• Grian is a popular YouTube personality best known for his focus on the popular video game “Minecraft”.
• His estimated net worth as of mid-2019 is over $1.4 million.
• He was part of the channel CraftedMovie before joining his personal channel.
• He was part of the Wynncraft and Hermitcraft servers and is passionate about “Pokémon”.
• He is active on social media, with accounts on Instagram and Twitter.


Who is Grian?

Charles – surname unknown – was born on 9 August 1993, in England, and under his pseudonym of Grian, is a YouTube personality, best known through his personal channel which has gained a huge amount of popularity, due to its focus on the popular video game entitled “Minecraft”. His most popular videos are those which often include tutorials or tips.

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The Wealth of Grian

How rich is Grian? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $1.4 million, earned through a successful career on YouTube. He’s also done a lot of collaborative work which has brought him additional income. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

Very little is known about Grian’s life outside of YouTube, as he has not shared many details about himself except the fact that he has a sister. Other than that, there is no information available regarding his education, family, and childhood. In 2009, he saw the potential for a career on the website YouTube, and created his own account.


YouTube has become one of the most sought after avenues for fame and income for many gamers, especially after the rise of numerous gaming personalities on the website such as PewDiePie and Markiplier. Content creators can earn advertising revenue on the site through the Google AdSense program. Users usually upload videos for others to view – viewers can then rate, comment on and share the video, while having the option to subscribe to channels they like. Over the years, YouTube has become one of the biggest sources of video related media, with videos such as live streams, video blogs (vlogs), educational videos, short films, and many more seen through the website.


Grian didn’t experience a lot of success with his personal channel until many years later. Instead, he became a part of the channel called CraftedMovie in 2011. The channel began with a few YouTubers creating short cinema clips related to “Minecraft”. He was hired by the group as a set builder, becoming one of the members who joined the group after it was founded. He was mainly behind the scenes for a long time, but eventually as the channel grew, so did his popularity. The channel was noted for popularizing cinema-type content in “Minecraft”, with their humor elevating them to star status for a period of time.

However, in later years the quality of the videos decreased, and led to subscribers leaving the channel. They were also having a lot of trouble becoming profitable due to the algorithm of YouTube, so many of its cast members decided to leave, Grian included. The channel was later shut down, so Grian focused on his own content. Thanks to the fame he had gained from CraftedMovie, his transition to his personal channel proved fruitful, and he quickly became one of the fastest growing “Minecraft”-focused channels at the time.

Recent Endeavors

One of the reasons Grian’s channel became highly popular was due to his tutorials videos on “Minecraft”. Viewers really enjoyed his tips on improving their “Minecraft” experience and this in turn, led to a lot of subscribers. Along with other former CraftedMovie members, he then turned his attention to a major project called WynnCraft – he worked on the project’s development for three years, and made a “Minecraft” server that functioned like popular Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMORPG). The project proved very successful, becoming one of the largest MMORPGs in “Minecraft” with over two million players. This is despite the fact that he is no longer as active on the project as he used to be.

He is also a member of the HermitCraft server, which includes various YouTubers called hermits playing together. Each season often introduces a new hermit, and he joined the group sometime during its sixth season, being close friends with one of the hermits, Mumbo Jumbo. He is also a member of the Minecraft Evolution SMP, which was a build of “Minecraft” which allowed players to play older versions of the game that they haven’t played before. However, he left the Evo server sometime in 2018.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Grian is in a relationship though he rarely shares any details about his partner, but has posted a photo of them on his social media accounts. He owns two pet cats which have been featured prominently in his work outside of YouTube – he even did a documentary style video alongside Mumbo Jumbo featuring his cats. He is also very passionate about “Pokémon”, and has a second channel in which he opens various “Pokémon” products, mostly from the trading card game.

Similar to numerous YouTubers, he is highly active online through accounts on social media. He has an account on Instagram on which he has over 75,000 followers, on which he posts several personal photos, including those featuring his cats. He also posts content relating to “Minecraft” and to his love for “Pokémon”. He also posts photos with friends, and of him travelling to various locations in England. Aside from Instagram, he also has a Twitter account, used to promote his work, including his YouTube channel, and to communicate with his fans.

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