• Mike Villalobos is a Twitch streamer known as LobosJr
• He is popular for his livestreams while playing the "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne" video games
• His Twitch channel has nearly 350,000 followers and more than 21 million views combined
• He is currently working as the senior content creator for N3rdfusion
• LobosJr's estimated net worth is around $300,000


Who is Twitch streamer LobosJr? Wiki Bio

Mike Villalobos was born in Costa Rica on 27 January 1987, so under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and holding Costa Rican nationality. Under the pseudonym LobosJr, he is popular for his Twitch channel, on which he mostly livestreams while playing the popular “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne” video games.

Childhood and education

LobosJr spent his childhood in Costa Rica alongside his younger brother Brian, who is an actor and a gamer quite popular in the community – neither of the two have talked about their parents as they want to keep their personal matters away from the media’s attention.

LobosJr grew up playing videos games, and soon realized that he was very good at it – he played together with his younger brother, who was the first to launch his own YouTube channel. By the time LobosJr got to high school, he was already an avid gamer, and was especially good at the “Dark Souls” video game – it was thanks to those skills and his “Dark Souls” videos that he later became popular online. He spent most of his free time playing games rather than time with his peers, which is why he was not the most loved and respected person at high school.

After matriculating from high school, LobosJr enrolled at the University of Texas, San Antonio in 2005, and studied computer science until 2007 when he moved to Texas State Technical College. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, BioWare game developing company hired him, and he started working on their “Star Wars: The Old Republic” role-playing video game.

Career of a Twitcher

LobosJr is popular thanks to his Twitch channel, onto which he has already uploaded more than 2,600 videos of his former livestreams, and gathered nearly 350,000 followers and more than 21 million views of all his livestreams combined. On the channel, he can mostly be seen livestreaming while playing “Dark Souls”, while he also plays other games such as “Half-Life”, “Bloodborne”, and “Fallout 4”.


LobosJr streams an average of 42.8 hours per week, which is around six hours each day, and has an average of nearly 1,500 viewers per hour – his fans spend an average of 62,457 hours watching his livestreams every week. So far, LobosJr has streamed for more than 5,500 hours or 7.5 months, and his record of most viewers for a livestream is 11,322.

LobosJr is also quite active on the YouTube platform, as he launched his channel on 25 January 2013 with the caption reading ‘This channel is devoted to my gaming accomplishments, failures, and Twitch stream clips’ – there are currently more than 340,000 people subscribed to it, while it counts more than 115 million views of all his videos combined.

He can be seen uploading videos of numerous games such as “Super Metroid”, “Final Fantasy XIII”, “Dark Souls”, “Fallout 4”, among many others. LobosJr is currently working as the senior content creator for N3rdfusion –a private production company made-up of five content creators who mostly livestream while playing video games on the Twitch platform.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive which is part of Amazon and was launched in June 2011, as a remake of a live streaming platform called Justin.tv. Twitch has today become one of the most popular video game live-streaming platforms on which you can also watch most of eSports competition – besides gaming, you can find music broadcasts, creative content of artists, while a lot of people have started live streaming their everyday lives.

In October 2013, Twitch (which was then called Justin.tv) counted more than 45 million viewers, and in February 2014 became the fourth largest source of peak internet traffic in the US. However, Justin.tv was shut down in 2014, leading to Amazon purchasing it for $970 million – Twitch later offered an option for watchers to purchase a game which the livestreamer is playing, while a percentage of the purchase price goes to the livestreamer.

By 2015, Twitch counted over 1.5 million people broadcasting and more than 100 million views every month – judging by the statistics from 2018, it is still the most popular video game live streaming platform in the US, and it’s said that it’s even more popular than the gaming part of YouTube.

Relationships and love life

It is quite normal for the people who have made their careers online on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram to be dating other social media personality who have launched their careers on the same platforms.

BloodyFaster (Eleni), a Twitch star who became popular thanks to her livestreams of horror games and her covers of popular songs, has been dating LobosJr for a couple of months now, after meeting online and deciding to go on a proper date. The two seem to be happy together, and there are no controversies nor rumors surrounding their relationship.

Before BloodyFaster, LobosJr was dating FieldyField, another Twitch star, for years before they split. The relationship was very serious as they became engaged, however, they decided to call it quits for unknown reasons. Judging by his own statements and his social media accounts, LobosJr currently appears to be dating BloodyFaster (Eleni); he hasn’t married, and he doesn’t have kids.

Likes and other interests

LobosJr’s number one passion is video games and creating videos, but he has other likes and interests as well.

LobosJr is very good at playing his guitar, and has played for a few bands focused on covering music from video games – some of these bands include “The Returners”, “Gimmick!”, and “Lords of Thunder”. He is a lover of animals, and has a cat whose name is not known – the cat often gets in the way while he is livestreaming on Twitch.

LobosJr loves food, and has a passion for tasting various cuisines – as he loves to drink, he also enjoys tasting all kinds of alcohol and cocktails.

LobosJr has a thing for dyeing his hair, which is now green while it has been gray, blue, and rainbow before. He also enjoys doing cosplay, and is interested in charity work, resulting in him combining these two things when he cosplayed as a doll from the “Bloodborne” video game for charity.

Appearance and net worth

LobosJr is currently 32 years old. He has short brown hair, blue eyes and wears glasses, while his height and weight aren’ t known. He is a big fan of tattoos, and has numerous inked onto his body, all of them related to video games. According to authoritative sources, his net worth is estimated to be more than $300,000 as of early 2020, and is steadily rising thanks to income from his career online.

Social media presence

LobosJr is quite active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for his career online. He launched his Twitter account in January 2013, and has tweeted more than 26,000 times. His Instagram account is uploaded with over 420 pictures – he is running a Facebook page as well, which is currently followed by more than 10,000 fans.

LobosJr doesn’t have his own website, but is rather selling his merchandise on the ‘teepublic’ website.

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