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Who Is Zulekha Haywood?

Zulekha Haywood is best known as the daughter of model and actress Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid – or Iman – as well as former professional basketball player Spencer Haywood. Unlike her parents, she went on to focus more on business, beginning her career as a part of her mother’s cosmetic company before later going to work for other companies as well.

Posted by Zulekha Haywood on Friday, April 9, 2010

A Celebrity Daughter’s Wealth

How rich is Zulekha Haywood? As of early-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $4 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her net worth doesn’t quite match up to her high profile parents, but she has made her own way and established her wealth through her own efforts. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Started with Fame but Paved Her Own Way to Wealth

While born into fame, Zulekha didn’t share the same affinity her parents had towards acting, modelling, or professional sports. She attended Mercy High School, and after matriculating went on to pursue her college education at Michigan State University. She struggled with her weight early in her life and continued to have problems with it until later in her life. Due to this, she decided to have gastric band surgery to help her reduce weight – a form of weight loss surgery with the aim of putting an inflatable silicone device on the top portion of the stomach to slow down the consumption of food. This is often done to patients with a high body mass index, and the operation is said to be highly effective at improving weight loss as well as other symptoms associated with it.

The operation helped with her obesity problems, and she then completed her education. Her weight stabilized to around 62 kilograms or 136 pounds. Afterwards, she began working for her mother’s company – IMAN Cosmetics – and started to climb the corporate ladder. Her net worth started to increase, especially when she was promoted into an account manager role in 2002. She continued working in the same manner for the next few years, until she was promoted again into the position of revenue and demand planning manager. She continued working for the company, making a significant contribution until 2014, when she was offered work with the company entitled Jay Manuel Beauty. She worked for the company as a brand manager and senior business analyst, however, she only worked there for a year and then joined Taymark, Inc., where she serves as a buyer and strategic sourcing analyst. In 2016, she also started working for the company called Portu Sunberg, where she was assigned as an Inventory Analyst; her work involved planning meetings and developing various programs for the company. However, she ended her association with the company after just eight months.

Additionally, Haywood has concurrently worked with numerous high profile companies including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and CVS. She has over 10 years’ worth of experience as a strategist, with her work mainly focusing on sales and demand planning. She also does work as a content writer and editor, working for various advertising agencies as well as some publications. Due to her varied experience, she has skills in various software and technical programs, including SAP, MS NAV, EDI, and Jet Reports.

Settling Down – Family and Marriage

Haywood’s parents are former professional basketball player Spencer Haywood who is best known to have a prolific career in both the ABA and the NBA, playing for various teams such as the Seattle Supersonics and New York Knicks. Her mother is Iman, who’s known for her work in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” and No Way Out”. From her parents, she and her five siblings are of Somali descent. Her mother later went on to marry actor and singer David. In 2016, it was reported that she married Jason Young. There are no rumours that Zulekha is married, or that she is romantically involved with anyonw.

Away from the Career – Hobbies and Social Media

During her free time, she enjoys playing various sports such as volleyball, golf, and tennis. She mentioned that she tries her best to maintain an active and health lifestyle. She also enjoys travelling and mentions it as one of her passions.  For her online presence, she has a main social media account on Twitter which only has a few followers, failing to gain any traction due to Zulekha abandoning the account in 2011 and failing to make any further updates on it. She doesn’t have any accounts on other social media websites except for LinkedIn, which details her professional experience and past work.

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