• Joseph Frontiera was born in the United States in 1988 and is a reality TV personality
• Sources estimate his net worth to be over $500,000
• He was recruited for Count’s Kustoms through Ranstad USA, a multinational human resource consulting firm
• He was removed from the show “Counting Cars” following a lawsuit accusing him of misuse of company money
• He has no social media accounts and is not known to have any romantic relationships


Who is Joseph Frontiera?

Joseph Frontiera was born on 1 July 1988, in the United States of America, and is a reality television personality, best known for his appearance in the television show “Counting Cars”. His fame and income increased thanks to the show, but it also attracted controversy, including a lawsuit which occurred in 2017.

Counting cars crew

The Wealth of Joseph Frontiera

How rich is Joseph Frontiera? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $500,000, earned largely through a successful career on television. His exposure has also led him to numerous opportunities outside the show, and as he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Very little is known about Joseph’s life before his rise to fame online on television. He has not shared any details about his childhood, family, and education. Due to his experience in the show, many people surmised that he used to work as a mechanic or a restoration specialist for many years, prior to his discovery.

Joseph Frontiera

Several sources pointed out that he was recruited for Count’s Kustoms through a company called Ranstad USA. The company originates from the Netherlands, and is a multinational human resource consulting firm, specializing in services for temporary and permanent jobs, including staffing of professionals. Another division of the company focuses on managers, supervisors and other high positioned staff, usually deployed in temporary positions. Ranstad has a presence in numerous countries around the world; according to several sources, the company gained a total equity of 4.47 billion euros in 2018, which amounts to $5.05 billion. Ranstad is also known for being the sponsor of the English Williams F1 Formula 1 team from 2006 to 2017.

Counting Cars

Thanks to Ranstad, Frontiera found his way to Count’s Kustoms, which in turn led him to reality television appearances in the show “Counting Cars”. The show is the third spin-off of “Pawn Stars”, and is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show chronicles the daily activities of their company owned by Danny Koker, which specializes in automobile customization and restoration. Danny previously appeared as an expert on “Pawn Stars”, similar to the hosts of “American Restoration”. In the show, he along with his staff modify and restore classic automobiles as well as motorcycles.

The show has aired since 2012 and proved successful, with numerous staff members of “Pawn Stars” also making guest appearances in the show. The series documents their work, including the  occasional conflict between cast members. He did not have a major role with the crew, but was pivotal during its early seasons. The show has run for a total of eight seasons with at least 13 episodes per season – the longest was the fourth season in 2015 which aired a total of 35 episodes. Other cast members of the show include Scott Jones, Kevin Mack, and Roli Szabo.

Dismissal and Lawsuit

Joseph quietly exited the show without much attention, and not a lot of people noticed him leaving due to him being a minor part on screen, despite which he managed to gain a significant amount of income. However, it was not all legitimate, as it was later revealed that he was removed from the show following misuse of the company’s money. In 2016, Count’s Kustoms filed a lawsuit against him for taking $75,000 from the company,nallegedly stolen to purchase airplane tickets, and to make a down payment on a new Range Rover.

He was also accused of not paying taxes in a timely manner, leading to an $18,000 fines from the IRS. Ranstad was also sued by Count’s Kustoms, as it was discovered that Joseph already had prior embezzlement charges against him that they didn’t know of. Ranstad counter-sued, stating that the agreement with the car shop was not to put him in a position in which he would be handling money. Not much is known of the results of the lawsuits, only that Joseph has been removed from the job. Since the issue, there has been no updates about him.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, not much is known in terms of any of Frontiera’s romantic relationships. Not a lot has been revealed about his past except the criminal records. It is not known if he is married or at least in a relationship, as it has never been confirmed through the show or through the online reports about him.

One of the reasons why there is very little information about him is due to the lack of any accounts on major social media website; he doesn’t have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so there are no details regarding his present endeavors. He becomes one of the many controversies surrounding the show “Counting Cars”. Despite the show’s association with many high profile celebrities thanks to their reputation, the company and the owner got under fire due to his support of President Donald Trump back in 2016 during the presidential election – his stated belief was that Trump would lower taxes on businesses like his. Numerous car enthusiasts have also pointed out how the show is inaccurate, as some facts about the cars and many of Koker’s statements are actually false. There are also many negative reviews about Count’s Kustoms actual shop, with overpriced merchandise, rude staff, and absent staff members, among many of the comments online.


  1. Why is Ryan Evans picture always being used for this Joseph Frontiera characters articles? Such a mis-representation seeings Ryan is a custom painter, not a mechanic, and not an apparent alleged-thief! I will say Joseph is super good at keeping his image hidden and being incognito!

    • I’ve wondered the same thing! I’ve seen Ryan’s picture used numerous times in articles about Joseph Frontiera – Biography Tribune, please fix this post!

  2. Marco Demkratssuck Reply

    This article ends in numerous attacks on Danny Koker because they hate him for supporting Trump. So ridiculous!

  3. Tomas Amill Reply

    I try to watch as many episodes of the show as I can, but I did not know until now that Danny Koker was a “t-Rump” jock-strap supporter.
    I will make sure to let as many people know this as I can, especially my fellow Vets. I will not watch this show again.

    • Can’t you just like the show and not involve politics, that is just a disagreement of opinion no hate needed. It shows you and people like you can’t see beyond their political nose. Why?

      • Shannon Cooper Reply

        I agree! I love the show and really don’t give a shit who voted on who!

    • trump was the best president ever, better than the fraudulently elected democrooks that are destroying our nation with illegals, high prices and attacks on good conservative family values

    • Seriously. Judging someone for 1 thing they believe in, is ridiculous. You are shallow.


    Wait why is ryan highlighted ?
    The photos are straight up not the right person !!!!!!

  5. I enjoy watching Counts Custams i love classic cars, Now that I know he’s a Trump fan makes me love it even more

    • Love the show, dislike liars and negative journalism. Also, I voted for President Trump, and will support him again.

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