• Claudia Oshry is a 24 year old Caucasian YouTuber and social media personality
• She was raised in New York City by her late father and political activist mother
• She began posting funny images, known as memes, which gained her an audience
• She married Ben Soffer, also known as @boywithnojob, in 2017
• She has amassed a net worth of around $500,000 and a large social media presence


Who is Claudia Oshry?

Born under the sign of Cancer on the 10th of July 1994 in New York City, USA, Claudia Oshry is a 24-year-old Caucasian YouTuber and social media personality. She is perhaps best known to the world for her significant online presence thanks to her Instagram and Tumblr profiles, on which she calls herself ‘Girl With No Job’, and often shares content that relates to the life of her peers, mostly in the form of funny images, also known as memes. She has had a number of successes over the course of her sometimes lucrative social media personality career since 2014.

Early Life: Growing up in New York City

Claudia was raised in her birthplace, by her late father Michael Oshry of a unknown profession, who died of a heart attack in 2008, and her political activist, blogger and commentator mother Pamela Geller. Additionally, her grandparents are Lillian and Rueben Geller, who is a textile manufacturer. Claudia has three siblings – Jackie, Olivia and Margo Oshry, of whom only Olivia isn’t famous, since Jackie is better known as @jackieoproblems and Margo as @hungoverandhungry. As for her education, she attended Ramaz School, from where she matriculated in 2012, then went on to further her education by attending New York University, from where she graduated with an unspecified degree in 2015.

Career: A College Star

During her junior college year at the age of 19, Claudia interned for an unspecified fashion company. She took to Instagram with her photos to show off various clothing items, but at the same time began posting various memes. As she realized that these memes were garnering an audience way more than her other content, she devoted herself full-time to making them as interesting as possible, and posting them more often. When asked about tips on becoming an influential social media personality, she said ‘Analytics are really important. So I can see the top ten posts that have done the best, and they all have a recurring theme,” Oshry explained. “They’re all usually about watching Netflix on the weekend, not wanting to go out, needing to stay in, very self-deprecating, and I know something along those line the fit in that theme is going to do well. A lot of the things that I post remind people of their friend, or they can relate to it so much that they feel the need to tag their friend and be like, ‘@Amanda, look at this,'” Oshry said. “And that’s the best thing for me, ’cause that’s how I grow: them tagging their friends who might not follow me.’ At the moment, she is busy touring the country with a comedy show.

Love Life: Married to Boy With No Job

Claudia has been married to Ben Soffer since 17th of September 2017 – also known as @boywithnojob, who similarly to her posts various funny images on his social media profiles. Their wedding in New York City was described by theknotnews.com as ‘traditional yet trendy’; when interviewed about the entire spectacle, Claudia stated: ‘It was great. My feet are killing me. I definitely felt like it was my night. I made a conscious decision not to drink, just because I wanted to be in a really clear state of mind and remember everything. I looked around the room, like, a hundred times, and the little elements with the people—that made me super happy. I just wanted to be present.’ Soffer is two years older than Claudia, 25 at the time of their wedding. There hasn’t been any controversy surrounding their union.

The Scandal With Her Mother

Although Claudia’s posts lack of sensitivity in general, it seems like her audience, even though enchanted by her memes, is quite sensitive after all. Claudia’s sisters Jackie and Margo are also social media stars, but what didn’t factor into their early career was the fact that the controversial and outspoken Pamela Geller is their mother – once The Daily Beast journalist Taylor Lorenz on the 28th of February revealed that Claudia and her sisters are the daughters of the co-founder of the Stop Islamization of America organization, their social media popularity went downhill. At the time, Claudia and Jackie were part of “The Morning Breath” live show on YouTube and Facebook, but upon hearing who they’re related to, the officials of Oath Inc, which runs the show, fired them, so in one day, Claudia lost over 40,000 followers. She subsequently posted a video on her Instagram profile, stating: ‘I just need to apologize. Some news was broke this morning about who my mom is and then some really disgusting, vile, stupid tweets of mine resurfaced. I need to just come right out and say how sorry I am. It’s not cool, it’s not funny. I was a dumb kid. I was 16 and I thought I was being funny and cool on Twitter, and it’s not. I’m not racist.’

What is Claudia Oshry’s Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered how rich Claudia Oshry is, as of mid-2018? According to various authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Claudia’s accumulated wealth is close to $500,000, made primarily as a social media star, earning the most from her long-term presence on YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr as GirlWithNoJob. As her career continues to develop, the said amount can be expected to increase.

Body Measurements

Concerning the physical attributes of the aspiring celebrity, her vital statistics are 41-34-39, and her height is 5ft 6ins (1.68m). Her body shape is generally described as curvy, while her hair color is dark brown as well as her eyes. Additionally, her shoe size is 7.

Social Media Presence

Due to the major influence of social networks, it is nowadays a regular thing for active celebrities to nourish a close and active relationship with their fans, for the sake of increasing the popularity of the projects they’re working on, and thus their own net worth. Claudia herself seems to be a regular subscriber, if not the leading example of this celebrity trend, as her presence is ubiquitous on most of the popular social media networks. Her Facebook page has almost 50,000 followers, her Twitter account almost 10,000, and her Instagram account over 2.8 million fans. She also has a YouTube account with almost 14,000 subscribers.

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