank more entertaining. For his famous “Job Application” series, which saw the comedian go to different Black-owned eateries and apply for jobs, Marco joined forces with the restaurant owners so the video would go viral, which, in turn would garner them publicity.

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As it happens, the “Job Application” series was inspired by Marco’s foray into the world of work. When he was entering the job market, the comedian used his cousin’s CV to apply for positions, and would then have to wing it during the interviewing stages – one time, for example, he was asked during an interview how long he had been in the army.

August 2023 brought with it the “Open Thoughts” podcast, in which Marco interviews guests such as rapper Sexyy Red, singer Queen Naija, and celebrity child King Harris. Unfortunately, his interview with rapper G Herbo and producer Southside didn’t go well, as the entertainers were disrespectful towards the comedian, breaking his $30,000 watch, trashing his studio, and even making fun of his acne scars.

An unedited behind-the-scenes video shows that before they sat down, Marco was giving G Herbo and Southside pointers and more or less telling them how to act during the interview. However, once the cameras were rolling, the situation spiraled out of control, with G Herbo – who has a documented drinking problem and is facing up to five years of prison in November 2023 – throwing a cup at the YouTube prankster’s head and ignoring his questions.

For days, the interview was the talk of town, as netizens took Marco’s side and criticized G Herbo and Southside. Some also believed that G Herbo’s behavior was due to him being jealous of Marco’s friendship with Ari Fletcher, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his firstborn. Meanwhile, others claim that Marco was merely playing the victim, and working the situation to his advantage.

The comedian himself described the interview as ‘uncomfortable’ but didn’t wish to address G Herbo and Southside’s antics any further. However, he’s used the publicity to try and get more high-profile guests on his podcast, such as actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Will Smith’s wife has recently been making headlines due to the imminent release of her memoir, which includes bombshell revelations such as the fact she and Will have been separated since 2016.

Apart from his “Open Thoughts” podcast, Marco has plenty going on in the work department, as in early 2023 he embarked on his “Medium Ugly” comedy tour. With sold-out dates at the Baltimore Comedy Factory and other venues, the tour was a definite success and reflected Marco’s potential in the stand-up community. In September 2023, it was confirmed that the YouTuber had signed a management deal with M88 ahead of his first formal domestic tour, which is set to go live in 2024.

Other accomplishments of Marco’s include his TV appearances (“F Child Support” and “The Crew League”) and his horror comedy short “Don’t Say No”, which he wrote, directed, and starred in. He is currently working on the indie comedy “The Night”, which he also wrote and will be starring in.

Personal Life

In an October 2023 interview with Baller Alert podcast, Marco claimed that he found out the year prior that he was possibly the father of a young boy. However, there’s no other information pertaining the comedian’s alleged child.

However, Marco does have two confirmed daughters named Island and Millian, who feature regularly on his Instagram and YouTube. The social media sensation isn’t afraid to show off his fatherly side, and loves to document the bond he shares with the youngsters. For now, it remains unclear whether Island and Millian share the same mother, as the comedian has always managed to keep his private life a total mystery.

Marco is 5ft 8in (175cm) tall, and his net worth is estimated at close to $2 million, as of late 2023.

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