Caroline Catz was born on 19 October 1970, in Manchester, England, which means that she’s 48 years old and her zodiac sign is Libra. Caroline, whose nationality is British, is best known as an actress, and in that field she has worked on projects such as “Doc Martin” and “Murder in Suburbia”. Being successful in the acting world, Catz gained recognition among the audience, but some questions about her private life, relationship status and income have been posed, and we’ll talk about those subjects in the article.

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Net Worth

So just how rich is Caroline Catz as of mid-2019? According to authoritative sources, this actress has a net worth of over $1.2 million, with her wealth being accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned field. However, Catz hasn’t spoken about her assets, such as vehicles and houses, but she is seemingly able to take care of herself financially. It’s important to state that she’s been an actress for more than two decades, and her prominent cinematic and television projects have played an important role in her wealth.

Ethnicity and Background

Speaking about Catz’s ethnicity, she is Caucasian and has luscious black hair and brown eyes, which suits her complexion. Judging from the photos available on the internet, she has a fit figure and takes good care of her appearance, indicating that she puts time and effort into her looks. As of her education, Caroline was a student of the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.

Caroline Catz

Social Media

Caroline is in the entertainment field, which naturally means that she is active on social media, which she uses to promote her work as well as to communicate with her followers. She a has Twitter account on which she’s followed by 3,500 people. Some of her latest posts includes a tweet with the caption reading “This is I really can’t wait to see …! These folks @anti_worlds doing extraordinary things out !”, in which she spoke about some of her favorite artists. Besides that, she sometimes shares information from her private life, allowing her fans to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes.


Catz isn’t active on Instagram, but has a lot of fans on that network as well, with several pages dedicated to her, such as an account that goes by the name carolinecatzfans, which is followed by 800 people, and often posts photos of the actress. They have recently posted a stunning photo of Catz, with the caption reading “Caroline and her perfect smile”. The followers seem to have loved it as they went on to leave numerous sweet comments complimenting the actress on her looks. In May 2019, they shared a photo of Caroline and the co-star of “Doc Martin”, adding “Caroline and Martin Clunes filming series 9 of Doc Martin”. People who follow the mentioned account seemed very thrilled, with one person writing that they can’t wait until they watch it.

Relationship Status

Despite being a public figure, Catz prefers keeping some things behind closed doors and isn’t too keen on sharing too much with the media, which is understandable as everyone should be able to have their own privacy. However, we do know that she’s married to Michael Higgis, a fellow actor whom she met when they worked on the popular TV series “The Bill”. They haven’t shared much detail about their relationship, but they let the media know when they had their first child, a son born in 2001, and a daughter born in 2006. The couple is seemingly very happy, and are living a prosperous and harmonious life together.


Caroline made her acting debut in 1991, when she landed a small role in “The Upper Hand”, and followed by appearing in “The Guilty” and “Under the Sun” in the following year, portraying Linda in the latter. As of 1994, the actress could be seen in four projects – “Peak Practice”, “Screen Two” and “The Curious” and most importantly in “All Quiet on the Preston Front” – the latter follows the lives of a group of friends, and she played the main character, Linda, working with actors such as Kate Gartside, Alistair McGowan and Susan Wooldridge.

As of 1998, she began working on “The Bill”, and in the next year, joined the cast of “The Vice”, remaining in the show over the course of four years. Having finished with that, Catz landed the roles of Louisa Glasson / Louisa Ellingham in “Doc Martin” and DI Kate Ashurst in “Murder in Suburbia”. Both of the mentioned series are her most successful projects so far, and as of mid-2019, she is still working on the former. To conclude, Caroline has had 33 acting gigs and, as she’s hardworking, dedicated and talented, we believe there is more to come for her career-wise.

Doc Martin

“Doc Martin” is a medical comedy drama series, created by Dominic Minghella and starring Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz. The series revolves around a successful vascular surgeon who develops a fear of blood, which forces him to stop practicing surgery. The series received a positive response among the audience, and was rewarded with British Comedy Awards in the category of Best TV Comedy Drama.

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Throughout her career, as any successful public figure, Catz has been featured in magazines and has been in the spotlight. As of the most recent past, she was on the cover of British magazine “Prima”. She also had an interview with them, and spoke about vintage fashion and glam rock.

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