• Jake Orion was born in Lake Worth, Florida in 1993 and holds American nationality
• He is a YouTuber and model known for his photoshoots and videos of his everyday life
• Jake exercises and follows a strict diet to maintain his figure
• He is not currently in a relationship and does not do porn
• He is active on social media, with ~100,000 followers on Twitter and ~20,000 followers on Instagram.


Who is Jake Orion?

Jake Orion was born in Lake Worth, Florida USA, on 9 September 1993; zodiac sign – Virgo; holding American nationality. Popular for his YouTube channel on which he mostly uploads videos of his photoshoots as he is a model, and some random things from his everyday life.

Childhood and education

Jake grew up in Lake Worth with his parents and his sister, but he rarely talks about his family as he appreciates their privacy. It is said that his parents are not very supportive of him because he is gay, conversely his sister has always been there for him.

Jake hasn’t shared much about his childhood with the public. It is said that he was struggling with his sexuality throughout high school, until he was ready to admit to himself that he was gay, however, he was still not ready to share it with the public. He started going to the gym and exercising, and it was only when he was satisfied with his looks that he was ready to come out, and now openly talks about being gay.

After he matriculated from high school, Jake completely focused on his modelling career and exercising, rather than enrolling at college and pursuing a degree.

Career of a YouTuber

Jake’s career began the moment he launched his YouTube channel on 27 December 2016, with part of his caption reading ‘I am here to bring you videos about my life and ways to help you all get through problems you face daily. I have a few segments and adding as I go forward.’ He have 40,000 subcribers; 9 million times was watched his videos. He is mostly uploading videos from his gym, during which he gives advice to his fans about exercising and nutrition – he also sometimes uploads his basketball videos, plus some random videos related to his everyday life.

Besides YouTube, Jake has profiles on several 18+ websites, on which you can find nude pictures of him and videos, but in which he is always alone as he does not like other men being featured with him. Some of his profiles on these websites offer a subscription option which is $15 per month, and for which you get access to his exclusive content such as his naked pictures and videos… doing things just for you.

Jake is not a director nor a writer, but he gave them a shot when he directed and wrote the 10-minute long movie entitled “Jake Orion” in 2016 – the movie features himself while he talks about himself.

Love life and relationships

Even though his fans are very curious about whether or not he is currently seeing anyone, the popular YouTuber seems not to be interested in sharing such information with his fans, including his type of a man – Jake hasn’t answered this question either.

Jake Orion

Hobbies and other interests

Jake’s number one passion is exercising, as he spends most of his time in the gym. He has been interested in exercising ever since he tried it for the first time when in third year of high school. His second passion is travelling as one can find numerous pictures from around the country on his Instagram account – he only goes to five star hotels as he enjoys living a luxurious life. He is said not to be a big fan of animals, so doesn’t have any pets. Besides that, he is a big food lover but takes care of his diet, as he doesn’t want to lose the figure he has worked on for so long.

Why Jake doesn’t do porn?

Jake appeared in a single porn video in 2014 with a popular male porn star, which can be found on the internet, but stopped after that, even though he is still receiving numerous offers to make porn movies.

Jake has stated that he is satisfied with himself and enjoys making porn videos of only himself rather than with other men – for him, sex is not something which can be done with anyone, and he requires a somewhat emotional bond before he can sleep with someone.

Appearance and net worth

  • Jake is 25 years old
  • Black hair
  • Black beard
  • Blue eyes
  • Net worth is ~$100,000

Social media presence

  • Launched Twitter in August 2013; gathered ~100,000 followers; tweeted ~14,000 times
  • Instagram is followed by ~20,000; uploaded ~700 pictures

Jake also has his own website on which you can buy his calendar, check out his videos and photos, tip him, read a bit about him, and subscribe if you want to receive his exclusive and completely naked pictures – as part of his description reads ‘I am here to share and explore with you guys my entire body. I will be uploading all types of videos, Masturbation, Shower Shows, Anal, Big Toys, Gaping, Flesh Jack usage and a lot more. Videos will be uploaded weekly.’


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