• Jesaaelys Ayala González is a 21-year-old Puerto Rican social media star and YouTuber, daughter of Daddy Yankee, a famous Puerto Rican rapper and actor.
• She studied at a local high school in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is a recent graduate of San Juan's University of the Sacred Heart.
• Jesaaelys has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter.
• She is in a relationship with Carlos Olmo and enjoys activities such as model and cheerleading, travelling, working out, watching movies, and spending time at the beach.
• As of June 2022, Jesaaelys' net worth stands at over $100,000. Her father Daddy Yankee's net worth is estimated at more than $40 million.


Who is Jesaaelys Ayala González?

Jesaaelys was born in Puerto Rico, on 18 June 2000 – her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she holds Puerto Rican nationality. She’s a social media star and YouTuber, although she’s probably known best for being a daughter of Daddy Yankee, a famous Puerto Rican rapper and actor.

Early life and education

Jesaaelys was raised in Puerto Rico alongside her older sister Yamilette Ayala González and younger brother Jeremy, by their father and their mother Mireddys González; Daddy Yankee and Mireddys met when they were both still children, and married when they were 17.

Jesaaelys grew up being interested mostly in modelling, hoping that she would one day become famous and be featured in various magazines.

She studied at a local high school in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, and played a couple of sports during her four years there, while it’s also believed that Jesaaelys was on her school’s cheerleading team.

Upon matriculating in 2018, she enrolled at San Juan’s University of the Sacred Heart, from which she has graduated just recently, in June 2022.

Jesaaelys’ YouTube channel

Jesaaelys launched her self-titled YouTube channel on 10 April 2017, and it’s today subscribed to by close to 40,000 people, while it numbers over 500,000 views of all her videos combined.

She’s mostly focused on uploading videos which feature her showing her fans how to do their make-up, plus those in which she answers their frequently asked questions. We’re going to mention three of Jesaaelys’ most popular videos, which have helped her attract many subscribers.

Her #1 video “#ConCalmaPalCholi Vlog | Jesaaelys” has been viewed over 100,000 times since 1 January 2020, and follows her and her boyfriend during their road trip.

Jesaaelys’ second most watched video “50 COSAS SOBRE JESAAELYS” has been viewed nearly 80,000 times since 5 January 2019, and shows her telling her fans 50 interesting things about herself.

Her third most popular video “50 COSAS DE JESAAELYS PARTE 2” has been viewed over 60,000 times since 10 January 2019, and is the sequel to her #2 video.

Presence on social media networks

Jesaaelys is an Instagram star, as she’s today followed by more than 1.2 million people, while she’s uploaded close to 700 pictures onto the network, most of which feature her during her everyday life.

She launched her Twitter account in September 2015 and it’s today followed by close to 100,000 people, while Jesaaelys has tweeted over 10,000 times; she mostly uses Twitter to share with her fans the pictures and videos that she finds interesting.

Jesaaelys is also active on Facebook, and is today followed by more than 50,000 people, while she mostly uploads the same content as onto her Instagram account.

She’s a TikTok star too, with more than 300,000 people following her today, while she’s amassed close to five million likes of all her videos combined, most of which feature her showing her fans how to apply make-up.

Love life and relationships

Jesaaelys is quite open when it comes to sharing the details of her love life with her fans, and her boyfriend Carlos Olmo can be seen featured in many of her Instagram pictures and YouTube videos.

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The two met in November 2017, and although they haven’t talked about how, it’s believed that they were introduced by a mutual friend at a party. Carlos is a rapper who’s yet to make a name for himself in the industry, and it seems that he hasn’t attended college.

Jesaaelys hasn’t spoken of any other boys (or girls) whom she has perhaps been with, and as of June 2022, she’s in a relationship with Carlos Olmo, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Jesaaelys is physically quite active and has three to four training sessions at the gym every week, thus her slim figure; she avoids eating unhealthy food, and occasionally gives her fans advice on working out and dieting.

She’s into travelling, and Jesaaelys’ father took her with him to a couple of US states during her teenage years, while the family has also vacationed in a couple of European countries, including France and England; Jesaaelys’ dream travel destination is Brazil.

Summer seems to be her favorite season, as she loves to sun tan at the beach and swim in the ocean.

Jesaaelys is a lover of animals, and her favorites are dogs and dolphins.

She enjoys watching movies in her spare time – a couple of her favorites include “Titanic”, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and the franchise “Harry Potter”, while her favorite actor and actress are Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson.

Age, height and net worth

Jesaaelys’ age is 21. She has long brown hair which she’s dyed various colors (it’s currently red), her eyes are brown, her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m), while she weighs around 130lbs (60kgs).

As of June 2022, Jesaaelys’ net worth stands at over $100,000, while her father Daddy Yankee’s net worth has been estimated at more than $40 million.

Who is her father Daddy Yankee?

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez aka Daddy Yankee was born in San Juan on 3 February 1977 – his zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he holds Puerto Rican nationality. He has been credited with coining the word ‘reggaeton’, a music genre which emerged in Puerto Rico in 1994.

Daddy Yankee grew up dreaming of becoming a professional baseball player; he had even joined the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball (MLB) prior to being hit by a stray bullet from an AK-47. It took him close to two years to recover, but the bullet is still stuck in his hip; Daddy Yankee believes that the shot turned out to be good for him, as it made him focus on his career as a rapper.

His debut album “No Mercy” was released on 2 April 1995, and it was his second album “El Cangri.com”, released in 2002, that helped him become popular, as it spawned multiple hits, including “Son Las Doce”, “Latigazo” and “Enciencde”. A couple of Daddy Yankee’s following albums were “Barrio Fino”, which came out in July 2004, “El Cartel: The Big Boss”, released on 5 June 2007, and “Talento De Barrio” on 17 August 2008.

His ninth album “Mundial” came out on 27 April 2010, and Daddy Yankee has since released only two studio albums: “Prestige” in 2012, and “Legendaddy” in 2022.

He’s a philanthropist, and has been a spokesperson for Yo Limpio a Puerto Rico since 2007; it’s an environmental organization which aims to clean-up Puerto Rico. He donated $100,000 to Food Bank of Puerto Rico in 2017, after the country had been hit by Hurricane Maria.

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