• Nicky Gile is a model and social media personality from New Jersey, USA, with a net worth of over $300,000.
• She attended Florida Atlantic University and is currently in a relationship with professional photographer Brandon DelBianco.
• She is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and has done modelling work for Bang Energy, Knockout Watches, The Greek Lightning, Mykonos Pearls, and Tiger Mist.
• She briefly had a YouTube channel but later returned to focus her work on Instagram.
• She enjoys travelling, going to warmer climates, and spending time with her pet dog.


Who is Nicky Gile?

Nicky Gile was born on 24 September 1993, in New Jersey, USA, and is a model as well as a social media personality, best known from gaining fame on the website Instagram which has led her to numerous modelling opportunities. She has worked with several high profile online retailers as a part of her work.

The Riches of Nicky Gile

How rich is Nicky Gile? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $300,000, earned largely through a successful career online. Her fame has led her to numerous opportunities including partnerships, sponsorships, and many more. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

Very little is known about Nicky’s life prior to her rise to fame online, as she hasn’t shared a lot of details regarding her family, childhood, and education. She had always been interested in a career in modelling, and would pursue it while also taking up her education. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Nicky Gile

The university is located in Boca Raton, Florida though it has satellite campuses in nearby areas. It is a part of the 12-campus State University System of Florida and mainly serves the South Florida area which has a population of over five million people. They offer over 170 undergraduate and graduate programs within 10 colleges. Some of its programs include business, architecture, computer science, education, arts, accounting, medicine, social work, and many more. The university started operations in 1964 and is the first public university in southeast Florida. It now enrolls over 30,000 students annually spanning 50 states and 140 countries. In recent years, the university has raised its admissions standards while developing partnerships with major research institutions.

Instagram Fame

Gile created her account on Instagram in 2011 during her 18th year, and consistently posted on the website even as she went through college. After completing her education, she set her sights towards developing a career through social media. She showed a lot of attractive qualities, posting personal photos and showcasing her body through bikinis as well as other form fitting clothing. She frequented the gym, and was not afraid to display the results of her training.


Eventually this attracted numerous companies, who contacted her to do modelling work. She signed as an elite model for the company Bang Energy, owned by VPX and which distributes sports supplements and performance beverages, catering mainly to fitness enthusiasts since 1993. Aside from Bang, some of its other products are REDLINE Energy Drink and Power Rush. She also became a model for Knockout (KO) Watches, an online retailer of watches started by a group of young Mexican professionals, and has employed numerous Instagram models to promote the sale of their products.

Recent Endeavors

Nicky also set her sight on expanding her reach, and in 2017 launched on the website YouTube. It is a video sharing website owned by Google, which was the idea of three former PayPal employees. It allows users to upload their own content to the website for others to view. Viewers can then report, comment, rate, and share videos while having the option to subscribe to users they enjoy. Since its creation, the website has become one of the largest sources of video media with videos such as music videos, documentaries, television show clips, live streams, movie trailers, and more available on the website.

Nicky posted a few videos on her account but ultimately decided against continuing, returning to Instagram to focus her work there, which has proven to be lucrative, as she has gained modelling opportunities for many other companies. She has done modelling work for the company The Greek Lightning, which is an alcoholic drink marketed as honey liquor, and worked with the company Mykonos Pearls, a group of villas located in the popular vacation spot of Mykonos, Greece. Another company she worked for is the online clothing retailer Tiger Mist.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Gile is in a relationship with professional photographer Brandon DelBianco. The two often travel together, and their projects sometimes intersect. According to her, she enjoys going out to places in warmer climates, as she loves being under the sun.  She enjoys travelling, and has been to numerous places in Europe especially since her boyfriend is from Greece. She also loves pets and has her own pet dog.

Similar to numerous models, she is highly active online through accounts on social media. Her account on Instagram has over 1.5 million followers, and she usually posts personal photos or sponsored posts on the account, mainly used for her modelling projects. She has created a second account which features more personal photos, including those taken alongside her boyfriend. Another account she has is on Twitter, on which she has over 18,000 followers, and is used to promote her work while also sharing some of her day to day thoughts. She has a personal Facebook page which has over 7,000 people following, and has a lot of personal photos and posts, showcasing her life away from work.

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