• Erin Angle was born in the US, and is the wife of actor Jon Bernthal.
• She is a professional trauma nurse with a degree.
• She and Jon Bernthal dated for a few years before getting married in 2010.
• Erin and Jon have 3 children together.
• She does not have a public social media presence.

Known for movies

Who is Jon Bernthal’s wife Erin Angle?

Erin Angle was born in the United States, while no exact birthdate or place have yet been aligned with her name. She garners most of her popularity from two family ties that have put her in the limelight  – firstly, her husband Jon Bernthal is an iconic character from one of the greatest blockbusters of our time, “The Walking Dead”. Second, one of the famous WWE wrestlers, Kurt Angle, happens to be her uncle.

Personal Life

While practically nothing about Erin Angle is made public due to her lack of interaction with the media and the internet, it is known that she does have education, as she is a professional trauma nurse. As for her public appearances, which sparked interest in her name in the first place, she has only walked the red carpet with her famous husband a few times.

A Love Fairytale

As one might expect true love to be, Erin and Jon keep their personal relationship completely private and off-limits to the public. However, a few details here and there have managed to slip out. For example, it is generally known that the couple dated for a couple of years before tying the knot in September 2010. As word has it, Erin Angle and Jonathan Bernthal owned a cottage in Venice, Italy, which they ended up selling for nearly $2 million and eventually moving over to Los Angeles, California USA. Undoubtedly, the bond that these two built over the years has helped both of them achieve their goals, and it just so happens that her husband became a Hollywood superstar.

The Breakthrough

It is only until recently that Erin’s name wasn’t that much of a concern to the media, until Jon Bernthal obtained the lead role of Frank Castle in Netflix’s “The Punisher”. The massively popular PC game and comic-book finally got their big-screen version, and it was Erin’s husband who was cast to play the biggest part in making it a reality. Apparently Jon Bernthal’s jaw-dropping performance kept the audience at the edge of their seats for the entire duration of the 13-hour-long show, which in turn had a big influence on the growth of his popularity among superstars. Naturally, his net worth also experienced an unprecedented boost, and all eyes also suddenly fell on Jon and his family. Erin Angle was unavoidably within that spotlight, and thus she, as many other half-celebrities, became an important name in the world of the famous.


A Dream-Like Wedding

As habit would have it, Erin and Jon had absolutely no intention of announcing their wedding, and so it was quite a surprise when the media got word that the couple’s relationship was now on paper as well. On September 25th 2010, Erin and her husband-to-be made their way to a small town that goes by the name of Potomac, located in Maryland USA. The event was mostly attended by close friends, relatives and family, while the media never got an invitation.

A Mother of Three

While her famous husband may be more professionally involved with super heroism, Erin herself is kind of a superhero, for she is a mother to three children – their eldest son, Henry was born on August 2011, and two years later the couple had their second son, Billy, in October 2013, followed by their third child, after much anticipation on part of both her parents and the media, Adeline arrived into the world in 2015. It’s important to note that, even though the couple keeps the media in the dark about their love life, their children still bask in the spotlight of Jon’s Instagram account. It is also a public assumption that Erin is for the moment unemployed, as she is busy taking care of the children while her husband is out there filling the screens.

Body Measurements, and Social Media Presence

It is generally known that Erin is a slenderly built Caucasian, and while her exact weight remains a mystery, her height is reputed to be 5feet 4inches (1.64m).

Concerning her online activities, other than her regular Facebook account, Erin Angle is virtually untraceable, aside from a few mentions in her uncle Kurt’s tweets, and potentially a couple of her husband’s Instagram posts.

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