• Neiva Mara is an Instagram sensation and fitness trainer
• She attained the ‘ideal’ body and amassed millions of followers
• She has commercial contracts with FashionNova, and also works with Rola Rodriguez and Paola Skye
• She has an individual nutrition and training plan, which she sells to her followers
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, mainly gained from selling her fitness and nutrition plans and her Instagram account


Neiva Mara is an Instagram sensation, who turned two of her dreams into coming true: she attained the ‘ideal’ body, and so gained millions of subscribers supporting her success. She is also a fitness trainer and calls herself ‘a Teacher’. Let’s find out how she managed to achieve her dreams, and amassed such an impressive number of followers to her social media accounts.

Early life and family

Neiva Mara was born on 2 May 1986 in Valencia, Spain, so under the sign of Taurus and holding Spanish nationality. Nothing is known about her family, as she’s never shared any details about her parents or siblings. She keeps her private life low-key.

Educational background

Neiva matriculated from her local high school in Valencia in 2004. Nothing else is known about her educational background, as she never shared any information about a college or university she attended.

Instagram career

Neiva started posting her photos on Instagram in 2015. She said she was not happy with the way her body looked, as she never did any sports, so she decided to start training. She used her Instagram account to fix the changes that happened with her body on her way to the ideal figure she imagined in her daydreams. She posts various videos on her training and exercises; she also posts explicit videos of her dancing or twerking showing the curves of her body.

Many of her subscribers often mention that such videos have nothing to do with sports and only attract an adult audience as they look more like erotic shortcuts; however, Neiva gained her aims and obtained not only the body of her dreams, but also a huge number of followers: her main Instagram account has amassed over 2.7 million subscribers.

Neiva has several commercial contracts as a model, one of the main ones being her partnership with the FashionNova brand; Neiva acts as a featured model for the clothing line. She’s also worked and collaborated with such Instagram models as Rola Rodriguez and Paola Skye.

It is worth saying that in 2017 Neiva participated in a fitness competition called Arnold Classic Europe; she performed in the bikini category, and became the runner-up.

Online training career

Neiva insists she created her training program on her own. According to her, she decided to dive deep into all contradictory information about fitness and diet nutrition. Self-educated, she later founded her own training school “DeporLovers”, and she now sells 90-day training and nutrition plans to her followers from her website. Among her favorite exercises which she recommends to her fans and to all people who decide to work on their body shapes, are hamstring kickbacks, squats and lunges.

As to cardio, Neiva likes jogging or walking at the beach, and also enjoys interval skipping. Her Instagram account called “DeporLovers” has now amassed around 380,000 subscribers, and the description of the account says that over 20,000 people are currently going through their transformation with the help of Neiva’s courses.

Neiva’s nutrition plan

Neiva’s secret of an ideal figure lies not only in consistent trainings, but she’s also stuck to a healthy and balanced diet. Her individual nutrition plan helped her to count the calories she digested, and to understand how much food she had to eat in a day and what exact food she should have chosen. Neiva shared she ate five-six times a day consuming proteins from such food as egg whites, chicken breasts (which she liked to grill) and various fish.

Neiva Mara

She also mentions that she ate complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates, as they help retain the feeling of fullness much longer. Neiva admitted that one can eat simple carbohydrates sometimes, just to help the muscles repair and to raise the energy level. In the top list of her favorite foods, Neiva puts nuts, avocado, olive oil and seeds.

Personal life

Nothing at all is known about Neiva’s personal life; she’s never shared a picture of a boyfriend, and never mentioned that she has one. No one knows for sure whether she is just good at hiding her boyfriend, or she just doesn’t have one. Her fans are eager to find out more about her current relationship status, but Neiva maintains her silence.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Neiva enjoys travelling, and swimming in the sea when she has some spare time. She also likes spending her time at the beach, sunbathing and enjoying a long-drink. Neiva is one of those people who has managed to turn her favorite hobby into a job, so her main hobby and passion is still fitness. Neiva is a big lover of dogs; she has a Jack Russell named Lala,.


Neiva is often criticized for her explicit videos which she announces as fitness ones. Especially her female fans and subscribers are not happy with the way she takes pictures of her buttocks, blaming her in objectifying the female body. Neiva is also blamed by her male fans who bought the access to her premium snapchat channel, expecting some erotic content from her.

However, it turned out that her premium snapchat channel looks almost the same as her general Instagram account, which makes the premium status and the payments for it just useless. Both subscription plans which cost $20 per month or $60 per month don’t live up to the expectations of her subscribers.

Social media presence

Neiva is very active on many social media platforms, and promotes her profile and her fitness school as much as she can. Thus her Instagram account now has over 2.7 million subscribers; She has an alternative Instagram account entitled “meinleggings”, which is followed by over 104,000 subscribers. Her Twitter account (which can be seen only by the adult audience and is marked as the profile which may include potentially sensitive content) is viewed by over 20,000 users.

Her Facebook page is ‘liked’ and followed by over 110,000 people. Neiva also created her personal website entitled “Neiva Mara TV, which shares the links to her main Instagram account, private Snapchat channel and Fitness Plan promo page.

Appearance, clothing style

Neiva has long naturally straight dark-brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5ft 4ins (1.62m) tall, weighs around 125lbs (56kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-24-37. As to her clothing style, she likes to wear leggings which emphasize her curves. She also likes wearing short dresses, shorts, tops and caps. She almost always ignores her bra to show off her breast.


Her fans often mention that Neiva for sure has had plastic surgery, as it is obvious due to the form of her breast and her buttocks. However, Neiva has never admitted to any such procedures, and insists that her body is the result of consistent workouts.

Net worth and salary

Authoritative sources estimate Neiva’s overall net worth to be around $500,000. She’s accumulated such an impressive sum selling her fitness and nutrition plans, and posting her explicit photos and workout videos on her Instagram account; it is worth saying that she earns up to $9,200 per post there. She also benefits from her Premium Snapchat channel, as her followers subscribe to see more of her explicit videos and photos; Neiva also chats and talks to her subscribers, as it is a part of the subscription plan.

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