• Spencer O'Reilly is the son of journalist and former television host Bill O'Reilly
• Spencer's net worth is estimated to be under $100,000, due to the success of his father who has a net worth of $85 million
• Spencer is one of three children from his father's marriage to Maureen McPhilmy
• Bill O'Reilly was a popular news anchor, host, and author, and was formerly a registered Republican
• After numerous sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits, Bill was fired from Fox News and his children now live with their mother and her husband Jeffrey Gross


Who is Spencer O’Reilly?

Spencer O’Reilly was born in 2003 in the United States of America, and he is best known as the son of journalist and former television host Bill O’Reilly. His father was famous for his work on Fox News Channel, until his career received a major blow due to numerous sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits.

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The Net Worth of Spencer O’Reilly

How rich is Spencer O’Reilly? As of mid-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is at less than $100,000. His wealth has been elevated thanks to the success of his father, who has a net worth estimated at $85 million. However, as he starts his career, it is expected that his wealth will increase somewhat.

Early Life and Parents

Spencer is one of the three children from his father’s marriage to Maureen McPhilmy – they married in 1996, but divorced in 2011. Nothing much is known about Spencer’s childhood or his life as he grew up – he is still in his mid-teens – but it is known that his parent’s separation was surrounded with numerous issues.

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After the divorce, the former couple would undergo a very lengthy custody battle over their children. The custody for the children was not settled for years; Maureen’s case was that Bill was physically and emotionally abusive to her, and would likely adopt the same attitude with their children. Spencer’s sister testified that she saw their father choking their mother, and dragging her down the stairs by the neck; Bill was unaware that she was watching during this time. After the statement was released publicly, Bill denied any truth to the allegation, but the following year lost the custody of his children.

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Bill O’Reilly

Spencer’s father initially found popularity during the late 1970s and through the 1980s when he started working for major news television networks such as CBS News and ABC News. He was the anchor for the show “Inside Edition” during the early to mid-1990s, and later joined Fox News Channel to become the host of the show “The O’Reilly Factor”, which he would continue to run until its cancellation in 2017. His show was considered as one of the highest rated cable news shows, and he was one of the biggest stars at Fox News. He also authored several books.

Aside from his television work, he can also be heard as the host of “The Radio Factor”, and worked on several podcasts too. He is considered to be a conservative commentator and was formerly registered as a Republican, but is now registered as a member of the Independence Party of New York. He has made numerous claims which have been contested or debunked – he claimed that he had heard the shotgun blast during George de Mohrenschildt’s suicide, though it was later revealed by editor Jefferson Morley that the audio recordings confirmed O’Reilly wasn’t anywhere near Florida when the suicide happened.

Sexual Harassment Cases

Prior to Spencer’s parents divorcing, lawsuits alleging sexual harassment against his father began in 2004, when a former producer of “The O’Reilly Factor” was sued by Bill due to extortion. On the same day, former producer Andrea Mackris sued for sexual harassment seeking $60 million in damages. He told the court that Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes worked together to orchestrate sexual advances, but the cases were later settled out-of-court through a $9 million payment, and that the two would never speak of the issue again. In 2016, Roger Ailes was sued for sexual harassment by former coworker Gretchen Carlson; Ailes was fired and the lawsuit was settled by the network.

After the firing, O’Reilly had another sexual harassment claim that came out from former Fox host Juliet Huddy, and the settlement would reach $1.6 million paid by Fox News. Former Fox host Andrea Tantaros also came forward and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News due to O’Reilly’s alleged actions. It was revealed that five cases were settled by Fox News regarding Bill, and after the news broke out, 21st Century Fox hired a law firm to investigate the allegations. Numerous advertisers of Bill’s show withdrew, and a big backlash led to him going on a sabbatical before eventually being removed from the network.

Aftermath and Personal Life

After his parents’ separation and the custody case being won by Spencer’s mother, he and his sister now live with her and stepfather Jeffrey Gross. Spencer remains a very private person which is why little information is known about him. He doesn’t have any accounts associated with the major social media websites. There isn’t any information in terms of any romantic relationships, but at his age he has plenty of time left for such pursuits!

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