• Dylan Bostic is a professional wrestler known for winning a number of titles and championships.
• He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and studied in a local high school where he was passionate about basketball.
• His signature move is called the “Double Springboard Moonsault”.
• Dylan is married to Rachel Kelvington Bostic, another professional wrestler.
• His net worth is estimated at $10 million.


Dylan Bostic is a famous professional wrestler, who dreamt of a wrestling career since he was a small kid. He managed to win a large number of titles and championships, and to get the world fame even before he turned 30. Let’s find out more about his personal life, his wife, family and net worth.
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Early life, family

Dylan Bostic was born on 15 November 1991, in Indianapolis, Indiana USA, where he was raised – his family still live there, although Dylan has moved. Dylan never mentioned anything about his parents, almost no information is available about his mother or his father except his mother’s name is Missy Land Bostic and his father’s name is John Bostic. There are also a couple of pictures of them which Dylan posted after his visit to his parents’ home, so it’s obvious that they are both alive, not divorced, and supporting Dylan’s younger brothers, Luke and Jacob.


Dylan studied in a local high school in Indianapolis, where he had a passion for basketball, and had great success in the game due to his height. He once posted a photo on his Instagram account of him playing basketball in high school, and joked that he was going to quit the pro wrestling career and get back to basketball. After his matriculation in 2009, he didn’t enter any college or university, since from his childhood he was focused on his wrestler’s career, so was happy to dedicate himself full-time to his dream work.

Dylan Bostic


When Dylan was only eight years old his father took his to his first independent wrestling event, and Dylan understood it was something he wanted to do in the future – become a pro wrestler. In June 2007, when Dylan turned 15 years old, he made his debut for New Era Wrestling, in an event in Shelbyville, Indiana. It is hard to believe, but Dylan managed to become New Era Wrestling World Champion even before he matriculated from his high school, he was only a senior those days. Dylan had his first World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) match in June 2012, and appeared on National Television in the show called Smack Down which was aired on Friday nights on the Sci-Fi channel. Dylan fought for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood against Dicky Mayer in January 2017 – Mayer was a member of the team called “Pac 3”. After Mayer’s defeat the manager of “Pac 3” Coach Flexo offered Dylan a membership in the team, and accepting the offer, Dylan replaced Dicky Mayer who quit for another team.

All professional wrestlers have their special finishing and signature moves. Dylan’s move is called “Double Springboard Moonsault”. The song which announces Dylan’s entrance into the ring is called “Find the Real” and is performed by Alterbridge. As for the moment, Dylan is trained by Ohio Valley Wrestling company.


Dylan is a very successful wrestler and has several titles and championships. While he was wrestling in the Federation of Elite Wrestlers, he won his first title, the FEW Heavyweight Championship. Later he won his FEW Midwestern Championship in the Frontier Elite Wrestling league, and while fighting in Hoosier Pro Wrestling league, he won his Light-heavyweight Championship. Dylan also participated in fights for the Independent Pro Wrestling Association and won his Ohio State Championship. After he switched to New Era Wrestling, he easily won his first Heavyweight Championship there, and then another title of NEW United States Championship. While wrestling in Ohio Valley Wrestling league, he won two more titles: OVW Television Championship, and OVW Southern Tag Team Championship teaming with The Mexicutioner. The latest win in Dylan’s career is the UWN Tag Team Championship, which he got fighting in the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood league with Dan Joseph.

Personal life, wife Ray Lyn aka Rachel Kelvington Bostic

In 2010 when Dylan was fighting in Ohio Valley Wrestling league, he met Taeler Conrad-Mellen, who is also a professional wrestler, best known under her ring name Taeler Hendrix. They became friends, and Dylan even supported Taeler when she was misdiagnosed with cancer, which Taeler said meant very much to her, as she could overcome the fear of cancer and relax after her diagnosis was not proved. On 24 March 2012 Taeler announced her relationship with Dylan after she retained her title in the fight with The Great Cheyenne in OVW Episode 657. Some time later, Taeler became his valet which meant she was accompanying Dylan to his matches and seconding him. Dylan and Taeler’s relationship developed with the plot of the show, but in 2013 they broke up, right after which Dylan started dating with Ray Lyn, another female wrestler from his league, whose real name is Rachel Kelvington. They had been friends for some time, but when Dylan became single, Rachel showed her feelings for him, and they started dating, became engaged in the beginning of 2016, and married on 20 October that year. Though Dylan and Rachel haven’t any kids, they enjoy childhood themselves spending the Christmas Eve in Disneyland.

Rachel was born on 14 October 1988, and matriculated from West Allegheny High School in Imperial, Pennsylvania in 2007. Before her wrestling career she used to work in a custom-made costume store “Wear Mohr Studio”. She started her pro wrestling career in 2013, and is also a fitness competitor. Ray is a friend of Russian pro wrestler Natalia Markova; they spend a lot of spare time together.

Hobbies, interesting facts, friends

An interesting and weird fact about Dylan is that he likes to take pictures of the money he gets as his fee, taking selfies with money in his hands or just takes photos of the bundles of money and posts the pictures on his Instagram account. As for Dylan’s favorite music style, he likes pop-music and country, and often takes his wife Rachel to Grand Ole Opry House to enjoy a concert of country music. When they go to vacations, they often choose to spend time on the beach. Dylan is a dog-lover, and has two dogs whose names are Allie and Noah. Dylan made friends with his colleague Hiroki Murase while Hiroki performed in the US, spending a lot of their spare time together and also had trainings together; Dylan once shared that Hiroki became a member of the family for him, and it was hard for Dylan to take Hiroki back to the airport and say goodbye when Hiroki had to go home to Japan.

Social media presence

Dylan is very active on various social media platforms. He has an Instagram account which is followed by more than 22,500 subscribers, and his Twitter is read by almost 340,000 people. He also has a profile on Facebook which is followed by more than 1,500 subscribers. His wife Rachel is also very popular on multiple social media platforms – her Instagram account has more than 16,000 followers and on Twitter she’s followed by more than 20,000 readers.


Dylan has an edgy haircut and dyes his hair blonde, while his natural color is dark brown. For some period of time he dyes his hair into various neon colors such as pink, purple and yellow. He has hazel eyes. Dylan is 5ft 11ins (1.80m) tall and weighs around 196lbs (89kgs). As for his clothing style, he has a passion for suits and enjoys any opportunity to wear them. As for his daily life, he chooses casual looks and often wears jeans and T-shirts. As for the moment, he hasn’t any tattoos on his body, while his wife has a couple of them so she may inspire him to have a tattoo one day.

Net worth

According to several authoritative sources, Dylan’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, accumulated from pursuing his pro wrestling career, and having several merchandise promoting contracts. He is still fighting and touring with his pro wrestling shows, so his net worth is only going to grow in future.

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