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Who is Carolin Bacic?

Carolin Bacic was born in Canada, and is known as the wife of Canadian actor Steve Bacic who gained fame from his appearance in the series “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda”. He’s also appeared in numerous other television shows and television films, but his wife is best known for being very secretive about her personal life, beginning at birth, the date and location of which is still unknown.

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The Wealth of Carolin Bacic

How rich is Carolin Bacic? As of mid-2018, sources are uninformed about her own net worth, because as far as his known, her wealth has only been elevated thanks to her association with her husband who has a net worth authoratively estimated at over $2 million. Given this situation, it is problematic whether her personal wealth will increase.

Marriage and Personal Life

There is almost no information known about Carolin, including her childhood, education, and life in general leading up to her marriage to Steve. Even her husband is adamant about maintaining their privacy and rarely discloses any information about his family. Even their date of marriage is not known publicly. What is known, is that the family resides in Vancouver, Canada with their three children. The family is very much into sports thanks to their father, and they enjoy playing basketball as well as snowboarding. Steve is a Roman Catholic, and it is likely that Carolin shares the same beliefs and that their children are also being raised in the same manner. The couple’s relationship has been strongly maintained over the years they’ve been together, and one of the reasons there isn’t any problem with their relationship is because the media can’t really make any news of someone they don’t have any information about. Steve is also not one to stay very close to the actresses he’s worked with, so no rumors have spread about infidelity or other relationships.
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Steve Bacic

Despite being a Canadian actor, Carolin’s husband Steve was born in Croatia before the family migrated to Canada where he was raised. He initially didn’t want to pursue a career in acting, but was more set on finding a career in sports as a professional athlete, before moving to other roles. He studied kinesiology and would even start his own business, however, during his mid-20s, he was taking a road trip with friends when he became interested in the film production industry. He later took acting classes, and would meet Ethan Hawke who would help him get some acting as well as modelling gigs.

One of his first appearances was in a guest starring role in an episode of “21 Jump Street”. Eventually, he would find fame as a part of the series “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda” in which he played the roles of Gaheris and Telemachus Rhade. He initially made guest appearances during the first three seasons as the two characters, before eventually joining the fourth season of the show as Telemachus. He also had numerous other opportunities on television, including appearances in “Smallville”, “Odysseus”, “The Outer Limits” and “The X-Files”.

Steve’s Latter Career

Carolin’s husband has made appearances in several films too, including “The 6th Day” and “X2”. He also played the role of Prince Barin in the television series entitled “Flash Gordon”, before appearing as one of the stars of “The Guard”, a show about the Canadian Coast Guard He later appeared in the fourth season of the HBO series “Big Love”, and in recent years, he’s done a lot more television movie projects as a part of Hallmark, including in the films “Deck the Halls” and “The Colt”. He’s also been seen in several Lifetime original movies, such as “She Made Them Do It” and “Safe Harbor”.

Is Carolin Bacic on Social Media?

One of the reasons why there is very little information when it comes to Bacic is due to her lack of any online presence. She does not have any accounts associated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There are other people on-line who share the same name, but they’re not related to her in any way. Due to the lack of information, there have been many rumors regarding Carol, and women that her husband has been seen with are rumored to be her, though never confirmed.

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Her husband shares a similar stand in privacy, as he doesn’t have any social media accounts either. There are numerous fan websites that have been established, but none of them are his. There are videos of him available online through the website YouTube, which mainly consist of clips from some of the film and television work he’s done over the course of his career. He also has numerous pictures of him appearing in events, including on the red carpet. He does not appear alongside any of his family members in any public events.

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