• TrU3Ta1ent is a British Twitch streamer and YouTuber born on 28 August 1987.
• He mostly uploads gaming content onto his channel and livestreams popular video games.
• He has nearly 480,000 followers and more than 25 million views on Twitch.
• His net worth is estimated to be ~$500,000.
• He has not shared his real name or face with the public.


Who is Twitch streamer TrU3Ta1ent? Wiki Bio

TrU3Ta1ent was born in England on 28 August 1987, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding British nationality – he is popular for his Twitch channel, on which he mostly uploads comedy content as well as gameplays of horror and fighting video games.

Education and early life

TrU3Ta1ent spent his entire childhood in England with his mother and father, however, he can rarely be heard talking about them as he appreciates their privacy – he hasn’t talked about his siblings either, which is why many of his fans believe him to be an only child.

TrU3Ta1ent began playing video games at a very young age, and by the time he reached high school he was already somewhat popular on the internet. He didn’t spend much time with his peers as he preferred to stay home and play video games rather than to go outside and socialize – this doesn’t mean that he wasn’t sociable, but he rather had friends online.

After he matriculated from a local high school in England, TrU3Ta1ent decided not to enroll at college, but to rather focus on his career of a Twitcher and a YouTuber.

Career of a Twitcher and YouTuber

Tru3ta1ent’s career began the moment he launched his YouTube channel on 8 March 2007, with a caption reading ‘Alrighty, guys! Here you can find highlights and best bits from my streams. Hope you enjoy the clips and highlights and feel free to come and join us over on twitch.tv to say hello to the tru3mmunity!’ – there are currently more than 260,000 people subscribed to it, while it also counts more than 113 million views of all his videos combined. He mostly uploads gaming content onto his channel, which he has already livestreamed on Twitch.


Tru3ta1ent launched his Twitch channel around the same time as his YouTube channel – he has gathered nearly 480,000 followers and more than 25 million views of all his livestreams combined on Twitch. He has uploaded over 10,500 videos onto the platform, and mostly livestreams while playing popular video games such as “Dead by Daylight”, “Warframe” and “Mortal Kombat 11”. He usually livestreams six hours every day, and has been active 916 days in the past 964 days – that’s an average of 48.6 hours per week, with an average of 3,131 viewers per hour of his livestreams. All of his fans currently spend an accumulated 110,532 hours watching his livestreams every week.

TrU3Ta1ent has also tried to make money on the Patreon platform, but his account only has 14 patrons who generate $55 for him every month.

Relationships and love life

Although he doesn’t talk about it, rumors say that the popular Twitch star was dating a female YouTuber who is making gaming videos on her channel – they met online and began dating after exchanging messages for a month. It is quite normal for Twitchers, YouTubers, and Instagram stars to be dating people who have ‘jobs’ on the same platforms, as this is a very unique way of life, and those who are not into it might have a hard time understanding it. TrU3Ta1ent and the YouTuber had allegedly dated for around one year before deciding to split in 2017 – this relationship was not confirmed by TrU3Ta1ent, and therefore not much about his past affairs can be said with certainty.

Although he is frequently asked about his current relationship status, TrU3Ta1ent seems to not be interested in sharing the details of his love life with the public and has therefore remained silent about it.

Others interests and hobbies

Although he doesn’t talk about it very often, TrU3Ta1ent has other interests, although he spends around six hours every day livestreaming and two more hours editing the videos. He spends most of his free time outdoors with his friends with whom he does numerous things – the team enjoys watching baseball matches together both on TV and live, and going to a local pub for a beer or two. They also often organize small trips for themselves, and enjoy spending time in nature including forests and mountains – TrU3Ta1ent tries not to spend more than a day out there, as he doesn’t want to skip a day of livestreaming.

Appearance and net worth

TrU3Ta1ent is currently 31 years old. Nothing is known about his looks as he hasn’t shown his face online, even after years of livestreaming and uploading videos.

Net worth estimated to be ~$500,000.

Real name and face

TrU3Ta1ent goes into the category of the most secretive YouTubers and Twitchers as he hasn’t shared his real name with the public while he also hasn’t shown his face online. While most of today’s Twitchers and YouTubers usually share their first name with the public while keeping their last name a secret, TrU3Ta1ent has managed to not share anything more than his online nickname with his fans. Although they have been stubborn to find out how he looks like, TrU3Ta1ent seems to be very cautious about it and still hasn’t shared a single picture of himself anywhere on the internet.

Social media presence

TrU3Ta1ent is not that active on the popular social media platforms as he doesn’t have accounts on neither Instagram nor Facebook. The only account he is currently running is on Twitter which he launched in February 2010; followed by ~20,000 people while he has tweeted over 13,000 times – his caption shows that he is currently a partner on both YouTube and Twitch.

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