• Kye Kelly is a racer and reality television personality, best known for being a part of the Discovery Channel series “Street Outlaws: New Orleans”
• Has a net worth of over $200,000
• Grew up in Mississippi and attended South Pike Senior High School
• Gained international fame after being featured on the show “Street Outlaws”
• Actively posts on social media to promote his racing endeavors and upcoming episodes of “Street Outlaws: New Orleans”


Who is actor Kye Kelly from “Street Outlaws”?

Kye Kelly was born on 19 May 1987, in Magnolia, Mississippi USA, and is a racer and reality television personality, best known for being a part of the Discovery Channel series “Street Outlaws: New Orleans”.

The Wealth of Kye Kelly

How rich is Kye Kelly? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $200,000, earned through success in his numerous endeavors. He’s established himself both in racing and on television, and as he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

Kye grew up with his sister in Magnolia, and has always been very close to his mother. While, he doesn’t share many details about his parents, his mother has always given him support for whatever he’s done. He attended South Pike Senior High School and would matriculate with a partial scholarship to junior college. However, the family was going through financial problems at the time, and lack of money prevented him furthering his education.

He started working after high school as a superintendent in an oil refinery, however, he was already into racing, having learned how to drive and race at the age of 14. After he got his driver’s license, tried his hand at dirt bikes, but wasn’t satisfied, and and leaned towards faster cars. His name had become popular in several locations, and he eventually expanded his racing skills to New Orleans. He was eventually called by “Street Outlaws” star and Oklahoma City driver Justin “Big Chief” Shearer.

Street Outlaws: New Orleans

Big Chief was looking for the best racer in New Orleans when Kelley was recommended by numerous racers in the area. His popularity skyrocketed after being featured in “Street Outlaws”, and he would gain international fame, or notoriety. The show “Street Outlaws” is based on the underground street racing leagues and the teams that make-up these leagues. The main show which was based in Oklahoma City began in 2013, and soon gained so much popularity that it would go on to run for 10 seasons as of 2018.

The popularity of the show led it to branch out to other areas, and Kelley became one of the first racers to become a part of the “Street Outlaws: New Orleans” team. He initially raced against “Street Outlaws” Daddy Dave, and while he lost the race, he was offered further races by numerous manufacturers and car companies. He would eventually get a victory over numerous high-profile racers in the 16-car Cash Days race in 2015, in which he beat the “Street Outlaws” racers. He became the nemesis of Big Chief, and his wins would earn him a lot of money – he is now the leader of the New Orleans racers, and his signature car is a Camaro called “The Shocker”. He is also now the owner of the performance shop called Down Town Performance, which has helped build his wealth.

Relationships and Personal Life

It is known that Kelley has been in a long-term relationship with Alisa Mote – after dating for several years, the two became engaged in 2014, and married the following year; they now have a child together. Kelley also has a child from a previous relationship. However, things turned for the worse, and the duo divorced in early 2017.

He has since linked with Lizzy Musi, the daughter of Pat Musi who is the owner of Musi Racing Engines. She shares the same passion as Kelley as she is also a drag racer. The two confirmed their relationship sometime in 2017. In early 2018, there were reports that Lizzy lost control during a test drive of her boyfriend’s car The Shocker, which was heavily damaged but Lizzy was safe. The damage to the car means that Kelley is opting to use one of his newer cars called the “Aftershock”, which is a fifth generation Camaro.


Is Kye Kelley on Social Media?

Similar to numerous reality television personalities, Kye is very active on social media, particularly on Instagram and Facebook. He promotes his racing endeavors and team on Facebook by posting upcoming events. He can also be seen showcasing some of his latest updates to his car, as well as a few videos of himself in the field. His Instagram account is mainly the same, filled with a lot of pictures of The Shocker. He also uses his social media pages to promote upcoming episodes of “Street Outlaws: New Orleans”.

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