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Who is David Muir from ABC News?

Born David Jason Muir on the 8th oNovember 1973 in Syracuse, New York State USA, he is a 44-year-old television news anchor, with multiple award-winning journalism works in his wake. Currently, he is employed as the anchor and managing editor of “ABC World News Tonight with David Muir”, and co-anchor of the ABC newsmagazine, entitled “20/20”. He is known from being one of the most frequent individuals seen on TV screens in the US.

Early Life and Education

David Muir was the second of the four children born into a family with divorcing parents. Growing up, David managed to find comfort in watching the anchors do their job on television. Intrigued by the profession, likely due to natural talent, Muir sent a letter to a Syracuse anchorman called Ron Curtis, when he was just 12, asking for advice regarding how to enter the profession. Early the next summer, David received an offer of an internship at WTVH-TV, a Syracuse local television, meantime continuing with regular education at Onondaga Central Junior-Senior High School in Syracuse. Upon his matriculation in 1991, Muir enrolled into Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism in 1995, after which he joined the Institute of Political Journalism. Additionally, it’s worth of mentioning that David is a well-versed linguist, having studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain as well as Georgetown University, thus becoming fluent in Arabic and Spanish.

Early Career

After earning his degree, he was employed as an anchor and reporter at WTVH-TV, where he remained for the next five years. David’s quality as a future anchor seemed to be so apparent, that WTVH-TV insisted on hiring him to at least anchor the weekend news while he was still studying at Ithaca. Muir’s first official spotlight flashed in 1995, when the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated and it was his job to report on the incident, which  brought him top honors from the Radio-Television News Directors Association. Over the course of the five years that he spent at WTVH-TV, he gained the knowledge and experience to then be employed at WCVB-TV in Boston in 2000, where he remained for another three years, until he finally became an ABC News employee in August 2003. There, he first got the position of an overnight anchor for the program entitled “World News Now”.

It all starts tonight. I have been overwhelmed by your messages here — and your tweets. I am grateful.

Posted by David Muir on Monday, September 1, 2014

The Fearless Journalist

According to many, David Muir is one of the bravest news reporters, having reported from the New Orleans Superdome during the Katrina hurricane, from the Israeli-Lebanon border during the Hezbollah war with Israel, from Egypt during the political revolution, and from Mogadishu in Somalia during the rebel conflicts, to name a few, which all certainly contributed to making David’s face one of the more familiar on ABC TV.

The Second Man

David Muir was also the first man to interview the 45th president of the USA, Donald Trump, after he took office. In their lengthy conversation, covering numerous subjects of national interest, as well as the curiosities of the general public. While Muir doesn’t really need it at this point, this fact is another proof of his professional quality.

The CINE Golden Eagle Award

On the 29th of April, 2017, David Muir won the 60th CINE Golden Eagle Award, a symbol of worldwide recognition of a reporter’s dedication to informing the planet, and earned thanks to his fearless coverage of a heroin epidemic, for ABC’s aforementioned “20/20”.

David Muir Net Worth

The current total of David Muir’s lifetime earnings, as estimated and reported by authoritative media sources, is now over $7.5 million, which seems likely to increase as his annual salary is reputed to be at $5 million.

Questioning Rumors

In spite of his more-than-proven quality as a news anchor, the public found it normal to question David Muir’s sexuality, which thus far remains undisclosed by the anchor himself. One of the reasons why a rumor like this has surfaced is likely the fact that he has been seen entering a number of gay bars with his colleague Gio Benitez. As much as no information was given from either man regarding these sightings, the public found it easy to connect Muir to homosexuality, since Benitez actually became engaged to a man called Tommy DiDario in September 2015.

Body Measurements

While Muir has been on television so many times his physical specifications are almost perfectly memorized by the general public, it’s useful to know the exact digits. David is exactly 5 feet and 10 inches (1.77m) tall, and his body weight caps at 167 lbs (76kg).

Social Media Presence

As one would expect from a world-renowned journalist who is constantly in the public eye, David Muir has a significant social media presence. His Twitter account boasts over 750,000 followers, his Facebook rounds up at almost 240,000, while his Instagram account is no less popular, with nearly 220,000 followers to show for it. Undoubtedly, David Muir has a massive public influence.

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