• Ellana Bryan is a plus-size model with over 525,000 followers on her official Instagram page
• Her educational background and childhood details remain unknown
• Ellana has used social media to promote her look and has collaborated with numerous fashion and lifestyle brands
• Ellana's net worth is close to $1 million
• She has blue eyes and blonde hair and stands at 5ft 10ins tall


Who is Ellana Bryan?

The social media networks have never been more popular than now, and numerous people have used all the benefits of the new medium to promote their talents, skills, and looks. One of those people is Ellana Bryan; she is a plus-size model with over 525,000 followers on her official Instagram page.

Ellana Bryan Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Ellana Bryan was born on the 22nd November 1989 in Cleveland, Ohio USA; unfortunately, Ellana hasn’t shared anything from her childhood years, which includes the names of her parents and their professions. Furthermore, Ellana also hasn’t disclosed if she is a single child or she has siblings, and her educational background also remains a mystery to the outer world. Hopefully, Ellana starts sharing more information from her life when she was just a regular girl.

Career Beginnings

From an early age, Ellana struggled with being overweight, but instead of being shy and reserved, she has decided to join the body positive campaign, and promote her looks. She has always put her body on display, and with the expansion of social media platforms, she decided to try and become a model.

She uploaded her first picture in January 2017, a simple picture of herself in a bikini which attracted a lot of attention, so she continued to upload provocative pictures. With every new post, the number of her followers increased and she was becoming more popular, so that in no time she reached 100,000 loyal fans.

Ellana Bryan

She started promoting other body-positive organizations, such as AllGoodThingsTV, and began collaborating with the fashion brand SwimsuitsForAll.

Rise to Prominence

Ellana’s popularity continued to increase, which resulted in new modeling gigs and deals, as sponsors and collaborators automatically had access to her 525,000 followers, and the number is constantly rising. So far, she has worked with FashionNovaCurve, SperoFoods, and has also started the EatBurgerBabes, a food delivery service. All of her endeavors have helped to lift her wealth by a large margin.

Ellana Bryan Net Worth

Ellana’s career started just only in 2017, so in just over two and a half years she’s already become a star, with a tendency to become an even bigger one! Bryan’s net worth is close to $1 million.

Ellana Bryan Personal Life

We have found out that in her spare time she likes going out with her friends, and enjoys watching football. Hopefully, Ellana becomes more open in the near future and begins sharing more information from her love life. Until then, all we can say is that she is single and focused on her rising her career.

Ellana Bryan Internet Fame

Instagram has made her a world star, and now with over 1.1 million fans she will surely make a difference in the world about how we define beauty. She has expanded her popularity to other social media platforms, especially Facebook, while she can also be found on Twitter. Her official Facebook page has more than 120,000 followers, with whom she has also shared pictures of herself in various clothing and settings, advertising numerous fashion and lifestyle brands.

You can find her on Twitter as well, on which Ellana has just around 13,000 fans.

Ellana Bryan Body Measurements

Being a plus-size model and so proud of her body, Ellana has raised a few eyebrows and now all want to know her real body measurements. Well, Ellana stands at 5ft 10ins, which is equal to 1.76m, while she weighs approximately 209lbs or 95kgs, while her vital statistics are 42-31-47 inches. She has blonde hair and her eyes are blue. She is quite beautiful, though, do you agree?

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