• Adrienne Bolling is the wife of financial and political commentator Eric Bolling, with an estimated net worth of over $1 million.
• Very little is known about her early life and career.
• Eric Bolling rose up the ranks of NYMEX to become one of the board of directors there.
• Adrienne and Eric married in 1997 and had a son.
• Adrienne has no social media presence, while Eric is very active online.


Who is Adrienne Bolling

Adrienne J. Leventhal was born in the United States of America, and is known as the wife of Eric Bolling, who is a political and financial commentator, author, and television personality, best known for his work with Fox News.

The Riches of Adrienne Bolling

How rich is Adrienne Bolling? As of mid-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $1 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her wealth has also been elevated thanks to the success of her husband, who has a net worth estimated at close to $25 million. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career

Very little information is known about Adrienne and her life before she met Eric Bolling. Nothing is known about her family, her childhood, her education, or her career; even how they met and started a relationship is still a mystery. It is known however, that before her husband become popular on television, he was a commodities trader working at the New York Mercantile Exchange.

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Eric Bolling

Her husband rose up the ranks of NYMEX to become one of the board of directors there, serving for five years. He was featured in several publications, leading him to be invited to help develop the CNBC show “Fast Money”. He then moved to the Fox Business Network, becoming one of their financial analysts and hosting the show ‘Happy Hour”. He’s had his share of controversy with the company, and at one time was accused of racism due to comments he made about President Barack Obama, leading him to make a public apology.

He served as a co-host on the Fox News Channel “The Five”, starting to foray into political and cultural topics. He often clashed with another co-host, Bob Beckel, which frequently led to heated exchanges, though the two have stated that they have a mutual respect for one another. Eric also served as a guest on shows such as “Fox & Friends”, “The O’Reilly Factor”, and “The Glenn Beck Show”. Before leaving Fox News, he was working on the show “Fox News Specialists”, alongside Eboni Williams, and Katherine Timpf, which was set to replace the show “The Five”.

Marriage and Allegations

Adrienne and Eric married in 1997, and had a son a year later. Her husband is known to be a Catholic, and she shares the same views. In 2017, Eric was accused of allegedly sending lewd text messages and photos to several colleagues at Fox News, and the Fox Business Network. According to an article released by HuffPost, these events happened on numerous separate occasions. After the information was made public, Eric was suspended pending an investigation. Former Fox News guest Caroline Hedman went on to make a statement that Eric made unwanted sexual advances at her. His attorney publicly stated that no such communications occurred, and he then filed a $50 million lawsuit for defamation against freelance writer Yashar Ali, who wrote the story for the publication. Ali stated that he maintains the accuracy of his article, and will protect his sources. A month later, Fox News parted with Eric, and “Fox News Specialists” was subsequently cancelled.
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Death of Son

Following his father’s scandal, Adrienne’s son, a student at the University of Colorado, was found dead – an investigation found that he died of a drug overdose, taking in drugs that contained opioids. There were rumors that the death was a suicide attempt though it has never been confirmed, and the couple has not commented on what happened. Despite the issue at Fox and their son’s death, Adrienne continues to be supportive of her husband. According to reports, they attend mass, and go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to light candles five days a week.

Adrienne Bolling on Social Media

Similar to wives of various television personalities, Adrienne maintains her privacy by not having any online presence, especially on social media such as associated with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is one of the reasons there is very little information about her.

Her husband on the other hand is very active online, particularly on Twitter. He is promoting a new show entitled “America”, which is airing on CRTV. Since returning to the public eye he’s been very outspoken against drugs, and has started participating with various organizations to help prevent the spread of opioids. He also posts his recent television segments, and has received support from President Donald Trump after his loss. Adrienne has remained mainly in the background as always, and has not made any statements about the loss of her son.

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