• David Alexis is an American singer and songwriter who is best known as the husband of Mädchen Amick.
• Little is known about his early life, age, and education.
• He met Mädchen in the late ‘80s and the couple married in 199•
• David is a songwriter and singer, estimated to have a net worth of over $300,000.
• Mädchen Amick is an award-winning actress and has a net worth estimated to be over $3 million.


Who is Mädchen Amick’s husband David Alexis?

David Alexis is an American singer and songwriter, but is best known to the world as the husband of the famous actress Mädchen Amick, who came to prominence after portraying Shelly Johnson in the TV crime-mystery series “Twin Peaks” (1990-1991), and its revival in 2017, entitled “Twin Peaks: The Return”. Unfortunately, there is no information about David’s birthdate and birthplace. Hopefully, information like this will become available in the near future.

Early Life, Age, and Education

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about David’s early life, this includes the identity of his parents, and whether this songwriter has any siblings or not. Even his age is unknown, however, according to some reports he is the same age as his wife, Mädchen Amick, which means he was born in 1970.

First Meeting with Mädchen Amick

The couple met in the late ‘80s; Mädchen and David were just teens at the time, and Mädchen was focused on her budding career, and she had just relocated to Los Angeles. David was her next-door neighbor, and their relationship started growing. From friends, the two became a couple, eventually resulting in marriage.

Wedding Ceremony and Married Life

The couple tied the knot on the 16th December 1992 four years into their relationship. Since their first meeting, the couple has welcomed two children, a son Sylvester, born on the 5th July 1992, and a daughter, Mina Tobias, who is now an accomplished singer and songwriter, like her father.

Popularity through Marriage

When the couple met and later married, they were both away from the spotlight, as Mädchen had only launched her career and was still hoping for her breakthrough. As her career developed, she gained fame and fortune and everyone wanted to know more about her personal life, not just the professional part. So, everybody started looking for David Alexis, and in no time he himself became a celebrity. If it wasn’t for his marriage to Mädchen, we might never have heard about David.

David Alexis Career and Net Worth

When it comes to David’s professional life, there isn’t much information about it, since he tends to keep information like this hidden from the public eyes. All that is known about him is that he is a songwriter and singer as well, but further details remain hidden from the media. His net worth has only been estimated by sources, at over $300,000, earned steadily through his singer-songwriter career over the last three decades.

David Alexis Wife, Mädchen Amick

Now that we have shared all the most important details about David, let’s share a few details about his wife, Mädchen Amick.

Mädchen was born on the 12th December 1970, in Sparks, Nevada USA, of mixed German, Swedish, English and Irish ancestry. She is the daughter of Judy (née Ross), a medical office manager, and musician Bill Amick. Mädchen was encouraged from an early age to pursue her creativity and as a result she learned how to play piano, bass, violin, and guitar, and was also a talented dancer. She moved to Los Angeles when she was only 16 years old in order to pursue her acting career.

Mädchen made her acting debut in 1989 in a minor role in the TV series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, but is now an award-winning actress, probably best known to the world for her breakthrough role as Shelly Johnson in the TV crime-mystery drama series “Twin Peaks” (1990-1991). She is also known from playing Lena in the film “Dream Lover” (1993), and as Shannon Pace in the film “Pries” (2011), among many other roles. Mädchen’s net worth is now estimated by authoritative sources to be over $3 million, as of mid- 2018.



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