Who is BCC Trolling?

BCC is trolling everyone… BCC Trolling, whose real name is Charlie Ley, was born in Essex, England on 1 April (April Fools Day) 1995, so under the zodiac sign of Aries and holding British nationality – he is popular for his YouTube channel on which he uploads gaming videos, mostly because of his comedic commentaries.

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Early life and education

He is said to have started playing videos games while attending first year of high school, and it was love at first try for him – he played virtually every day, and didn’t really spend any time with his peers. He didn’t seem to mind that, and his peers were not interested in begging him to play sports with them – one of the reasons why BCC is so good at video games today is that he has a lot of experience.

Career of a YouTuber

BCC’s career started the moment he launched his “BCC Trolling” YouTube channel on 12 May 2011, when he was only 16 years old – ‘BCC’ stands for ‘BestCodComedy’, and part of the long description of his channel reads ‘BCC is a great channel where you will find the most creative and visually attractive content. We are a community channel committed to only uploading the funniest of videos, each personally picked out by our great team to make sure we upload the funniest videos possible. Come join the fun by making sure you subscribe before clicking off our page.’ There are currently more than 10.3 million people subscribed to his channel, which counts over 2.7 billion views of all his videos combined.

The first video uploaded on his channel was “Don’t Knife My Sentry Gun”, and most of the videos at the beginning of his career were related to the “Call of Duty” first person shooter video game. Today, BCC is focused on uploading only “Fortnite Battle Royale” online game videos, which is currently one of the most popular games in the world. He addresses his YouTube channel as the ‘best Fortnite content on YouTube’.

Besides “Call of Duty” and “Fortnite Battle Royale”, BCC was also uploading “FIFA”, “GTA V”, “Black Ops 2”, “Black Ops 3”, and “Minecraft” videos, as he enjoys playing these games too.


Love life and relationships

BCC is secretive about his love life as much as he is about his early years of life and his family – he doesn’t usually talk about his ex-girlfriends nor if he is currently seeing anyone. He isn’t rumored to be currently going out with anyone, but was rumored to have dated a female Twitch star in 2017 – the two were allegedly together for nearly a year before they split, because they felt their relationship became somewhat cold. Although his fans are still talking about this, the popular YouTuber hasn’t addressed the matter.

Likes and other interests

BCC Trolling spends most of his time playing video games and making videos, however, he also has other interests. He loves eating and can often be seen eating during his videos. He now enjoys spending time outdoors as he doesn’t usually feel well after spending hours in front of his PC, however, he still doesn’t do any sports, but rather only goes for walks and drinks. He is said to not be a big animal lover and therefore doesn’t have any pet dogs nor cats.

Appearance and net worth

BCC Trolling is 24 years old

Short brown hair

Brown eyes

He doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings as he is not a big fan of these

Net worth is ~$1 million; by the socialblade.com, BCC makes a minimum of $26,000 every month thanks solely to his YouTube channel – however, this is before YouTube and its partners take 50 percent for themselves.

Social media presence

  • Twitter created in November 2013; has ~50,000 followers; tweeted ~13,300 times
  • Instagram is followed by ~1.9 million; uploaded ~400 pictures
  • Facebook is only followed by ~1,000

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