• Sharon Mobley Stow is best known for being the wife of CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta
• As of late-2018, her net worth is estimated to be in excess of $1 million
• She married Acosta in 1994 after both graduated from James Madison University
• She is a registered nurse, but mainly served as a housewife
• She does not have any online presence or social media accounts


Who is Sharon Mobley Stow?

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Sharon Mobley Stow was born in 1971, in the United States of America, and is best known for being the wife of CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta. The couple became the topic of numerous headlines at the time of their divorce, which was finalized in 2017.

The Wealth of Sharon Mobley Stow

How rich is Sharon Mobley Stow? As of late-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $1 million, earned through success in her numerous endeavors. Her wealth significantly increased thanks to her association with Acosta, who has a net worth estimated at $4 million. As to her current career, it’s indeterminate, so whether her wealth increases is open to conjecture.

Early Life, Education, and Relationship

There is no information regarding Sharon’s childhood or her interests growing up. According to numerous acquaintances, she is the type of person who really puts a lot of value when it comes to privacy. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled in James Madison University located in Virginia, and while in college met Jim Acosta who was also studying there at the time.

They started a relationship while in college and dated for several years until both of them graduated in 1993, and married the following year. Throughout their relationship and their subsequent marriage, Sharon has remained mostly in the background supporting her husband as his career progressed. However, she took on a course in nursing and eventually became a registered nurse, although there is some doubt as to whether she actually really pursued a career in the field despite being registered, and remained a housewife taking care of the home and raising their children while Jim focused on furthering his career in journalism. Even their wedding was private with only family members and close friends invited to the event.

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Jim Acosta

Abilio James ‘Jim’ Acosta is of part-Cuban descent, with his father being a refugee who moved to the US prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis. His mother on the other hand, is of Czech and Irish ancestry. Jim worked for numerous television stations throughout his career as a reporter before eventually finding his way to CBS News as a correspondent. He stayed with the company for many years and his popularity grew there as he covered numerous high profile political events.

In 2010, he joined CNN and rose through the ranks to be promoted to the position of national political correspondent two years later. He continued his work of covering political figures and electoral candidates, before being appointed to the position of senior White House correspondent for the network. He’s known to have challenged numerous political figures including presidents over his long tenure, and also travelled with President Obama on several occasions. In particular, he has been very outspoken in his questioning of current President Trump’s policies. He is highly outspoken when it comes to his Cuban heritage, and promotes the country along with its culture.

Marriage and Divorce

Sharon and Jim have been married for over two decades with their marriage being held in 1994, a year after they graduated from college. A few years into their marriage, the couple bought a three bedroom home located in Maryland. They eventually had a son and a daughter, who are often featured in the social media pages of Acosta. The family has been seen together taking vacations around the world coinciding with the vacation time he has been given. The marriage remained out of the media spotlight and was mostly quiet with many believing that it was something that would last.

However, in 2017 “The New York Post” reported that the couple had quietly split in early 2017, and had already started divorce proceedings which were finalized during the middle of the year. While no details have been shared about the reasons of their divorce, Jim was later seen enjoying his single life, and was already meeting various women as confirmed by a colleague. Since their divorce, Sharon has returned to her life of privacy though she was already elusive to begin with. There have not been any new reports regarding her life since their separation.

Is Sharon Mobley Stow on Social Media?

Similar to numerous wives or ex-wives of broadcast journalism personalities, Stow does not have any online presence or any account in major social media websites. This is one of the reasons why there is very little information of her available to the public. There are accounts that share a similar name in websites such as Facebook but they are not related to her in any way. Her former husband on the other hand, is highly active on social media mainly due to the nature of his work which requires him to stay connected with news sources and followers.

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