• Mary Marquardt is a chef and the ex-wife of actor, Harrison Ford.
• She has a net worth of $1 million, while her former husband's net worth is at $230 million.
• She met Harrison Ford while attending college together and they had two children before their divorce in 1979.
• The divorce was caused by Ford's affair with 'Star Wars' co-star Carrie Fisher.
• Mary Marquardt has enjoyed privacy since the divorce and there are very few pictures of her available online.


Who is Harrison Ford’s ex-wife Mary Marquardt?

Mary Marquardt was born in the United States of America. She is a chef, but best known for being the first wife of actor and producer Harrison Ford. They were married for over a decade before their relationship ended in the late 1970s.

The Riches of Mary Marquardt

Net worth that is at $1 million, her former husband’s net worth is at $230 million.

Early Life and Relationship with Harrison Ford

She met Harrison Ford as the two attended the same two together. Their relationship would blossom, leading the two to eventually get married in 1964, prior to Harrison eventually finding popularity in the entertainment industry.

They would have two sons together, Benjamin in 1967, and Willard in 1969, but she would support Ford during the beginning of his career. He gain worldwide fame through his role in the “Star Wars” film series in which he played Han Solo. He also became popular in the title character of the “Indiana Jones” film series. He would be later nominated for two Academy Awards for best actor and his films later in his career would gross over US $4.7 billion, making him the second highest US domestic box-office star. However, long before that, during the peak of his popularity in “Star Wars”, he and Mary divorced in 1979. Details of the divorce were kept under the wraps and the reason for their separation wasn’t revealed until later.

The Reason for Divorce and Aftermath

Later reports stated that Ford and Marquardt separated and divorced after it was discovered that Ford was having an affair with “Star Wars” co-star Carrie Fisher. The affair was even made public by Fisher herself who was 19 years old at the time, and Ford 33. The two didn’t reconcile and try to fix their marriage as it ended in divorce. In the meantime, the lives of the two would go on though Marquardt’s life started to slowly sink into obscurity.

Ford’s children from Mary would also move on with their lives, with one child becoming an executive chef with two children from different marriages. His other son would become a teacher and now also has a family with two children. Ford would go on to marry to more times in his career, the second to “E.T.” screenwriter Melissa Mathason which also ended in divorce and is considered one of the most expensive celebrity breakups in Hollywood. In 2010, he then married actress Calista Flockhart and adopted her son.

Where is Mary Marquardt Now?

It is known that Mary continued with her life and career, working as a professional chef. According reports, she was a cheerleader before she discovered her love for cooking. Her son followed in her line of work and the two worked together at a Culver City, California Filling Station owned by Harrison Ford. Nothing is known on whether or not Mary remarried after her divorce with Ford. Due to the lack of information about Mary in her present state, there are many rumors circulating that she has passed, as Mary has suffered from multiple sclerosis for many years, though this has never been confirmed.

Her ex-husband on the other hand continues to have a lot of press coverage especially after the recent death of his “Star Wars” co-star Carrie Fisher and the revelation of their affair through a memoir. According to an interview, he was given a heads up before the affair was published though he says that it felt weird. He also refused to comment or confirm on the affair that essentially ended his marriage with Mary. He did say that he didn’t really care how people viewed him unless he was with them at the time. He also said that he didn’t read Fisher’s memoir.

Mary Marquardt on Social Media

There are very few pictures of her available online, and most of them are from the time she and Harrison Ford were married. Her lack of online accounts also protected the privacy of her two children, and many believe that she has enjoyed having privacy after the ordeal she had living with someone who became a superstar, and then with the divorce.

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