• Sarah Jade is a pole dancer who is married to former World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Champion Dave Batista.
• She obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 2011 and opened her own dance coaching institute, Buttercup Pole Dance.
• She has won multiple professional pole dancing events, including the Pro Division of the Florida Pole Fitness Championship in 2012 and 2013, and Miss Pole Dance America in 2016.
• Sarah Jade has an estimated net worth of over $200,000.
• Dave Batista has an estimated net worth of $13 million.

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Who is Dave Batista’s Wife?

First, do you know how is Dave Batista? Well, if you are a fan of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), then you certainly know him, as he is a former World Heavyweight Champion, a title he’s won twice in his rather successful career, and WWE Champion, which he’s also won on two occasions. He has a number of other accolades which but we will talk about later.

Now, let’s focus on his wife, Sarah Jade; Sarah is a pole dancer who has had her own fair share of success, and has enjoyed popularity throughout the years, with her marriage to Dave making her even more popular.

So, do you want to find out more about Sarah Jade, from her childhood years to her own career achievements, and personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for a while as we introduce you to Dave Batista’s wife.

Sarah Jade Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Sarah Jade was born on the 12th December 1987, in Tampa, Florida USA; unfortunately, she hasn’t shared much about her childhood years, such as the names of her parents and their vocations, nor whether she has any siblings or not. Hopefully, Sarah changes her mind and starts sharing such information with her fans. In regards to her educational background, after she finished high school, Sarah enrolled at the University of South Florida, from which she obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 2011.

Career Beginnings

Sarah worked as a bartender in nightclubs during her late teenage years, and saw a number of women perform pole dancing. She became interested in the dance form and began learning about it through videos of the particular skill, and started trying to reciprocate the moves shown. After hard work and dedication, the results started showing and she became confident enough to try and compete at various events. Then after two years of non-stop practice, Sarah opened her own dance coaching institute – Buttercup Pole Dance.

Rise to Prominence

Gradually Sarah’s business developed and she became more popular, so encouraged she started competing at professional pole dancing events, such as USPDF Amateur Nations in 2012 finishing second, while she won the pro division of the Florida Pole Fitness Championship in 2012, and 2013. To speak further of her accomplishments, Sarah has showcased her pole dancing skills at Pole Show La Soloist, Miss Pole Dance America, Dance Filthy, Nude Nite Aerialist, and Miss Pole Dance America, which she won in 2016.

Sarah Jade Net Worth

When you pursue your dreams you have that one more motive to succeed; Sarah did all she could and it paid off. She is now one of the most famous pole dancers in the USA, and with her own coaching studio. Her success has contributed significantly to her wealth, so let’s just see how rich Sarah Jade is, as of mid- 2019? Well, according to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Jade’s net worth is over $200,000, which is rather decent don’t you think? Undoubtedly, her wealth is bound to increase in the upcoming years, assuming that she successfully continues her career.

Sarah Jade

Sarah Jade Personal Life, Marriage, Husband, Children

Sarah hasn’t shared much about her love life before she met Dave, so for now that part of her life remains unknown to the media. Sarah and Dave Batista married in 2015 – thus she became his third wife since Batista has divorced twice. The two have been experiencing some misunderstandings recently, as according to reports the two have been separated since early 2019, though for now there were no words about a divorce from either of them. So, let’s hope the two resolve their differences and continue where they left off.

Sarah Jade’s Husband, Dave Bautista

It would be unfair if we don’t skim through Dave Batista’s life and career.

Born David Michael Bautista Jr. on the 18th January 1969 in Arlington, Virginia USA, of Greek and Filipino ancestry, he is the son of David Michael Bautista and Donna Raye. From an early age Dave had to fight, as according to him he grew up in poverty, and as early as 13 years old, he began stealing cars, and the moment he turned 17 he sought estrangement from his parents, since when he has been living on his own. Before he started pursuing a career as a bodybuilder and wrestler, Batista was a bouncer at night, and a lifeguard during the day. He got into trouble at his night job, and received one year’s probation for injuring two patrons.

Wrestling Career and Retirement

His wrestling career started in 1999; he first fought for World Xtreme Wrestling promotion and trained under Afa Anoa’I. He joined WWE for the first time in 2000 but didn’t have any major success until the mid- 2000s, and his victory over Triple H, who became one of his fierce rivals. Batista remained active as a wrestler until 9th April 2019, during which time he won four World Heavyweight Champion titles, the World Tag Team Champion titles three times, the WWE Champion title two times, and was also the winner of the Royal Rumble in 2005 and 2014.

Net Worth

Batista has become one of the all-time greats when it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment and all of his titles, big and minor victories, all contributed to his wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Batista is, as of mid- 2019? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Batista’s net worth is as high as $13 million, which is quite impressive, don’t you think?



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