• Victoria Spader is a qualified designer and set director from Rochester, New York.
• She was married to James Spader for 18 years until 200•
• They have two sons, Sebastian and Elijah, who are both involved in the film industry.
• Victoria is estimated to have a net worth of over $1 million.
• She is currently 60 years old, with dark brown hair and a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm).

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FactHas two sons with James Spader: Sebastian Spader and Elijah Spader.

Victoria Spader today

After almost 20 years of marriage, Victoria Spader and James Spader decided to put an end to their relationship in 2004. Today, she is a single divorced woman, mostly concerned about her career. Besides her association with the actor Spander, she is also known for her own professional achievements, as she is a designer and set decorator.

Who is Victoria Spader?

Just as it usually happens with this type of fame obtained through association with a public person, Victoria’s early years have been kept far from the public eye. However, it is known that she was born as Victoria Elizabeth Kheel in Rochester, New York State USA, on 1 June 1959, and is the daughter of an actress and a sound mixer. Her mother, Lee Kheel, played in “Jersey Guy”, while her father, Julian Kheel, participated in the series “G Word”. Other details about siblings or her early education have not been given to the public.

Victoria herself is a qualified designer and set director, and she’s entered the film industry several times, working on projects including “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” (1989) and “Jack’s Back” (1988).

In the limelight

Victoria and James had a fairly romantic story which lasted more than their 18 years of marriage. They first met where one would never expect to meet a lover – at yoga classes. Among the jobs that he needed to do to make a living were as a bartender, stable boy and yoga instructor. The latter gave him perhaps the greatest support ever, because that was where he met his future wife. Things escalated quickly, as they became best friends and then started dating. Finally, after 11 years, in 1987 Victoria became James’ wife, the wife of a multi Emmy awardee, and a well-known name in the industry; this was the moment when the media turned to their attention on her life.

The Spaders

Because they always appeared as a happy couple and a stable family, when Victoria and James made the announcement of their family getting larger the enthusiasm was high. Their first son, Sebastian, was born in 1989 and is now a fully grown man, with a promising career. He’s followed the model and example of his parents, and entered the film industry as a director and producer. Among his most known projects are “Machete” (2013), “First Kiss”, and “Slice” (2018). The couple’s second son, Elijah, born in 1992 has as well established his own path in this domain of movie-making. He is an actor and writer, and his contribution was highly appreciated in the short movie “Roll for Initiative” (2914), and the television series “Nailed It” (2018).

With a short profile of their father, James Spader, the picture of the family will be completed. He is not just a talented actor who gathered his fame by portraying many characters, what makes him special is that he is mostly appreciated for playing eccentric roles, which, of course, are far from easy. Either we’re talking about his role of attorney in ‘The Practice” or “The Office”, both represent the best-known projects Spader was involved in. Let’s not forget about the “The Blacklist”, the series with a host of admirers in which Spader is currently starring as Raymond “Red” Reddington, which has brought him two Golden Globe Award nominations.

The end of the fairytale

When things appeared to get better and better, an unexpected divorce in 2004 put an end to the marriage and the relationship between Victoria and James. The reason behind this decision is still unknown, as neither and nobody else has given any details about it to the media. However, it is known that James had an affair in 2004 with the actress Leslie Stefanson; they even have a son named Nathanael, which could be enough to link Victoria’s divorce to a presumed infidelity.

Victoria’s net worth, body measurements and social media

Victoria is not very keen on posting photos on social media accounts, least of all details about her net-worth or personal life. It is not known the amount she received after the divorce, however, authoritative sources estimate her net worth to be over $1 million, while sources also estimate her ex-husband’s net worth at over $10 million.

In other news, Victoria remains an attractive woman at 60 years old. Her hair is dark-brown and her body is well-proportioned at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm).


1Dated James Spader for 11 years before they married.
2Her Mother is Lee Kheel.
3Has two sons with James Spader: Sebastian Spader and Elijah Spader.


Art Department

Jack's Back1988art department coordinator - as Vickey Kheel

Set Decorator

Sex, Lies, and Videotape1989

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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